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Co-Op Dungeon

Last Updated: July 3rd 2024

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The Vessel of Hatred Expansion for Diablo IV is going to come with a new Co-Op Dungeon, a PvE End-Game Co-Op activity that has been speculated to be like 'Raids'.

Location of the new Co-Op Endgame Feature

Lurking within the shadows, this difficult and brand-new Diablo challenge will require you to team up with others to take down perils that are too difficult to face on your own. While not much information is known, based on past seasons, we can speculate. With the focus on co-op dungeon gameplay, this new activity may draw on the Vaults and Malphas boss of Season 3. It is possible difficult Co-op Dungeon bosses will be more mechanical and harder to face, requiring all your knowledge and technical ability to beat them in a game of skill.

Since we know Blizzard is leaning into the co-op experience for this activity, communication and cooperation might be key to succeeding. If the difficulty scales like the Pit or other Endgame Activities, there may be more mechanics that get introduced as a group delves deeper.

Although difficult, the rewards will likely be worth the trials and tribulations, so get ready (don't forget your potions and incense!) and ready your best gear! As we learn more, this guide will be updated, so keep posted!


Written by ehtoka
Reviewed by wudijo, Dredscythe

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