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Voidlands Watcher Boss Guide

Last Updated: January 12th 2024

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The Voidlands Watcher is one of the five "Watchers of the Netherrealm". You must defeat any combination of these Watchers 4 times to challenge the Traveler, one of the pinnacle bosses. The Watchers of the Netherrealm are harder than typical Beacon Bosses. The difficulty of the Watcher is based on which Timemark (1-8) you are attempting.

In order to fight the Voidlands Watcher, you have to generate enough Stage Attention. The required amount varies based on your chosen Timemark Level, ranging from 4-10.

Watchers have specific loot tables. Chaos Invasion Card Inheritance does not affect the Watcher's fight or loot table in any way.

Voidlands Watcher


All The Watchers of the Netherrealm have a pool of exclusive Legendries that can drop. Watchers can also award various currency, Memory Cards, and items from the global drop pool.

Guaranteed Drops

  • Cinder - Rewarded for defeating this boss for the first time in each Timemark, for Timemarks 1-7.
  • Two random Rank 5 Beacons used to access Timemark 8 Netherrealm - Timemark 7 and Timemark 8 only.
  • The Beginning - Timemark 7 only.
  • The End - Timemark 8 only.

Random Drops

Defeating The Voidlands Watcher may reward any of the following:

  • Wilted Ring
  • Manella's Mist
  • Heavy Soul
  • The Realms
  • Malevolent Hand
  • Twilight Vestment
  • Chaotic Ending - Timemark 7 and Timemark 8 only.
  • Helio Rock - Timemark 8 only.
  • A random Rank 5+ Beacon used to access Timemark 8's Deep Space mode - Timemark 8 only. This drops more commonly within higher Offset Degrees.
  • A rare Trinket base type from the table below - Timemark 8 only.

Trinket Base Types

  • A Precise Passive or Trigger skill from the table below - Timemark 7 rewards a level 16 copy and Timemark 8 rewards a level 21 copy.

Precise Passive/Trigger Skills

Skills Breakdown

The Voidlands Watcher creates a slowly-expanding rotating Lightning ball Shield, with 3 supermassive orbs of lightning tethered to each other. The tether periodically surges to deal massive contact damage. Lightning Balls eventually expire. Avoid taking cataclysmic damage by keeping your distance.

Voidlands Watcher Mechanics

The Voidlands watcher awaits in the top center of the Arena. This Watcher's abilities are slow but extremely lethal. Pay special attention to the ground, areas marked by a Yellow Circle are unsafe. It is highly recommended to have maxed out Lightning Resistance. The fight itself is split into 2 major Phases: The Boss Phase and Lightning Storm, each repeating multiple times.

Boss Phase

The Voidlands Watcher begins the fight casting a Lightning Ball Shield around himself. He then begins to rotate through his standard abilities (Lightning Strike, Lightning Ball, and Lightning Ball Shield). All of the Voidlands Watcher's standard abilities can be avoided with perpetual movement and avoiding close quarters combat. After a while the Voidlands Watcher casts Lightning Storm.

Note: Having trouble with Lightning Storm? If you kill the boss quickly, you won't need to deal with it.

Lightning Storm

The Voidlands Watcher creates a greater Lightning Ball Shield around himself before marking much of the Arena with Yellow Circles to be soon struck by lethal Lightning. Several waves of Lightning Strikes occur, making the arena uninhabitable. Lightning also strikes where you stand every other wave during Lightning Storm. When the Voidlands Watcher is under 75% HP, Lightning Storm is enhanced and becomes more lethal.

Lightning Storm is extremely dangerous, death is certain and swift to those who do not pay careful attention. Avoid dying by evacuating to the top right or the bottom of the Arena. Here, you find shelter from the Lightning Ball Shield and the waves of Lightning Strikes, but not the Lightning that strikes where you stand every other wave. These can be avoided with constant movement within your area of relative shelter.

Video Guide

Voidlands Watcher Guide


  • Complete Netherrealm stages to gain enough stage attention to fight The Voidlands Watcher.
  • The Watchers of the Netherrealm have a pool of exclusive Legendries that they can drop.
  • Having maxed Lightning Resistance is highly recommended.
  • The Voidlands Watcher has 2 key phases, avoid dangerous but slow standard abilities during the main phase and avoid certain death by evacuating to the top right or the bottom of the Arena during the Lightning Storm phase.

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Written by: Xtra37
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