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Blast Nova Bing Leveling Guide

Last Updated: March 1st 2024

SS3 - Twinightmare

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Welcome to the Blast Nova Bing Leveling Guide. Bing loads Projectile skills into bombs launching the projectiles in an explosive nova! The playstyle is a bit stop and go, but it's extremely satisfying to watch the screen explode when your bombs detonate. The Nova prevents horizontal projectiles from overlapping but vertical projectiles still shotgun, once you get used to the throw-and-detonate playstyle he has a wide range of viable builds.

The Blast Nova Bing leveling guide is intended to take your character to Level 80.
This is the last level with unlimited free respec points.
Be sure to check the final section of the guide for recommendations on how to transition into the Endgame!
Leveling Gear Preview
Level 80 Hero Overview
  • Budget Friendly
  • Good scaling into the endgame
  • Safe & Easy Beginner Playstyle
  • Delayed Damage
  • Evasion is RNG Defense
  • Hero Trait swap for Bosses

Check out the Complete Story Walkthrough for tips on how to complete the Campaign.

Leveling Tips and Tricks

  • Your first Active Skill slot (top left in the Skills menu) is your "Main Skill," this matters because many items and Hero Traits have effects that only apply to the Main Skill.
  • If you're ever in doubt of where to go, click the campaign quest on the left of your screen and a golden path shows you the way.
  • Stay on level with the Zone as much as possible! You receive reduced experience for being too under or over leveled so ensure you kill enough monsters to remain as close to the zone level as possible.
  • When allocating Pact Points, prioritize Resistances first, then select Damage nodes until you fill the section. If you have leftover points, put them into Drop nodes as you begin farming the Netherrealm.
  • Complete all 10 Levels of the Hero Forge to unlock all of your Hero Trait abilities and gain 6 additional Talent Points.
  • All support gems become available from the Skill Shop at level 55. At this stage cross reference with the embeds to make sure you're set up for the Netherrealm.
  • In Chapter 4 gear you find comes with varying amounts of Energy, this can make it difficult to determine whether or not an item is an upgrade. In general if you don't get enough Energy to add a Support slot pick upgrades based on their stats. After changing your gear, be sure to go to the Energy Menu under Skills to reassign missing Energy.

Equipment & Stat Priorities

Main stats to be looking for while progressing the campaign

Look for these Offensive stats on Bows and Pistols:

  • Fire/Lightning/Cold Damage added to Gear
  • % Elemental/Physical Damage
  • Lightning Damage added to Attacks per Dexterity
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Projectile Speed

Look for these Defensive stats on armor:

  • Maximum Life
  • Armor Bases (while leveling)
  • Elemental Resistance
  • Erosion Resistance
  • -% Additional Physical Damage taken

Core Skill

  • Lightning Shot converts 50% of your Physical Damage to Lightning Damage, this combined with Medium Talent converts all of your Physical Damage to Lightning.
    • It then is packaged into Bings bombs and exploded in a nova when they detonate. Jumps greatly increase the clear speed and can be gained with the Jump support skill and Marksman Bracers.
  • Bloodthirst grants additional attack speed and movement speed.
    • This causes you to throw additional bombs due to Doom Shot and traverse zones faster, greatly increasing your clear speed.
  • Blink is the best movement skill option due to having the lowest Cooldown, support it with skills that increase your cooldown recovery speed and grant additional charges of the skill.
  • Use Compound Potion to quickly regenerate Life and mana whenever needed.
  • Fixate is used to Mark enemies and grants you a large chance to deal double damage.

Leveling Progression

WARNING: The following levels are a guideline, you might complete the quest/unlock the Skill a few levels early, or a few levels later!

Skill Progression
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool
Passive Skill Progression
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool

Level 1: Start the game with Lightning Shot. Support it with Jump.
Level 2: Purchase and equip; Blink.
Level 4: Purchase and equip; Arrow Einherjar.
Level 7: Purchase and equip; Wind Projectiles (10 Energy)
Level 9: Purchase and equip; Bloodthirst
Level 12: Purchase and equip; Thunder Imbue
Level 13: Complete the first Hero Trial and allocate; Doom Shot
Level 18: Replace Ghostblade Einherjhar with Fixate and support it with Mass Effect
Level 20: Purchase and equip; Summon Thunder Spirit
Level 32: Complete the second Hero Trial and allocate; Dangerous Runaway.
Level 38: Purchase and equip; Precise Projectiles
Level 50: Complete the 3rd Hero Trial and allocate; Aggregation Load.
Level 55: At this point you have access to every skill in the game, continue to follow the embed shown as you gain more energy.

To learn more check out the Skills and Passives Guide.


Leveling Talent Tree
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool

Goddess of Hunting

Goddess of Hunting grants a large amount of Increased Damage, Attack and Cast Speed and Life. It also allows you to start scaling Shock damage by granting Shock Chance and Medium Talent.


Bladerunner continues to improve your Shock Chance and the damage of Lightning Shot. It causes you to Settle Shock an additional time and provides some much needed Lightning Penetration.


The Ranger tree is a great source of Critical Strike Chance and damage. Shooting Arrows provides a 20% Additional Damage to all Projectiles. It also grants the ability to eliminate all enemies hit with under 8% life.

There are tons of different Talent Trees to explore, if you want to learn more about this robust system check out our Talent Tree Guide.

Traits, Relics and Memories

Hero Traits

Blast Nova Bing Leveling Hero Traits, Relics & Memories

Level 32: Dangerous Runaway grants additional movements speed and damage. This changes the play style of Bing as you need to move to maintain your damage buff while fighting enemies.

Level 62: Tactical Detonation increases the amount of time it takes for a bomb to automatically detonate, but doubles your damage against bosses.

Level 80: Radiation Effect causes enemies to take additional damage based on the amount of projectile speed you have. Swap this for Frenzy Hound against difficult bosses.

Relics and Memories

When leveling Bing Blast Nova, look for any combination of the following stats on your Hero Relics and Memories;

Hero RelicHero Memories
Additional Attack and Cast SpeedAdditional Attack and Cast Speed
% Projectile Damage% Projectile Damage
Additional Damage if there is an Elite within 3m.% Movement Speed
% Projectile Speed

To learn more, check out our Hero Relic and Hero Memory Guide.


To learn more, check out our Pacts and Pets Guide.

The Netherrealm

Racing through your Netherrealm quests as quickly as possible results in you becoming under leveled for the required zones to progress further, stay within 3 levels of the zones you're completing to avoid a harsh experience penalty. Check out our How to Progress the Netherrealm if you're unsure of anything.

Here's a list of things to do while progressing the early stages of the Netherrealm;

  • Level 60, The Trade House is unlocked. Be sure to read and understand our Trade House for Beginners Guide before making any big purchases.
  • Higher item levels of gear come with higher quantities of Energy. Look to improve your current gear with items that have increased Energy so that you can use more Support Skills.
  • Utilize Prototype Crafting and Enchanting to greatly increase the power of non-legendary gear you come across. It costs very low amounts of Flame Dust and Flame Sand to lock 1 good affix in place and reroll up to 4 new modifiers.

Transitioning to Endgame


The "Lightning Damage per x Dexterity" mod is mandatory to transition, acquire it by;

  • Search Beacons or the Trade House for items with any of the following modifier on Pistols or Bows
    • Lightning Damage added per Dexterity
    • Dexterity
    • Critical Strike Damage
    • Gear Critical Strike Rating
    • Lightning Damage added to Gear
    • Increased Physical/Elemental Damage
    • Elemental Penetration
    • Projectile Speed
  • Craft the items using prototype crafting until you have the Dexterity stacking mod as well as 2 of the other modifiers listed.
  • Enchant the item with a 5th modifier.

PRO TIP: Pistols are the best weapon choice for this build in the endgame, but you need 2 of them. Bows only require you to craft one item due to it being a Two-Handed Weapon. Use bows early on before you acquire enough currency to craft 2 good Pistols.

Remaining Gear

Focus on crafting the remainder of your Armor and Jewelry with the following goals in mind;

  • Cap all of your Resistances at the 75% maximum.
  • Reach a high amount of Dexterity. Aim for about 600 to get started.
  • Have a healthy Life pool.
  • Increase your Physical or Lightning damage
  • Increase your Attack and Cast Speed

Legendary Items


  • Half-Life Period gives you early access to Fervor greatly increasing your Critical Strike Chance.
  • Marksman Bracers this allows you to replace your Jump support skill with a better damage option.
  • Howling grants, Life, Dexterity, Attack and Cast Speed. All of which are very valuable affixes for this build.
  • Shadow of Thunderlight's Touch helps scale your Shock modifiers which are a large part of your damage in the early game.


  • Opening Heart gives you access to Fervor, greatly increasing your Critical Strike Chance and also meaning you can take Minor Talent and Minor Talent in the Ranger Tree.
    • The downside is you take significantly increased damage from Nearby Enemies.
  • Everlasting Cloud grants up to 60% increased Dexterity. This is a drop from Keegan making it quite rare.
  • False God's Skin can roll a variety of powerful attribute modifiers, though finding one with dexterity boosting modifier may be difficult.

Continue the Journey

Congratulations on completing the Blast Nova Bing leveling guide! To continue your Endgame journey check the Hero Rankings to see what other Hunters are playing.

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