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Last Updated: 24 May 2023

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Hail Fellow Demon Slayers

We hope you're enjoying Diablo 2 Resurrected as much as us since release. It has been a wild time (in more ways than one) for us here, too. Your feedback has been invaluable in fixing errors and giving the D2R Team ideas for future guides. Before we get there, let's go over what we've done since the release of the game.

Updates to the Site so Far...

The Oculus, the famed MF Orb of choice by many!

The Holy Grail is a massive achievement if you complete it. Finding every item can take months to years, but is an amazing feeling once completed. What's not amazing is keeping track of 100's of items. Our Holy Grail Tool lets you track each item, with time stamps and comments, and you can also specify whether the item is Ethereal or Perfect. Furthermore, you can also invite your friends to have shared access to your co-op Holy Grail, so that you can collectively update a single Grail together!

Your Grail progress will automatically be saved locally to your web browser, but if you sign in with a D2Planner/D3Planner account and create a new grail, then your progress will be saved to your account, no matter where you log in from!

When logged in, you'll also have the ability to change your Grail mode to Competition, which will allocate point values to the different items you've collected based on their rarity and thus allow you to compete with other players for either the highest-value items or the highest Grail point total! We even accommodate tournaments that require proof of acquisition by allowing you to link a YouTube/Twitch clip with every item entry.

A snapshot of those high-value items you want!

With so many Uniques and Set items, have you ever wondered, "What do I keep?" This was asked A LOT to us and so our Valuable Unique and Set Items guide was created. In classic Maxroll fashion, we break down the item priority and (possibly better) tell you what to sell for your mercenary resurrection fee. While this guide exists as an article currently, we plan to build it up into a full tool with a search function for items and pricing info based on how far into ladder you are - since prices change depending on whether the ladder is one, two, three, etc. weeks old. This pricing info will be vetted by multiple experts to ensure accuracy.

Diablo 2 Resurrected released with a few changes. Some known, some unknown, others a surprise. The Eth & Strength bugs are heavily used in Diablo 2. The first gives bonus Defense, while the second allows you to cheat the strength requirements of gear. These were fixed in D2R, so we revised our guides to reflect this big change.

What's Already in the Works...

We went to Hell and back making some great tools for you to use: D2Planner, Drop Calculator, and The Holy Grail just to name a few. We have already begun to improve these tools, and make them more mobile friendly.

The D2R team also has more guides coming down the line. Up to 20 are being worked on, such as the Aura Support Paladin Guide and the Whirlwind Assassin Guide. We'll let you know when they are done. Be sure to follow us for that information on our Twitter and Discord!

PvP is a part of the game that is loved but not supported well enough. We are looking into the mechanics of PvP and testing them in D2R. Let us know what interests you have in PvP, if at all?

Thank You

The forges are still roaring hot with new content and bug fixes. Our projects are vast, but our love and dedication for D2R carries us to defeat the Lords of Hell and to get you there too! Continue to send us ideas and feedback on our Discord server so that we can ensure that our resources continue to meet your needs!

May your mind be strong, and your Magic Find be great on your adventures in Sanctuary!

The D2R Maxroll Team

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