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Challenge Rifts are weekly activities that refresh on Monday at 1 pm Pacific Standard Time for NA and Tuesday at 4 am Central European Time for EU. They place the player into a pre-set dungeon with pre-determined skills and items that cannot be changed. You can move skills around to accommodate keybindings but other than that you're at the mercy of the Challenge. The first thing you might wonder is, "Who is deciding these Challenge Rifts?!" These are based off actual Greater Rift Clears that players have done, the Greater Rift as well as the character are mirrored exactly, you feel the pain they must have felt! The difficulty of a Challenge rift will vary widely from across regions and from week to week, if you run into trouble and need assistance check out the guides below that will be updated weekly for North America and Europe!

Challenge Rift 203 Guide - North America

  • This week you have the Thorns of the Invoker set which will buff your Thorns damage allowing you to easily kill anything you attack with your Bombardment or Punish.
  • Belt of the Trove will cast Bombardment every 4 seconds, this alone will carry you through most of this Challenge Rift with your high Thorns Damage. In-geom and Messerschmidt's Reaver will allow you to spam all of your abilities quite often and toughness won't be an issue with Bombardment regularly going off thanks to the Thorns of the Invoker (4) Bonus.
  • Ride in with your pony and look for the first large pack of enemies or Elite then cast Iron Skin, Laws of Justice and Akarat's Champion before using Bombardment and Punish to kill them off
  • Whenever you dismount form Steed Charge focus on larger monsters or Elites and your Belt of the Trove will kill everything else around you with it's constant Bombardment barrage.
  • The 4th floor has a Speed Pylon and Shield Pylon.
  • The 5th floor has a Channeling Pylon.
  • Check out our Akkhan Invoker Bombardment Crusader guide if you want to fine tune your Bombardment experience!
NA Setup

NA Video Guide

NA Guide

Challenge Rift 203 Guide - Europe

  • This week you have the Thorns of the Invoker set which will buff your Thorns damage allowing you to easily kill anything you attack with Bombardment or Punish. Norvald's Fervor is also equipped giving you a massive damage buff after using Steed Charge.
  • Start off by using Steed Charge and make sure to use it whenever it's up to maintain the buff. Use Akarat's Champion, Iron Skin and Laws of Justice when encountering the first enemies and keep them up whenever available.
  • Lack of Cooldown Reduction will make Bombardment rarely available and require you to rely on Punish to kill enemies. With Punish being single target you'll want to hunt down Elites as your primary focus in this challenge Rift.
  • You'll be very fast, one shot anything you hit but have rather low toughness in this one. Use Steed Charge often to progress from Elite to Elite and Punish everything nearby until its cooldown gets reset. Keep riding through and you should be able to stay safe!
  • The 1st floor has a Speed Pylon early on and Shield Pylon at the end.
  • The 4th floor has a Channeling Pylon half way through which means even more Steed Charge!
  • Check out the Invoker Thorns Crusader guide for fun but unique playstyle!
EU Setup

EU Video Guide


In order to participate in the Challenge Rift the player must have reached level 70 as well as have completed a Greater Rift, once this has been accomplished the Challenge Rift area can be accessed through the Game Settings Menu. The Challenge Rift comes with it's own clear speed based Leaderboard that you'll compete on server wide until the following week when the next one begins. These are regional with one on North America, Europe as well as the Asia server. They can be done Solo, 2-Player, 3-Player or 4-Player, all with their own Leaderboard and with everyone playing the same exact character regardless of group size. Every week the Class will change completing a full rotation of them all before repeating.

Challenge Rift Leaderboard
Challenge Rift Leaderboard

Challenge Rift Cache

Aside from having a weekly Leaderboard to compete on a Challenge Rift also comes with a weekly reward in the form of a Challenge Rift Cache, this is rewarded at the end of the Challenge Rift if you complete it in the required time limit. This Cache has quite the assortment of materials and a decent amount of them, so doing this weekly throughout the Season is well worth the time it takes to complete. This Cache is also pivotal for a Season start as it can provide your level 1 character with a tremendous starting advantage. NEVER complete a Challenge Rift the week a Season is about to begin, if you wait until the season starts you can open the Cache on your brand new seasonal Character! Below are the materials you'll receive when opening up your Cache:

Challenge Rift  Materials
  • Gold 5,100,000
  • Blood Shard (475)
  • Death's Breath (35)
  • Veiled Crystal (125)
  • Arcane Dust (350)
  • Reusable Parts (370)
  • Westmarch Holy Water (15)
  • Corrupted Angel Flesh (15)
  • Arreat War Tapestry (15)
  • Caldeum Nightshade (15)
  • Khanduran Rune (15)

What About Next Week?

Come back next week and we'll have the guides for North America and Europe updated shortly after the Challenge Rift going live!

Guide and Updates by Facefoot and Raxxanterax