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Uber Keegan Boss Guide

Last Updated: February 16th 2023

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Tidemaster - Keegan is a Pinnacle Boss introduced in Torchlight Infinite's Season 1: Dark Surge release. Keegan is also encountered in the story, as Chapter 2's final boss. Keegan's endgame boss fight is among the most challenging encounters in the game, this guide teaches you everything you need to know about it.

Keegan has 3 difficulty levels. This guide focuses on the hardest, the 4 Edict variant of the fight. Challenge the Tidemaster by offering Edict: Dart, Edict: Dive, Edict: Ruin, and the elusive Edict: Doom to the Great Void. Edicts rarely drop from bosses summoned by the Dark Surge.

Can't get hold of the 4th Edict - Edict: Doom? Feel free to settle for the 3 Edict version of this fight, it's easier and offers similar rewards. Read our dedicated guide for 3 Edict Keegan here!

Challenge the Dark Surge's Tidemaster, Keegan

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Defeating the Dark Surge Tidemaster can be very rewarding, he has a large pool of exclusive and powerful Legendary equipment. 4 Edict "Uber" Keegan always drops the highly-variable Touch of the Dark Surge, and a Familiar Nexus. This is used to perform the Darkest Corrosion, which has an exclusive 15% chance to Desecrate equipment, potentially creating some of the most powerful equipment in the game.

Random Legendries

  • Burning Ice
  • Cicada Shell (4 Edict Exclusive)
  • Corrupted Bulwark
  • Double Rainbow (4 Edict Exclusive)
  • Eternal Undercurrent
  • Everlasting Cloud
  • Everlasting Flame
  • Flaming Evil
  • Fleeting Sky
  • Frozen Flame
  • Frozen Path
  • Illusory Ocean Silk - Ash
  • Illusory Ocean Silk - Blood Rain
  • Illusory Ocean Silk - Thunder
  • Illusory Ocean Silk - Unreal
  • Illusory Ocean Silk - Wintry
  • Martyr's Staff
  • Supreme Throne (4 Edict Exclusive)
  • Tide of the Styx
  • Void Embankment (4 Edict Exclusive)
  • Winter is Near

Skills Breakdown

Keegan swiftly slashes in front of him automatically in close quarters combat, dealing mediocre area damage in front of him while launching 3 Spikes into the ground that deal significant impact damage with little coverage. Spikes remain in the ground until launched by Keegan's other abilities. Avoid this attack by being behind or to the side of Keegan.

Keegan's Mechanics

Keegan awaits in the center of the Arena. Keegan deals damage in every damage type, so we recommend having maxed out resistances, potent damage mitigation, and defensive measures against Physical damage. Keegan's direct attacks can be mostly avoided by staying behind him or rotating around him quickly. Almost all of his abilities revolve around Spikes. Spikes are harmless while embedded into the floor, but abilities can launch them into the 4 cardinal directions, making them dangerous.

The fight itself is split into 3 Phases, separated by his transitional ability: Enforced Entropy. Keegan grows in strength with each passing Phase.

Phase 1

Keegan rotates through his Spike Gathering, Calamity: Blast, and the 3 Spike Formation abilities. Keegan can rarely use his Enforced Despair ability. This Phase ends when Keegan reaches 50% HP remaining, he then teleports to the top of the Arena to cast Enforced Entropy.

Phase Transition

At 50% and 25% HP remaining, Keegan staggers and falls to the floor, he can be easily damaged but not killed in this time. After recovering, he teleports to the top of the Arena to begin channeling Enforced Entropy. A Divine Barrier forms at the bottom of the Arena, get behind this barrier before Keegan finishes channeling. If you are not behind this barrier, you shall die hundreds of times over in mere seconds.

If you die to this ability, do not respawn until it is over. After Keegan finishes using Enforced Entropy, he teleports to the center of the Arena. This marks the beginning of the next Phase.

Note: "Uber" Keegan gains new abilities after each Phase Transition.

Phase 2

After using Enforced Entropy for the first time, Keegan begins Phase 2 by using Calamity: Divide. Keegan adds this ability to his existing ability rotation. He also gains the Spike Barrage and Calamity: Focused Blasts abilities that can be used individually or combined. Keegan now has a higher chance to cast Enforced Despair. This Phase ends when Keegan reaches 25% HP remaining, he then teleports to the top of the Arena to cast Enforced Entropy.

Note: "Uber" Keegan can not be killed here. He always goes immune and forces Phase 3.

Phase 3 & Last Stand

After using Enforced Entropy for the second time, Keegan begins Phase 3 by using Calamity: Entrapment. Energy is prepared throughout the top and bottom borders of the Arena in an array, and after a delay the Energy erupts and travels upwards and downwards. Erupted Energy deals damage guaranteed to kill you on contact, and leaves behind a Trail.
Avoid death by heading to the bottom left or right of the Arena. The bottom left has little wiggle room but is completely safe from the Energy eruptions. The bottom right's Energy erupts prematurely, letting you move into where it was prior occupying. Wait within these areas of relative safety until after the residual Trail dissolves. Keegan has an even higher chance to cast Enforced Despair in Phase 3.

Uber Keegan initiates his Last Stand - Reinforced Entropy after reaching 5% HP remaining. After gaining temporary invulnerability, Keegan splits into 4 copies of himself. 3 of which are significantly smaller than the real Keegan. All of which channel Enforced Entropy. Divine Barrier does not appear, instead seek shelter behind the small Keegan opposite to the real one, all other positions erode away when subjugated to Enforced Entropy.

20% of Keegan's maximum life is restored after the Final Stand concludes, and no more bouts of invulnerability remain. Finish the fight quickly, you are close. Keegan's rotating abilities in Phase 3 are identical to Phase 2.

Note: You can use Elimination or other execution modifiers to speed this Phase up.

Video Guide

Uber Keegan Guide


  • Defeat bosses spawned by the Dark Surge to acquire Edicts.
  • Offer Edict: Dart, Edict: Dive, Edict: Ruin, and Edict: Doom to the Great Void to challenge 4 Edict "Uber" Keegan.
  • Keegan always drops Touch of the Dark Surge and the invaluable Familiar Nexus.
  • Keegan also drops a wide variety of exclusive Legendary equipment.
  • Having maxed Fire, Cold, Lightning, as much Erosion Resistance as possible, and defensive measures against Physical damage is highly recommended.
  • Keegan has 3 phases, and the transitionary Enforced Entropy ability to separate them. Stay behind Keegan to avoid his direct attacks.
  • Seek shelter behind the small Keegan opposing the real one when Keegan undergoes his Last Stand.
  • Many of Keegan's abilities embed numerous Spikes into the ground, other abilities can launch these Spikes into the 4 cardinal directions.
  • Keegan can rarely use the devastating Enforced Despair ability, finish the fight quickly so that you may not witness it.

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Written by: Xtra37
Reviewed by: Raxxanterax

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