Voidlands Watcher Boss Guide

The Voidlands is one of the five "Watchers of the Netherrealm". You must defeat any combination of 4 of these Watchers to challenge the Traveler, one of the pinnacle bosses. The Watchers of the Netherrealm are harder than typical Beacon Bosses. The difficulty of the Watcher is based on which Timemark (1-8) you are attempting.

In order to fight the Voidlands Watcher, you have to generate enough Stage Attention. The required amount varies based on Timemark Level, ranging from 4-10.

Watchers have specific loot tables. Chaos Invasion Card Inheritance does not affect the Watcher's fight or loot table in any way.

voidlands watcher
Voidlands Watcher


All The Watchers of the Netherrealm have a pool of exclusive Legendaries and Memory Fragments that can drop. They also provide the player with a chance at Precise Passive Skills, level 16 for Timemark 6-7 and level 21 for Timemark 8.


  • Wilted Ring
  • Kingly Armor
  • Traveler's Glance
  • Strayed Healer's Waistguard
  • Truth Ember (T6-8)
  • Chaotic Ending (T7-8)

Memory Fragments

The Watchers of the Netherrealm all have a chance to drop Master's Unfinished Piece Memory fragments. There are 4 different versions, One-handed Weapons, Two-handed Weapons, Armor/Shields and Trinkets.

  • Master's Unfinished Piece (One-Handed Weapon) (T5-8)
  • Master's Unfinished Piece (Two-Handed Weapon) (T5-8)
  • Master's Unfinished Piece (Armor/Shield) (T5-8)
  • Master's Unfinished Piece (Trinket) (T5-8)
  • Useless Prophecy (T6-7)
  • Helio Rock (T8)

Precise Passive/Trigger Skills

  • Precise: Acuteness Imbue
  • Precise: Auto Defense
  • Precise: Cast on Severe Injury
  • Precise: Cast When Taking Damage
  • Precise: Charged Flames
  • Precise: Corrosion Imbue
  • Precise: Curse on hit
  • Precise: Death Pact
  • Precise: Deep Pain
  • Precise: Electric Conversion
  • Precise: Elemental Amplification
  • Precise: Elemental Resistance
  • Precise: Energy Fortress
  • Precise: Erosion Enhancement
  • Precise: Fearless
  • Precise: Flame Imbue
  • Precise: Frigid Domain
  • Precise: Ice Imbue
  • Precise: Magical Source
  • Precise: Nimbleness
  • Precise: Precise Projectiles
  • Precise: Rejuvenation
  • Precise: Steadfast
  • Precise: Swiftness
  • Precise: Thunder Imbue
  • Precise: Weapon Amplification

Skills Breakdown

Lightning Ball Shield

The Voidlands Watcher cast a Lightning Shield of three Lightning Balls that rotate around him and slowly expanding outward. The Lightning Balls pulse a Lightning Strike periodically between all the balls. They slowly begin to despawn one at a time until none are left. Avoid this by staying out of range of the rotating Lightning Ball Shield.

Lightning Ball

The Voidlands Watcher casts a Lightning Ball projectile in front of him dealing Lightning damage. Avoid this by moving out of the balls path or by always staying behind the Watcher.

Lightning Strike

The Voidlands Watcher periodically casts Lightning Strikes dealing Lightning damage. This is telegraphed by small Yellow Circles on the ground. Avoid them by moving out of the small Yellow Circles or by staying moving in a circle around the boss, never stand in the same spot for to long.

Lightning Storm

The Voidlands Watcher shields himself with 4-5 Lightning Balls and casts Lightning Storm, covering the arena with small Yellow Circles that will be struck by Lightning. This is avoided by running to the opposite side of the arena from the Watcher to find the small safe area. Move back and forth in the safe area avoiding the one or two Lightning Strikes that can be cast here. This spell does massive Lightning damage and is best to be avoided, if you have extremely high defenses u can stand in the center of the storm.

Voidlands Watcher Mechanics

Upon entering the Boss Arena, you find the Voidlands Watcher in the top center. Engage him but beware of his abilities: Lightning Ball Shield, Lightning Ball, Lightning Strike and Lightning Storm. Try to stay behind the Watcher as much as possible. It is highly recommended to have maxed out Lightning Resistance. The fight itself is split into 2 major Phases: The Boss Phase and the Lightning Storm, each repeating multiple times.

Boss Phase

The Voidlands Watcher begins the fight casting a Lightning Ball Shield around himself. He then begins to rotate threw his abilities (Lightning Strike, Lightning Ball, and Lightning Ball Shield). All of he Voidlands Watcher's abilities can be avoided by staying behind the Watcher, or continuing to move in a circle, never staying in the same spot for long. After a while the Voidlands Watcher begins to cast Lightning Storm.

Note: You can skip the Lightning Storm Phase by having high DPS and killing the boss fast!

Lightning Storm

The Voidlands Watcher casts two different Lightning Storms depending on how much remaining life he has left. The first storm is much smaller and is indicated by 4 Lightning Balls spinning around the Watcher. This happens while the Watcher has more then 75% HP.

The second Lightning Storm is much bigger and covers 90% of the arena. This is indicated by 5 Lightning Balls rotating around the Watcher. This does Massive Lightning damage and is best to avoid it unless you have extremely high defenses. This Happens when the Watcher has less then 75% HP.

The best way to avoid the Lightning Storm is to run to the opposite side of the arena form the Watcher. There is a safe spot with only one or two Lightning Strikes that can be avoided by patrolling back and forth in this safe area.

Video Guide

Voidlands Watcher Guide


  • Complete Netherrealm stages to gain enough stage attention to fight The Voidlands Watcher.
  • The Watchers of the Netherrealm have a pool of exclusive Legendries and Memory Fragments that can drop.
  • Having maxed Lightning Resistance is highly recommended.
  • Boss has 2 key phases, dodge their basic patterns during the main phase and avoid the Lightning Storm during the Lightning Storm phase.

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Written by: Mike1Up
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Jan 4th 2023
Article Published for Season 2