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22 Nights of Terror Event Returns for the Holidays

Last Updated: March 21st 2024

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The joyful chaos of the 22 Nights of Terror Event returns for the holidays this year from December 13th until January 4th. You can expect the same events from last year, which we list off after the official statement below.

22 Nights of Terror Event

The air stirs with whimsey, perhaps even magic, adventurer.

However subtle, a joyous invocation permeates Sanctuary, casting a ray of holiday celebration upon its inhabitants. . . or is this demonic trickery? This magic from beyond is not cause for a ceasefire in the unremitting conflict between demon and mortal, but its nuances can still be felt, disturbances are surely lurking about. Seeing this holiday miracle through to the end relies on you—sleigh your way through 22 Nights of Terror during the Diablo II: Resurrected holiday event.

Experience Daily Demonic Trickery

The magic constantly shifts day by day but remains pervasive in nature—even Sanctuary’s most esteemed scribes are unable to predict what abnormalities the future might hold.

From December 13, 11:00 a.m.–January 4, 11:00 a.m. PST the fabric of Sanctuary will be altered every 24 hours, revealing a new gameplay modifier via the in-game Message of the Day that will last for the next 24 hours. The 22 Nights of Terror holiday event can be enjoyed in all online game modes except for Classic Diablo II.

Powerful loot, a dash of terror, and a new surprise to experience each day awaits you in Sanctuary this holiday season. Go forth in glory!

Happy holidays!
-The Diablo II: Resurrected Team

Daily Demonic Events

The first day of this event already brings a change to last year's effects. We'll summarize them in the following list:

December 13: Sugar Rush - 100% Bonus Move Speed and Stamina.
December 14: Extra Stuffing - Hero hit points are doubled.
December 15: Black Friday Sales - NPC vendor prices are 50% off!
December 16: One Horse Sleigh - Physical Damage dealt by heroes is increased by 50%.
December 17: Magic Time of Year - Heroes gain an additional 250% magic find.
December 18: Most Famous Reindeer of All - After heroes kill a monster there is a chance it will reanimate as a Hell Bovine Minion
December 19: Dress in Layers - Hero resistances are boosted by up to 75%.
December 20: Snowball's chance - Hero resistances reduced by 100, and hero damage increased by 100%
December 21: Krampuslauf - Diablo Clone will spawn every 3 hours
December 22: Black Friday Sales - NPC vendor prices are 50% off!
December 23: Holiday [Boss] Rush - Terror Zones rotate between act boss dungeons
December 24: Last Minute Shopping - Everyone gets the Find Item skill.
December 25: Winter Wonderland - Everyone gets the Blizzard skill.
December 26: A Heart-Warming Experience - Terror Zones grant an additional 25% experience bonus.
December 27: White Wolf - Everyon gets the werewolf skill and Werewolf abilities.
December 28: Holiday Stress - Terror Zone difficulty scaled up
December 29: Black Friday Sales - NPC vendor prices are 50% off!
December 30: Winter Terrorland - 19 popular Terror Zones all day (Catacombs 1-4, Tristram, The Secret Cow Level, Durance of Hate 1-3, The Chaos Sanctuary, Nihlathak's Temple, Halls of Anguish, Halls of Pain, Halls of Vaught, Worldstone Keep 1-3, Throne of Destruction, The Worldstone Chamber)
December 31: Close Out With a Bang - Chance to cast an explosive skill (frost nova, Frozen Orb, Poison Nova or Vulcano) when Hero is hit
January 01: Hangover - Heroes have all Sunder effects
January 02: New Year New Skill - All players get the teleport skill
January 03: Late to the Party - Heroes have a 100% chance to cast a level 100 Meteor on death

Happy Terror-ful Holidays

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Written by: Dredscythe
Updated by: Teo1904

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