Ghost Sea Bride

Warning: This guide assumes you have read our Blacksail Season 2 Guide and understand how the Void Sea Totem mechanic works.

The Ghost Sea Bride is the Season 2 Blacksail boss you encounter the most. She begins appearing in the Netherrealm and her difficulty level and rewards are dependent on the highest Timemark Beacon used to Seal a Whisper of the Void. This guide covers every difficulty of this encounter except the hardest.

The Void Sea Bride deals every type of damage, we recommend having high Elemental Resistance, Erosion Resistance, and sufficient Physical damage mitigation to help keep you alive while challenging the Void Pirate Crew's 2nd in command.

Ghost Sea Bride
The Ghost Sea Bride

Note: Be sure to check our Progressing the Netherrealm and Chaos Invasion guides as they go hand in hand with the New Blacksail Season 2 mechanics.


Defeating the Ghost Sea Bride grants access to her Treasure Chest, this can drop everything found in the Netherrealm as well as tons of Hero Relics and Memories.

The Bride's Treasure Chest is heavily customizable with Seal Whispers gained from the Void Sea Totem.

  • Seal Whispers of Wealth to add Currency rewards to the Treasure Chest.
  • Seal Whisper of Armament to add Hero Relics, Hero Memories, and Gear rewards to the Treasure Chest.
  • Seal Whisper of Wonder to improve the quality, quantity, and rarity of rewards in the Treasure Chest.

Defeating The Ghost Sea Bride at Timemark 7 or 8 difficulty has a small chance to award Void Sea Invitation - Craving. This is used to challenge the first variant of The Lord of the Void Sea.

Skills Breakdown


The Ghost Sea Bride aggressively tracks you while firing her pistols around her, dealing constant damage should you get too close. She telegraphs this by swinging her arms behind her back. Avoid this attack by moving away from her as she approaches.

Fire Shot

The Ghost Sea Bride unleashes a burst of 4 rapid Fire Shots that deal damage on impact. This is telegraphed by her bringing both guns together in front of her chest. Avoid this attack with perpetual movement or using a Mobility skill.


The Ghost Sea Bride dashes backwards and releases a cluster of Mines which remain on the ground for 10 seconds. Stepping on these mines activates them, they explode shortly after dealing medium damage in a radius. Avoid taking damage from this by simply never stepping on the mines.

Death From Above

This is the Ghost Sea Bride's most lethal Attack. She jumps up into the air and charges an explosive shot for 2 seconds before obliterating the ground below with deadly munition. This can be avoided by staying away from the ground she hovers above while charging this attack.

Cannon Ring

The Ghost Sea Bride spawns 6 small cannons in a ring surrounding you. After 2 seconds they all fire a cannonball projectile into the center, dealing damage on contact. One shot is not threatening, but getting hit by multiple can be lethal. This attack is telegraphed by the Ghost Sea Bride raising one gun above her head. Avoid this by running out of the ring of cannons or by standing in between any 2 cannons.

Cannon Moon

The Ghost Sea Bride spawns 6 small Cannons in a crescent shape behind her. These cannons track you while charging their payload and stop tracking just before firing a cannonball that deals damage on contact. One shot is not threatening, but getting hit by multiple cannonballs can be lethal. Avoid this by running in a circular motion around the cannons. This is telegraphed by the Ghost Sea Bride raising one gun above her head.

Monsters of the Void

Throughout the fight The Bride periodically summons a platoon of Void Pirates. Each time she does this, more and more monsters are summoned at a time. This mechanic encourages you to finish the fight quickly. These Pirates are not very lethal but they can overwhelm you eventually, so be sure to kill them quickly.

The Ghost Sea Bride Mechanics

The Ghost Sea Bride awaits in the center of the Void Sea Terminal. This fight consists of a single phase that rotates through all of Bride's Attacks randomly, these attacks deal every type of damage. The Bride will occasionally summon a platoon of Void Pirates to come to her aid, this ability becomes more dangerous every time she uses it. This mechanic encourages you to finish the fight quickly. Do your best to survive the Bride's onslaught while also dealing enough damage to finish the fight quickly. Defeating her unlocks your curated Treasure Chest, be sure to collect the spoils before leaving!

Video Guide


  • Select 6 Seal Whisper to curate the Void Sea Bride's Treasure Chest, then challenger her in the Void Sea Terminal.
  • Do not stand still during this encounter.
  • Kill the Bride's summoned platoons of Void Pirates as quickly as possible.
  • Having maxed Elemental and Erosion Resistance helps keep you alive.
  • Finish the fight quickly to avoid being overrun by summoned Void Pirates.
  • Defeat the Bride to claim the spoils of your curated Treasure Chest.

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Jan 4th 2023
Article Published for Season 2