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Palworld Sakurajima Update

Last Updated: June 27th 2024

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Pocketpair has announced it's release for the newest Palworld Sakurajima Update releasing on June 27, 2024! This massive update features new content to unlock, pals to catch, items to obtain and craft, as well as an increase to the level cap! Get ready to explore the unknown island and delve into the brand new Japanese-inspired dungeons. Test the strength of your Pals against the strongest foe so far, Blazamut Ryu and prepare to go head-to-head with the Saya & Selyne! Challenge fellow Paltamers in a 1v1 battle in the new PvP Arena and storm the Oil Rig Stronghold for valuable resources.

Image via Pocketpair

Sakurajima Island

The island of Sakurajima has appeared! Explore the beautiful cherry blossom forests, overgrown mushroom swamps, and arid desert biomes in the Palworld Sakurajima update! Be on the lookout for new dungeons, pals, and fruit trees that grow new skill fruits.

The Sakurajima Tower is protected by a new formidable faction, "The Moonflowers". These melee-focused foes inhabit the island of Sakurajima and have no trouble closing the range gap with samurai swords swinging.

New Events

Arena Mode

Image via Pocketpair

Choose your 3 best pals and head over to the Desiccated Desert to participate in the new arena battleground!

Emerge victorious by defeating the opposing Paltamer or all of their Pals. Pals that become knocked unconscious are restored immediately after the battle ends and items you used during battle return to your inventory.

Meteorite Event

The Palworld Sakurajima Update brings random Meteorites and Supply Crates events that fall from space, bringing valuable resources and even a few unknown Pals.

New Stronghold - Oil Rig

Image via Pocketpair

An oil rig controlled by the Rayne Syndicate has appeared in the ocean! Take the fight head on or work together with your friends to defeat powerful enemies and disable enemy defenses!

Reaching this stronghold isn't easy, with anti-air pal-seeking lasers and turrets ready to fire at every turn, claiming this stronghold's vast and valuable resources challenges even the most seasoned Palworld player.

Egg Filled Monster Nests

Find and steal eggs from guarded Monster Nests scattered around the the world. The eggs in the nest always hatch into the Pals protecting the nest.

New Raid - Blazamut Ryu

Image via Pocketpair

Blazamut Ryu has entered the battle and is considered to be the strongest Dragon Pal in the game! Test the strength of your Pals by assembling your strongest team and summoning this formidable foe.

WARNING: Summoning raid encounters to your base causes detrimental effects to your base and pals! Don't build your Palbox on top of a foundation. Foundations that are destroyed also destroy everything placed on them. If your Palbox is destroyed you immediately fail the raid encounter.

New Resources

Crude Oil

You can extract crude oil by unlocking and placing a new building, the crude oil extractor, in certain spots around the world. New high-tier equipment and spheres can be crafted using this resource.


Created in an electric furnace by combining crude oil, ore, and paldium fragments. This resource is used to craft the new weapons and armor released in the Palworld Sakurajima update.

Medal Merchant

A merchant who exchanges a new currency, Dog Coin, for other rare items!

Find Medal Merchants located within Ruins and Churches.

These merchants only accept Dog Coins as payment.

Medal merchants sell accessory boxes that grant the player 2 additional accessory slots. Ring of Freight that increases your carrying capacity and fruits/elixirs to buff you and your Pals.

You cannot sell items at a Medal Merchant.

Medal Merchant

Dog Coins

Defeat Mimogs - Mimogs can be tricky as they are incredibly fast and evasive.

Mimogs caught or killed give Dog Coins but cannot be butchered for more.

Find in Scrap Piles - Scrap piles scattered across the world give some Dog Coins when looted.

New Items

  • Mysterious Accessory Box - Permanently increases the number of accessory slots by 1
  • Concentrated All-Purpose Pal Extract - Increases the rank of a Pal by 1 when used
  • Ring of Freight - Increases your carrying weight when equipped
  • Vital Remedy, Stamina Remedy, Might Remedy, Speed Remedy, Burden Remedy - These new remedies permanently strengthen the player's base stats. Until now, players could only increase their stats when levelling up, but now you can reach MAX stats!
  • Lockpicks - You can now attempt to open locked treasure chests with the new lockpicking mini-game. Requires a Lockpicking Tool!

New Weapons

7 weapons unlockable through the technology tree and crafted using the new resources.

  • Laser Rifle
  • Flamethrower
  • Gatling Gun
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Guided Missile Launcher
  • Multi Guided Missile Launcher
  • Meteor Launcher

New Buildings

  • Cold Food Box - Feed your Pals while keeping your food nice and cool.
  • Sulfur Mine and Coal Mine - Gather valuable resources at your base.
  • Pal Disassembly Conveyor - Get rid of unwanted Pals automatically.
  • Wall-Mounted Sign - Make notes without taking up too much space.
  • Refrigerated Crusher - An upgraded Crusher that can break down various items into different items.

New Cosmetic Hats

Dress up like your favorite Pal or NPC and utilize unique abilities and effects!

  • Dumud Helm
  • Lyleen Floral Cap
  • Sibelyx Hat
  • Leezpunk Hood
  • Killamari Cap
  • Cawgnito Hat
  • Ribbuny Headband
  • Lamball Helm
  • Swee Cap
  • Dazzi Hat
  • Cattiva Hat
  • Victor Hat
  • Marcus Hat
  • Saya Hat

New Pal Skills

  • Air Blade
  • Holy Burst
  • Star Mine
  • Flame Wall
  • Volcanic Rain
  • Flame Funnel
  • Splash
  • Wall Splash
  • Circle Vine
  • Thunder Rain
  • TriSpark
  • Thunderstorm
  • Icicle Line
  • Rockburst
  • Sand Twister
  • Beam Slicer
  • Comet

Unique Skills

  • Jumping Stinger (Menasting)
  • Rocket Slam (Chillet)
  • Protection of Fertility (Lyleen)
  • Raging Flame Wave (Faleris)
  • Thunderbolt Heavy Tank (Grizzbolt)
  • Polyceraunos (Orserk)
  • Divine Disaster II (Shadowbeak)

Passive Skills

  • Philanthropist - Greatly reduces the time required to produce eggs.
  • Impatient - Reduced cooldown by 15% on active skills.
  • Infinite Stamina - Increased stamina by 50%. (Only on mountable Pals)
  • Noble - Pals with this passive will give you an advantage when trading with merchants.
  • Nocturnal - Pals with this passive become nocturnal and will work throughout the night.


Player Changes

  • Pal Box capacity increased from 480 Pals to 960 Pals!
  • Increased the maximum amount of capture power enhanced by Lifmunk Effigies from 10 to 12.
  • Added a setting that prevents items from being automatically picked up if it will encumber and immobilize the player.

Level Cap Increase

  • Player level cap raised to 55.
  • New technologies/ancient technologies available to learn and unlock.
  • The Pal capture bonus increased from 10 to 12.

Balance Adjustment

  • Due to the increase in accessory slots, accessories with the same name have been changed so they cannot be equipped more than once. This does not prohibit you from equipping the same type of accessory of a different tier.
  • With the addition of many new Pals, some Pal breeding combinations have been changed.
  • Adjusted the selling price of all Pals. The selling price of Alpha Pals is now about twice that of the original species.

General Changes

Tower Boss Hard Mode

  • Each tower boss now has a hard mode, allowing you to face them in their ultimate form!
  • The building system has been reworked and improved! Basic construction is now much more intuitive and smooth!
  • Pillars have been added. The days of accidentally demolishing a supporting wall and the entire 2nd flood collapsing are over!
  • Axis alignment function added.
  • Defensive walls can now be connected.
  • It is now possible to connect from the roof, walls, stairs, and pillars to the foundation (previously, connections could only be started from the foundation)
  • New building material "Glass" has been added. Keep an eye on your cute Pals from inside with glass walls!
  • The maximum base level has been increased to 25, and the number of bases allowed has been increased from 3 to 4 at level 25.
  • You can now change the maximum amount of guild bases from the game options.
    • ※Note: Too many bases may lead to performance issues .
  • You can now change the maximum amount of base Pals from the game options.
    • ※Note: Too many Pals at one base may lead to performance issues.
  • Implemented a private lock function for chests. Your friends won't be able to steal your metal anymore!
  • It is now possible to permanently assign a Pal to a specific facility from the Monitoring Stand.
  • Cakes will now be transported to chests as a priority.
  • Readjusted the work priority order for Pals.
  • Changes to defense facility specifications. Work pals will use them automatically even if they are not assigned to a specific facility.
  • Measures and mitigation for base pals getting stuck when a route cannot be taken.


  • Added a locking function by favoriting a Pal in the Pal Box detailed menu.
  • Customizable player crosshair colors added and crosshair placement bug fixed.
  • Statue of Power UI improved.
  • Added more types of custom map markers, and increased the placement limit to 300.
  • You can now craft items in units of 100x.
  • Improved sorting function of Pal Box, making it easier to find the Pal you want.


  • Junkyards added around the world! You might find some valuable items there...

Palworld Sakurajima Update Trailer

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