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Echoes: Act 2 Developer Livestream

Last Updated: July 12th 2024

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The Final Shape

The Destiny 2 - Echoes: Act 2 Developer Livestream just took place today. Andy Salisbury (Senior Social Media Manager), Alison Lührs (Narrative Director), Ryan Harris (Senior Activity Designer) and Chris Proctor (Senior Design Lead) discussed all the new additions and some changes coming with Act 2 starting July 16. See all the major points below.

Key Takeaways

  • Act Story Beats Change - Starting with Episode 2: Revenant, Bungie is removing time gating from story-related missions. This allows players to experience each Act at their own pace, whether you want to binge all the content at once or savor it.
  • New Battleground Activity - Act 2 of Echoes is introducing three new battleground activities that have you continuing your search for the Echo. Two of these battlegrounds are available week one and with the third dropping week two of the Act.
  • New Weapons - In Act 2 of Echoes, three new weapons grace your loadouts: the Aberrant Action rocket sidearm, the Corrasion heavy burst pulse rifle, and the returning favorite, the Perfect Paradox shotgun!
  • New Artifact Mods - Bungie is adding a new row of artifact mods to the Hunter's Journal, focusing on Solar weapons and sniper rifles. Additionally, all existing artifact mods are not going away until Episode 2!
  • Solstice of Heroes Returning - The yearly summer in game event is returning August 6 and with it is coming some incredible new armor sets.

Echoes: Act 2 and Beyond

With the launch of Echoes: Act 2, our focus is to get all of the Build Guides updated and weaving in some of the new weapons and artifact mods. We're also working on bolstering our Resources with some exciting new things on the horizon. More news coming soon so stay tuned!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord to stay up to date with our content development.

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