Next Hit Delay & Last Collide

next hit delay


Next Hit Delay (NHD) and Last Collide (LC) are 2 mechanics that are introduced to the game to prevent any target from taking unreasonable amounts of damage. While NHD effects a specific set of Skills, Last Collide effects every Skill or Attack that potentially can hit a target twice while traveling through it.

Next Hit Delay

Next Hit Delay (NHD), also known as "Next Delay", is a mechanic that is limited to a set of Skills (see list below). When a target is hit by any of these Skills, an internal timer starts. While this timer is active the target cannot be affected or damaged by any other Skill of this group. The NHD-timers range from 4 Frames (0.16 seconds) up to 25 Frames (1 second). While a common occurrence in Multiplayer, NHD rarely has an impact on Single Player.



We have 2 Sorceresses in a game. One is using Nova and one is using Chain Lightning. Both of these Skills have a NHD timer of 4 Frames (0.16 seconds). The first Sorceress uses Nova on a target. The second Sorceress casts Chain Lightning which reaches the target 2 Frames (0.08 seconds) after. The Nova successfully hits the target and deal its damage, causing the internal timer of 4 Frames to start. 2 Frames later the Chain Lightning reaches the target. As the NHD-timer has not expired on the target yet, Chain Lightning don't collide with it and therefore not deal any damage.

Single Player

The most prominent example of NHD effecting Single Player is Wake of Fire. To deal the optimum damage against a target, you want to have 2 of them laid down while using Fireblast until the first Wake of Fire. If a target gets hit by more than 2 Wake of Fire Traps, the extra hits simply have no effect.

Skills with Next Hit Delay

4-Frames NHD (0.16 seconds)

  • Multiple Shot
  • Strafe
  • Lightning Strike
  • Chain Lightning
  • Nova
  • Frost Nova
  • Poison Nova
  • Shock Wave
  • Fist of the Heavens (only the Holy Bolts part)
  • Wake of Fire
  • Claws of Thunder (Only with 2 or 3 charges)
  • Phoenix Strike (Only with 2 or 3 charges)
  • Dragon Flight
  • Battle Cry
  • Battle Command
  • Battle Orders

5-Frames NHD (0.20 seconds)

  • Fissure
  • Volcano (the small Fireballs)

6-Frames NHD (0.24 seconds)

  • War Cry
  • Grim Ward

10-Frames NHD (0.40 seconds)

  • Volcano (initial eruption)

25-Frames NHD (1.00 second)

  • Shock Web
  • Blade Sentinel
  • Twister
  • Tornado (the collision damage portion)

Last Collide

Last Collide is a property of Missiles which stops a target from being hit multiple times by the same instance of the Missile. The Missile checks which target was hit most recently, as it collides with its next target. A good example would be lightning which pierces and continues traveling to potentially hit other targets. It also does not have Next Hit Delay. Under normal circumstances, the lightning bolt hits the target once and then fail to hit a second time because of the Last Collide check.
If there are 2 targets in a line that lightning pierces through, the Last Collide check alternates between the two. If the two targets are still in the path of the lightning bolt, they are hit multiple times because of the alternating Last Collide check.
Unlike Next Hit Delay, Last Collide is specific to the Missile and does not interfere with any other Missile's ability to successfully hit and deal damage.


Written by Teo1904 & MacroBioBoi
Reviewed by Teo1904 & MacroBioBoi