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City Square Harbinger

Last Updated: March 29th 2024

Affliction 3.23

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Warning: This guide assumes you know how to farm Harbinger, Essence and Eldritch Altars read our linked guides to learn.

This guide needs a complete revamp due to the changes made in Path of Exile Necropolis League. It will be updated fully once thorough testing with the newly added scarabs has been completed!

The City Square Harbinger Strategy combines high profit quick to farm mechanics and Niko's Sulphite Buffs for blazingly fast maps with consistent drops. Harbinger drops almost entirely pure currency which is easy to sell fast and in bulk, it's also great for XP which is a nice bonus.

  • Harbinger Content Drops valuable currency shards like Fracturing Shards, Exalted Shards, Ancient Shards and Annulment Shards.
  • Essence Content Drops many valuable crafting materials for self use of sale
  • Heist Content Drops contracts and blueprints that if sold effectively can be worth a fortune


  • Harbinger/Essence/Heist do not require anything specific from your build outside of reasonable defense, recovery and single target damage. High mobility and movement speed is a bonus.
Voidstones: 2+
Favourites: 6+
Atlas Points: 125


PRO TIP: When setting up to run this strategy it is recommended you purchase enough materials to complete a sizeable set of maps. Failing to do so makes selling drops more difficult and you'll constantly be trading to purchase additional materials instead of mapping.

Map Choice & Favorites

  • Tier 16 City Square Map - is the best Harbinger map, it is incredibly fast to clear and easily explorable so you wont miss any Essences, Heist Caches or Harbingers. City square has 3 bosses instead of 1 each of which drop a pile of currency shards thanks to the Harbinger compass.
  • Favourites - Allocate 1 of your favourites to a map adjacent to City Square on the atlas you plan to run or can sell. Use the rest of your favourite map slots on City Square e.g. (11 City Square, 1 Adjacent Map).

Map Device

  • Eldritch Influence: Searing Exarch
  • Kirac: Harbinger - Adds 3 additional Harbinger's


Apply all Mandatory compasses to your voidstones. Purchase compasses in bulk fast using the TFT community trade discord.

Harbinger's Drop Additional Currency Shards
Map's Contain Additional Essence, 50% Remnant Spawn Chance
Map's Contain Additional Smuggler's Cache


Use the following fragments for this strategy. Harbinger, Heist and Essence do not scale exceptionally well with quantity so feel free to exclude the Sacrificial Fragments if desired. Be careful with high budget scarabs, sometimes they can be less profitable.

Low BudgetHigh Budget
Polished Harbinger ScarabGilded Harbinger Scarab
Sacrifice at DawnSacrifice at Dawn
Sacrifice at DuskSacrifice at Dusk
Rusted Sulphite ScarabRusted Sulphite Scarab

Atlas Passive Tree

Warning: Before you unlock at least 10 favorite slots to apply to 9 maps of your ideal layout and 1 adjacent map DO NOT allocate Singular Focus.

Passive Overview

If you do not have the exact amount of points required to complete the full atlas passive tree you can forego allocating some small passive points in Harbinger and Essence as they are not mandatory in order for the strategy to function.

Harbinger spawns many monsters that drop normal loot but also valuable Harbinger exclusive currency shards.

Eldritch Altars provide a constant flow of currency items.

Heist drops contracts, Rogue's Markers and blueprints that if sold effectively can be incredibly lucrative. This tree does not include The Dutiful Soldier but if you have an extra point and know how to use this notable it is recommended.

Essence provides a constant flow of crafting materials for sale or use.

Delve passives improve the clear speed of your character while enabling the purchase of resonators with gained Azurite.

7th Gate With this keystone active and all Atlas Passive Gateways allocated you can access any league mechanic Kirac modifier regardless of league restrictions.


Rolling Maps

1. Clean Your Maps - Ensure all of your maps are identified and then use an Orb of Scouring to make them all normal rarity, since achieving 20% quality on white maps requires significantly less Cartographer's Chisels.

2. Chiseling - Use Cartographer's Chisels on all of your maps until each one is 20% quality.

3. Alchemy Orbs - Use Orbs of Alchemy on every map you have at 20% quality. Re-roll maps your character cannot run using Orb of Scouring and Orb of Alchemy.

Running Maps

Follow these steps to complete the maps efficiently.

Step 1 - Ensure your Tier 16 City Square map is correctly rolled, your chosen fragment set-up is in the device and your compasses are applied.

Step 2 - Enter the City Square map and immediately start clearing the perimeter of the map stopping to slay any Harbinger's or Essences you encounter.

Step 3 - Click any Delve Sulphite veins or chests as well as smuggler's caches you come across

Step 4 - Completely clear the perimeter of the map ensuring you loot on the way

Step 5 - Move to the center of the map and defeat the boss

Loot Breakdown

Here are the drops you should sell, do so by referring to our TFT Buying and Selling guide or Trade Site Bulk selling guide as directed below.


Generic Loot

Eldritch Influence Loot





Written by Grimro
Reviewed by Facefoot

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