Netherrealm Leveling

The Netherrealm

Bing: Blast Nova Leveling Build Skills, Passives and Talent Trees for Netherrealm Leveling, Levels 58-80.

Levels 58-80 are the longest step in this leveling journey. Progress at a pace you're comfortable with and do not push further than your gear is able to handle.

Racing through your Netherrealm quests as quickly as possible results in you becoming under leveled for the required zones to progress further, stay within 3 levels of the zones you're completing to avoid a harsh experience penalty. Check out our How to Progress the Netherrealm if you're unsure of anything.

Here's a list of things to do while progressing the early stages of the Netherrealm;

  • Spend Black Gold at the Trader Edwin's Black Market to look for gear upgrades once reaching the Netherrealm.
  • Level 60, The Trade House is unlocked. Be sure to read and understand our Trade House for Beginners Guide before making any big purchases.
  • Higher item levels of gear come with higher quantities of Energy. Look to improve your current gear with items that have increased energy so that you can use more Support Skills.
  • Utilize Prototype Crafting and Enchanting to greatly increase the power of non-legendary gear you come across. It costs very low amounts of Flame Dust and Flame Sand to lock 1 good affix in place and reroll up to 4 new modifiers.
  • Level 62, complete the 4th Hero Trial to unlock Tactical Detonation.
  • Level 80 complete the 5th and final Hero Trial to unlock Radiation Effect. This trial requires a good amount of damage, check your gear is in a good spot before taking on this fight.

Gear Check

This build has been designed to help you reach Level 80 as efficiently as possible without requiring a large amount of currency. At this stage, start to transition your character into a Dexterity stacker. This is made possible due to a weapon mod that adds Lightning Damage per x Dexterity. Each point of Dexterity also provides 0.1% attack and cast speed, scaling your damage further.

Check your Elemental Resistances, if any of them are below the 75% maximum, look for upgrades with that Resistance. It is especially important to have Resistance to the primary damage type of each Watcher as you progress. Check out our Boss Guides to Help Prepare for the Watchers of the Netherrealm.

Level 80 gear

Transitioning to Endgame


The "Lightning Damage per x Dexterity" mod is mandatory to transition, acquire it by;

  • Search Beacons or the Trade House for items with any of the following modifier on Pistols or Bows
    • Lightning Damage added per Dexterity
    • Dexterity
    • Critical Strike Damage
    • Gear Critical Strike Rating
    • Lightning Damage added to Gear
    • Increased Physical/Elemental Damage
    • Elemental Penetration
    • Projectile Speed
  • Craft the items using prototype crafting until you have the Dexterity stacking mod as well as 2 of the other modifiers listed.
  • Enchant the item with a 5th modifier.

PROTIP: Pistols are the best weapon choice for this build in the endgame, but you need 2 of them. Bows only require you to craft one item due to it being a Two-Handed Weapon. Use bows early on before you acquire enough currency to craft 2 good Pistols.

Remaining Gear

Focus on crafting the remainder of your Armor and Jewelry with the following goals in mind;

  • Cap all of your Resistances at the 75% maximum.
  • Reach a high amount of Dexterity. Aim for about 600 to get started.
  • Have a healthy Life pool.
  • Increase your Physical or Lightning damage
  • Increase your Attack and Cast Speed

Legendary Items


  • Half-Life Period gives you early access to Fervor greatly increasing your Critical Strike Chance.
  • Marksman Bracers this allows you to replace your Jump support skill with a better damage option.
  • Howling grants, Life, Dexterity, Attack and Cast Speed. All of which are very valuable affixes for this build.
  • Shadow of Thunderlight's Touch helps scale your Shock modifiers which are a large part of your damage in the early game.


  • Opening Heart gives you access to Fervor, greatly increasing your Critical Strike Chance and also meaning you can take Minor Talent and Minor Talent in the Ranger Tree.
  • Everlasting Cloud grants up to 60% increased Dexterity. This is a drop from Keegan making it quite rare.
  • False God's Skin can roll a variety of powerful attribute modifiers, though finding one with dexterity boosting modifier may be difficult.


We don't currently have an endgame guide for Blast Nova Bing, check out our BuildDB for our latest suggestions for the Endgame!