Necromancer Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead is the Necromancer's unique class mechanic. Opening your Book reveals specializations for your Skeletal Warriors, Skeletal Mages and Golem. Each of which helps to fill the needs of your build. You can also choose to sacrifice your summons, stopping your ability to summon them, but gaining powerful thematic bonuses based on the options you choose. As your Necromancer reaches higher levels, you are able to summon more Minions to add to your horde!

All information in this article is from the Open Beta Access of Diablo 4. The content presented here is subject to change, and will be updated as we learn more.

The Book of the Dead

While you begin your journey at Level 1 with access to the Summon Skeleton Skill, you eventually unlock many new options and combinations of summons/sacrifices to customize your gameplay experience. The Book of the Dead UI menu unlocks at level 5 for free, without needing to complete any quests! From here, you make decisions between one of two enhancements or sacrificing your Minions for a passive stat bonus. This guide details the general flavors of Summons as well as the specific stats available from in-game tooltips.

Necromancer Class

General Summon Overview

Book of the Dead
Book of the Dead - Necromancer Specialization

There are three types of Undead horrors the Necromancer can summon at any given time. Your Minions gain 30% of your stats as a baseline.

  • Skeletal Warriors: These are your front-line swarming minions. There are high DPS, Tank and slow heavy Damage focused variants. Sacrificing these awards bonuses similar to the focus they have.
  • Skeletal Mages: These skeletons are your back-line artillery minions. There are Shadow Damage, Physical Damage and Chilling CC focused variants. Sacrificing these awards bonuses to your damage potential and Resource management.
  • Golems: The Golems are front-line disruption tanks. There are Ultra-tanky, AoE damage and AoE CC focused variants. Sacrifing your Golem awards bonuses that increase your own tankiness and DPS potential.

Specific Summons Stats

Skeletal Warrior

Description: Sword-wielding damage dealers that deal {30%} increased damage but have {15%} reduced Life.
Upgrade A: You can raise one additional Skirmisher Warrior.
Upgrade B: Each time you Critically Strike, your Skirmisher Warriors' next attack Critically Strikes and deals {x50%} bonus Critical Strike Damage. Can only happen every {3} seconds.
Sacrifice: Your Critical Strike Chance is increased by {5%}, but you can no longer raise Skeletal Warriors.
Unlock Level: 1
Description: Durable shield-bearers with {15%} increased Life.
Upgrade A: Every {8} seconds your Skeletal Defenders negate the next instance of Direct Damage they would take.
Upgrade B: Increase the amount of Thorns that Defender Warriors inherit from you from {30%} to {50%}.
Sacrifice: You gain {15%} non-Physical Resistance, but you can no longer raise Skeletal Warriors.
Unlock Level: 8
Description: Wields a powerful scythe that has a special wind-up attack, dealing heavy damage every {10} seconds.
Upgrade A: Reaper attacks against enemies who are Immobilized, Slowed, Stunned, or Vulnerable reduce the cooldown of their powerful wind-up attack by {2} seconds.
Upgrade B: Reapers have a {15%} chance to carve the flesh off enemies, forming a Corpse.
Sacrifice: You deal {x10%} increased Shadow Damage, but you can no longer raise Skeletal Warriors.
Unlock Level: 12

Skeletal Mage

Description: Shadow Mages wield power from the beyond dealing moderate Shadow Damage.
Upgrade A: Shadow Mage attacks have a {10%} chance to Stun for {2.2} seconds. This cannot happen on the same enemy more than once every {5} seconds.
Upgrade B: Shadow Mages fire an additional shadow bolt every 6th attack.
Sacrifice: Your maximum Essence is increased by {15}, but you can no longer raise Skeletal Mages.
Unlock Level: 15
Description: Cold Mages attacks will chill enemies eventually freezing them in their tracks.
Upgrade A: Each time your Cold Mages damage enemies with their primary attack, you gain {2} Essence.
Upgrade B: Enemies who are Frozen by or damaged while Frozen by your Cold Mages' primary attack are made Vulnerable for {3} seconds.
Sacrifice: You deal {x15%} increased damage to Vulnerable enemies, but you can no longer raise Skeletal Mages.
Unlock Level: 18
Description: Bone Mages use their own bodies as projectiles, dealing heavy damage at the cost of their own Life.
Upgrade A: Reduce the Life cost of your Bone Mages' attacks from {15%} to {10%}. After being alive for {5} seconds, Bone Mages deal {40%} increased damage.
Upgrade B: Each time a Bone Mage dies from its own attack, they leave behind a Corpse and Fortify you for {11%} of your Base Life.
Sacrifice: Your Overpower damage is increased by {30%}, but you can no longer raise Skeletal Mages.
Unlock Level: 22


Description: A horrid protector that taunts enemies, forcing them to attack the Golem.
Upgrade A: Each time your Bone Golem takes up to {20%} of its Maximum Life as damage, it sheds a Corpse.
Upgrade B: Your Bone Golem gains {10%} maximum Life and the amount of Thorns they inherit from you is increased from {30%} to {50%}.
Sacrifice: You gain {+10%} increased Attack Speed, but you lose the ability to summon a Golem.
Unlock Level: 25
Unknown at this point.
Unlock Level: 28
Unknown at this point.
Unlock Level: 32

Class Quest: Unlock Your Golem

The Necromancer needs to complete a Class specific Quest to unlock the ability to summon their Golem. See our guided walkthrough below under the SPOILERS dropdown or in the listed Video:

Guided Necromancer Class Quest


  • At Character Level 25 you unlocked the Quest "Necromancer: Call of the Underworld".
  • Travel to the Shrine of Rathma by selecting "Track" on the quest objective. It is to the Northwest from Kyovashad in Fractured Peaks.
  • Interact with the Shrine of Rathma and then interact with Maltorius, the spectral NPC that spawns.
  • Collect Unbroken Bones which drop from undead that spawn in the surrounding area to the south of the Shrine. 12 are required in total.
  • Travel to the next area indicated by a blue circle on your map to the North West of the Shrine. Continue to Track the quest for ease of access.
  • Find the "Bitter Cave" entrance in the center of the blue ring on your map. Enter the Cave.
  • Travel into the cave to find the Jar of Souls and interact with it. This activates an event that requires you to kill the spawning undead to fill up the Jar's meter. This should require ~18 total undead.
  • Talk to Maltorius who spawns next to the Jar's platform.
  • You've completed the quest and can now summon your Golem as well as customize it in the Book of the Dead.
  • Remember to add the Golem Skill to your Skill Bar if you want to actively summon your new pet!

Video Guide

An in-depth breakdown of the Book of the Dead and each choice available to the Necromancer!

Book of the Dead Summary

  • Necromancers can summon 3 types of Undead Minions to fight by their side. These include melee-focused Skeletal Warriors, ranged Skeletal Mages and hulking brute Golems.
  • You gain access to the basic Skeletal Warrior: Skirmishers at level 1 with the Raise Skeleton Skill. You unlock the Book of the Dead at Level 5, continuing to unlock new Skeleton options all the way up to Level 25.
  • At level 25 you unlock a Quest to summon your Golem. Follow the guided video walkthrough or SPOILERS dropdown for specifics.
  • To summon your Minions, you must have their Skills on your Skill Bar. This means that a full Summon Necromancer can only have 4 other Skills on their Bar.
  • Sacrificing your Minions has the potential to outweigh the benefits you may find from summoning. Each Necromancer build makes different decisions, so weigh your options carefully!


Written by MacroBioBoi.
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Apr 6th 2023
Article Created from the Open Beta of Diablo 4.