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Blast Nova Bing Leveling Guide

Last Updated: July 10th 2024

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Clockwork Ballet

Welcome to the Blast Nova Bing Leveling Guide. Bing loads Projectile skills into bombs, launching the projectiles in an explosive nova! The playstyle is a bit stop and go, but it's extremely satisfying to watch the screen explode when your bombs detonate. This character scales Projectile Damage, allowing you to use almost any Projectile Skill to detonate your foes!

The Blast Nova Bing leveling guide is intended to take your character to Level 90.
This is the last level with unlimited free respec points.
Be sure to check the final section of the guide for recommendations on how to transition into the Endgame!
Leveling Gear Preview
Level 90 Hero Overview
  • No Aiming Required
  • Strong Defenses
  • Damage on the Move
  • Delayed Damage
  • Can't Trigger Bombs
  • Stop and Go Playstyle

Check out the Complete Story Walkthrough for tips on how to complete the Campaign.

Treasure Troves

Treasure Troves are a way to super-charge your leveling experience. They give vastly more experience than regular zones and yield exclusive Legendary items. You need to complete each of them once for a Talent Point. For an easier leveling experience, you repeat the Treasure Trove until you're 7-8 levels above the zone, then rush through the next few areas. Follow your side quest to find the Treasure Trove locations.

Keep an eye out for the following Legendary items as you clear Treasure Troves.

New Ear Hills (L7): Look out for Omniscient Prototype, Pentagram Astrolabe and Lonesome. If you get Multiple Lonesome, use the one with the highest sum of levels on it.
Nectar Valley (L16): Look out for Boor's Iron Crown and Phantasm. If you get Multiple Pentagram Astrolabe, use the one with the most attack rolls on it.
Dawn Avenue (L27): Look out for Ralph's Ambition and Plain Echo in addition to any items mentioned in prior Treasure Troves.
Sanctuary of Solitude (L35): Look out for Omniscient Prototype.
Silver Sands' End (L44): Look out for Marksman Bracers and Howling Wind.
Hall of Grandiosity (L54): Look out for Feline Gloves and any other Legendary you are missing from earlier. You will want to repeat this zone until around level 65.

Leveling Tips and Tricks

  • Your first active skill slot (top left in the Skills menu) is your "Main Skill," this matters because many items and Hero Traits have effects that only apply to the Main Skill.
  • If you're ever in doubt of where to go, click the campaign quest on the left of your screen and a golden path shows you the way.
  • This guide assumes you get most of your levels through Treasure Troves and rush to the objectives in other zones for maximum efficiency.
  • When allocating Pact Points, prioritize Resistance first, then select Damage nodes until you fill the section. If you have leftover points, put them into Drop nodes as you begin farming the Netherrealm.
  • Complete all 10 Levels of the Hero Forge to unlock all of your Hero Trait abilities and gain 6 additional Talent Points.
  • All support Skills become available from the Skill Shop at level 55. At this stage cross reference with the embeds to make sure you're set up for the Netherrealm.
  • In Chapter 3 gear you find comes with varying amounts of Energy, after changing your gear, be sure to go to the Energy Menu under Skills to reassign missing Energy.

Equipment & Stat Priorities

Main stats to be looking for

Look for these Offensive stats.

  • Dexterity
  • % Increased Physical Damage
  • Added Physical Damage
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Projectile Damage
  • Additional Damage to Life
  • Chance to deal Double Damage
  • Sentry Damage

Look for these Defensive stats:

  • Maximum Life
  • Elemental Resistance
  • Erosion Resistance
  • -% Additional Physical Damage taken

To learn how to easily find items with these stats, check out the Loot Filter Guide.

Core Skill

  • Arrow Einherjar summons a sentry that fires a volley on top of enemies in a very large radius. God of Machine's Sentry Talent allows you to increase your maximum Sentries which doubles your damage and clear potential.
    • Projectile Skills are packaged into Bing's bombs and explode in a nova after detonating. With Arrow Einherjar this allows them to get all of benefits of increased damage from Blast Nova without any of the downsides.
  • Aim grants massively increases damage output, at the cost of some movement speed. Save this for bosses or times where you don't need to move.
  • Centralized Loading is the best movement skill option as it provides a huge damage buff along with mobility. Given you are infrequently casting your Sentries, you will always have this damage buff up.
  • Use Compound Source to quickly regenerate Life and mana whenever needed.
  • Blurry Steps gives you a ton of movement speed allowing you to quickly traverse areas and stay out of harms way. This buff disappears if you cast any spells, so be sure you place your Arrow Einherjar, move with Centralized Loading then use Blurry Steps last to maximize the movement speed from it.

Leveling Progression

WARNING: The following levels are a guideline, you might complete the quest/unlock the Skill a few levels early, or a few levels later!

Skill Progression
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool
Passive Skill Progression
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool

Level 1: Start the game with Blazing Bullet and Compound Source
Level 2: Support Blazing Bullet with Greater Multiple Projectiles
Level 3: Equip; Blink
Level 5: Support Compound Source with Limber Stretch

Level 7: Support Blazing Bullet with Greater Multiple Projectiles and Attack Focus
Level 12: Replace your Main skill with Arrow Einherjar, support it with Sentry Modification and Hunting Tempo
Replace Blink with Centralized Loading
Level 20: Equip; Blurry Steps and Aim
Level 24: Support Arrow Einherjar with Added Physical Damage
Level 25: Complete the Hero Trial to allocate; Doom Shot
Level 27: Support Centralized Loading with Quick Mobility
Level 34: Equip; Acuteness Imbue

Level 42:

  • Replace Aim with Archery Bond
  • Support Blurry Steps with Mania and Extended Duration.

Level 45: Complete the Hero Trial to allocate; Dangerous Runaway.
Level 50: Equip; Precise Projectiles
Level 55: Equip; Multifaceted Guard
Level 60: Complete the Hero Trial to allocate; Aggregation Load.
Level 75: Complete the Hero Trial to allocate; Tactical Detonation
Level 90: Complete the Hero Trial to allocate; Radiation Effect

To learn more check out the Skills and Passives Guide.


Leveling Talent Tree for Bing Blast Nova
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool

God of Machines

Nodes within this Talent Tree each have incredibly high value for your Sentry build though it removes a lot of the choice. Overly Modified provides a lot of additional damage, but forces all of your damage to come from your Sentries.


Is the second Sentry focused tree and core of your build. Heat Up rewards you for constantly casting Sentries and Co-resonance gives you greater scaling options by having all of your attack speed bonuses affect your Sentries.


There is nothing flashy about this tree, but it provides a lot of raw physical damage with Blunt and large amounts of critical strike damage with Open Wounds

There are tons of different Talent Trees to explore, if you want to learn more about this robust system check out our Talent Tree Guide.

Traits, Relics and Memories

Hero Traits

Blast Nova Bing Leveling Hero Traits, Relics & Memories

Level 45: Dangerous Runaway grants additional movement speed and damage. This changes the play style of Bing to encourage rapid repositioning.

Level 75: Tactical Detonation massively increases damage in exchange for slightly delaying damage against Rare monsters and Bosses.

Level 90: Radiation Effect provides a large damage bonus for stacking projectile speed. When used along with Howling Wind and Blind Vision you are able to get triple the effectiveness out of your projectile speed modifiers.

Relics and Memories

When leveling Bing Blast Nova, look for any containing at least these stats on your Hero Relics and Memories;

Hero RelicHero Memories
Conditional Additional Damage IncreasesProjectile Quantity -1; +#% additional Projectile Damage

To learn more, check out our Hero Relic and Hero Memory Guide.

Divinity Slates

When leveling Bing Blast Nova, look for any Divinity Slates containing these talents;

LegendaryMedium & Minor
+1 All Skills' LevelProjectile Speed
6% additional damage to Life-Sealed Mana
+1 Persistent Skill LevelCritical Strike Damage
Converts 12% Phys Damage Taken to Elemental DamagePhysical Damage
+1 Physical Skill LevelSentry Critical Strike Damage and Critical Chance

To learn more, check out our Divinity Slate Guide.


To learn more, check out our Pacts and Pets Guide.

The Netherrealm

Racing through your Netherrealm quests as quickly as possible results in you becoming under leveled for the required zones to progress further, stay within 3 levels of the zones you're completing to avoid a harsh experience penalty. Check out our How to Progress the Netherrealm if you're unsure of anything.

Here's a list of things to do while progressing the early stages of the Netherrealm;

  • Level 60, The Trade House is unlocked. Be sure to read and understand our Trade House for Beginners Guide before making any big purchases.
  • Higher item levels of gear come with higher quantities of Energy. Look to improve your current gear with items that have increased Energy so that you can use more Support Skills.
  • Utilize Prototype Crafting and Enchanting to greatly increase the power of gear you come across. It costs very low amounts of Flame Sand to lock 1 good affix in place and reroll up to 4 new modifiers. Legendary Gear with Legendary Aptitude allows you to roll mods and craft on those items well.

Transitioning to Endgame

Increasing Damage Output

Arrow Einherjar utilizes the attack speed of your weapon as well as the attack damage. The talent Co-resonance effectively lets you get double the effect from attack speed bonuses. When using Howling Wind and Blind Vision you are getting triple value out of your projectile speed modifiers up to 240%. Focus on these stats to increase your damage greatly.

Legendary Items


  • Ralph's Ambition provides great bonuses that can carry you to endgame with the Fervor effect and bonuses.

Voyager's Journey

By My Side - Blast Nova's 6-piece-set-bonus grants an additional bomb per throw, but it does not give you any additional sentries so the damage increase is minimal. While this set offers solid defenses, you do not need to focus on completing the Voyager's Journey set. Focus on your defenses with crafted gear and any Voyager's piece you can get to aid in this process.


  • Blind Vision and Howling Wind pair together with Radiation Effect to highly encourage scaling projectile speed.
  • Bow of Endless Dusk craft flat Physical Damage and gear attack speed when you find a 2+ Legendary Potential version. Add on % gear Physical Damage when you get a 3 Legendary Potential version.
  • Kaleidoscope gives a massive damage boost and is recommended in both ring slots.
  • Craft gear to have the stats mentioned above. You can convert to Energy Shield gear in the end game as it has better defenses overall.
  • Detonation Dare provides 30% additional damage and is quite a bit better than a magic memory

Continue the Journey

Congratulations on completing the Blast Nova Bing guide! To continue your Endgame journey, browse community made builds in our Builder!

Video Guide

To see more Bing in action, check out this video.


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