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Grinding a Paragon Level, no matter whether Solo XP or Group XP, is a key element to get your high Leaderboard Rankings. This calculator helps you determining the sweet-spot for you to maximize your XP/hour:

XP needed
119.32 T
XP per hour
1.11 T
Hours needed
Days needed

Experience Pools grant you up to ~40% more experience; if you want to play efficienty, then knowing when and how frequently to pool-up is key:

Total XP from a Greater Rift
71.91 B
Total XP from a Greater Rift, fully pooled:
101.79 B
Pools needed for a Greater Rift:

At the end of your seasonal journey the overall XP that you farmed is going to get merged into your non-seasonal progression. Unfortunately its not as simple as adding both your respecitve Paragon Levels together. This calculator helps you figuring out what Paragon Level you'll be on non-season after the merge:

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