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Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.4 HotFixes July 7, 2023 Part 2

Last Updated: July 8th 2023

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The second of two hotfixes promised for today was just deployed! It is meant to address the unintended high drop rate of Uber Unique Items from Helltide Chests. In order to keep the drop rates from feeling like they have fallen off a cliff, they revised how Helltide Chests work with Uniques. You can now find ANY Unique, regardless of the gear slot of the chest opened. While this does throw an element of mystery of if a Unique Item drops will it be for the gear slot chosen, we can at least still get Uber Unique Items. Compromises make the gaming world go round.

Lastly, they mentioned that 142 accounts registered an Uber Unique item drop during the time frame there was heightened drop rates. Keep in mind, Blizzard tends to have a more forgiving attitude when something like this happens (the error was on their side). Also, this is pre-season, so its effect on the game as a whole is pretty minor. They do address, they will handle these situations as quickly as possible during a season to maintain fairness - especially when Leaderboards come!

All Helltide Chests are Mystery Chests now...kind of

Hotfix Information

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Uber Unique items had an unintended higher chance to drop from Helltide Chests.

Developer Note: With the above change, we have re-enabled Uber Unique drops in Diablo IV. In total we have discovered that only 142 accounts obtained an Uber Unique between the launch of 1.0.4 and when we disabled Uber Unique items from the game on the evening of July 6th. We do not plan on removing these items from the accounts. In the future, we may need to take action to maintain fairness within the game when a bug or exploit impacts the gameplay of others.

Gameplay Changes

  • Helltide Chests will now have the chance to drop any Unique and not be restricted to specific item slot limitations from any chest.

Developer Note: With the above change players will now be able to find Unique items from ALL Helltide Chests. Uber Unique items also have a chance to be found from all chests.

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