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Glacial Abyss Watcher Boss Guide

Last Updated: January 12th 2024

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The Glacial Abyss Watcher is one of the five "Watchers of the Netherrealm". You must defeat any combination of these Watchers 4 times to challenge the Traveler, one of the pinnacle bosses. The Watchers of the Netherrealm are harder than typical Beacon Bosses. The difficulty of the Watcher is based on which Timemark (1-8) you are attempting.

In order to fight the Glacial Abyss Watcher, you have to generate enough Stage Attention. The required amount varies based on your chosen Timemark Level, ranging from 4-10.

Watchers have specific loot tables. Chaos Invasion Card Inheritance does not affect the Watcher's fight or loot table in any way.

Glacial Abyss Watcher


All The Watchers of the Netherrealm have a pool of exclusive Legendries that can drop. Watchers can also award various currency, Memory Cards, and items from the global drop pool.

Guaranteed Drops

  • Cinder - Rewarded for defeating this boss for the first time in each Timemark, for Timemarks 1-7.
  • Two random Rank 5 Beacons used to access Timemark 8 Netherrealm - Timemark 7 and Timemark 8 only.
  • The Beginning - Timemark 7 only.
  • The End - Timemark 8 only.

Random Drops

Defeating The Glacial Abyss Watcher may reward any of the following:

  • Reforged Statue
  • Ralph's Engraving
  • Sky Devourer - Agile Armor
  • Arctic Ring
  • Glacier Caster Shield
  • Fallen Snow
  • Chaotic Ending - Timemark 7 and Timemark 8 only.
  • Helio Rock - Timemark 8 only.
  • A random Rank 5+ Beacon used to access Timemark 8's Deep Space mode - Timemark 8 only. This drops more commonly within higher Offset Degrees.
  • A rare Trinket base type from the table below - Timemark 8 only.

Trinket Base Types

  • A Precise Passive or Trigger skill from the table below - Timemark 7 rewards a level 16 copy and Timemark 8 rewards a level 21 copy.

Precise Passive/Trigger Skills

Skills Breakdown

The Glacial Abyss Watcher can generate roaming Frost Orbs throughout the fight, these deal moderate damage over time in a small area. Frost orbs do not expire until the fight is over. Avoid taking damage by moving out of the Frost Orbs' Path.

Glacial Abyss Watcher Mechanics

The Glacial Abyss Watcher begins the encounter in the sky, monologuing you. After a few moments, Frost Orbs are dropped near the center of the Arena. Shortly after, the Watcher lands at a random point in the Arena's outskirts and the fight begins. Many of the Glacial Watcher's attacks can be avoided by simply standing behind it, with Spin Attack and it's enhanced variants being the exception.

The Glacial Abyss Watcher randomly rotates through all of it's abilities while directly engaging you. The enhanced Cleave and Spin Attack abilities replace the standard form after the first transitional Flight Phase. All of this Watcher's abilities deal Cold damage, having maxed out Cold resistance is recommended.

Flight Phase

At 75%, 50% and 25% HP remaining, the Watcher flies into the air and creates 3 gigantic Ice Waves that deal cataclysmic damage over time on contact. Ice Waves are formed at random edges of the arena that quickly travel to the location you were in when they formed. Avoid this by staying in the center of the arena to give yourself time to evade the encroaching Ice Waves.  Have a mobility skill ready to help dodge the Waves.

Note: Flight Phase can be bypassed with very high DPS, leading to a very quick fight.

Video Guide

Glacial Abyss Watcher Boss Guide


  • Complete Netherrealm stages to gain enough stage attention to fight The Glacial Abyss Watcher.
  • The Watchers of the Netherrealm have a pool of exclusive Legendries that they can drop.
  • Having maxed Cold Resistance is highly recommended.
  • The Glacial Abyss Watcher has 2 key phases. Dodge its basic patterns during the Boss Phase, and avoid the Ice Waves during the flight phase.

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