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The Searing Exarch is - next to The Black Star, the Infinite Hunger and the Eater of Worlds - one of the four Eldritch Horrors. He is one of the Pinnacle Bosses of the Atlas of Worlds, introduced during the Siege of the Atlas in Patch 3.17 Archnemesis League. Defeating the Searing Exarch for the first time rewards you an Omniscient Voidstone that can be socketed into the Atlas.

The Eldritch Horrors - Boss Guides:

The Searing Exarch

The Eater of Worlds

Before you can encounter the Searing Exarch for the first time (quest) you have to defeat the Black Star. Following Kirac's Quest line, you receive a quest version of the Incandescent Invitation, allowing you to access the Absence of Patience and Wisdom.

After you have successfully defeated the Searing Exarch Quest Invitation, a tradable version of the Incandescent Invitation can be obtained during following rounds of farming Searing-influenced Tier 14+ Maps. In order to find one, you need to run a total of 28 influenced Maps. The bosses in Map number 14 and 28 drop the Polaric Invitation (Black Star) and Incandescent Invitation (Searing Exarch) respectively. The amount of Maps needed can be reduced with Atlas Passive Points (Baptised by Fire), giving you a chance to double the progress jump for your Searing Exarch Invitation.

Important: You don't actually need to full-clear a Map for it to count towards the progression. Instead, it's already triggered the first time an Eldritch Altar appears in a Map, and it's safe to leave if you're just after the boss itself. Make sure you actually defeat the Map Boss in the 28th Map in order to drop the Invitation.

Searing Exarch
The Searing Exarch - Invitation Progression

Loot Table

In addition to regular loot, the Searing Exarch has the following boss-specific drops:

  • Crystallised Omniscience
  • Dawnbreaker
  • Dissolution of the Flesh
  • Forbidden Flame
  • The Annihilating Light
  • Exceptional Eldritch Ember
  • Omniscient Voidstone

Skills Breakdown

Default Attack

The Searing Exarch attacks you at close range, dealing Physical and Fire Damage.


The Searing Exarch dashes forward to strike you at range, if you out-range his melee range.

Flame Wall - "Disintegration!"

The Searing Exarch yells "Disintegration!" which indicates the Flame Wall ability. This ability has 2 Stages:
Stage 1 is the Flame Wall cast itself, while Stage 2 causes the Flame Wall to move in a straight line.
This ability causes the Flame Wall to slowly move away from boss the boss towards the edge of the Arena.

Mortar - "Annihilation!"

The Searing Exarch yells "Annihilation!" which indicates a channeled Version of Blazing Salvo that follows your movement. Using a Quicksilver Flask greatly helps to outrun this ability.
Tip: Run a small circle around the boss to make dodging even easier.

Lantern Explosion - "Incineration!"

The Searing Exarch yells "Incineration!" which indicates the Lantern Explosion ability. He charges up for a short
period of time, to unleash a very powerful AoE Blast that bypasses Dodge/Block. Note that the visual effect of
this ability is slightly larger than the actual hit.

Rolling Meteor Wall - "The fires of a thousand suns!"

This is the hardest part of the fight.

The Searing Exarch yells "The fires of a thousand suns!" which indicates the rolling Meteor Wall ability.
The Boss becomes invulnerable, unleashing multiple waves of Meteor Walls. The Maven assists you in this
phase and shoots at these Meteors, creating random gaps in the approaching walls. This allows you to
sneak your way through without getting hit. Bring a Ruby Flask to help in this phase.

Tip: You can use Minions, Totems and Frost Wall to body block the Meteors, giving you extra gaps to cross the Wall. The lower the bosses' health, the more Meteor Walls spawn.

Searing Rune

Searing Rune Patterns move across the Arena, causing the Player standing on them to receive two debuffs.

Cauterized Flesh (lasts 10 seconds)
-5% to maximum Fire Resistance
50% reduced Cooldown Recovery Speed for Travel Skills

Searing Rune (standing on it)
Deals Fire Damage over Time
Prevents (non-instant) recovery of Life and Energy Shield

Absence of Patience and Wisdom

In order to open the portals to the Absence of Patience and Wisdom, you have to obtain an Incandescent Invitation and place it into your Map Device.

The Searing Exarch encounter has two different phases:


The Searing Exarch

Once you enter the Boss Arena, you find the Searing Exarch in the center of the Platform.

In the early phase, while the Searing Exarch is above 75% health, he uses:

  • Default Attack
  • Flame Dash
  • Flame Wall - "Disintegration!"
  • Mortar - "Annihilation!"
  • Searing Rune
The Searing Exarch - Flame Wall

Make sure to check out the Skills Breakdown above to learn more about each of the abilities.

When the Searing Exarch falls below 75% health, he becomes more dangerous.

< 75% health - Additional Ability:

  • Lantern Explosion - "Incineration!"

Below 50% health, the Searing Exarch also uses Rolling Meteor Wall - "The fires of a thousand suns!". This is by far the hardest phase in the Fight, further explained in the Rolling Meteor Wall tab.

< 50% health - Additional Ability:

  • Rolling Meteor Wall - "The fires of a thousand suns!"
Rolling Meteor Wall

Upon reaching 50% health, the Exarch yells "The fires of a thousand suns!" which indicates the Rolling Meteor Wall phase. The boss teleports away and summons lines of fiery meteors that travel across the Arena from one side to the opposite.

The Maven, floating above the arena, assists you by shooting beams at the Meteors, destroying some of them on impact. This leaves a gap in the Meteor Wall that you can use to dodge this ability.

It is recommended to use blink Abilities like Dash and Flame Dash to teleport over the Rolling Meteors.

In addition, to Mavens help, you can use Minions, Totems and skills like Frost Wall to body block the Meteors. Once the Meteor touches any obstacle (minion, totem, other players you invited as cannon fodder, ...) it explodes, creating another gap in the line.

Searing Exarch
The Searing Exarch - Rolling Meteor Walls

Atlas Passive Tree

To further enhance the power as well as the rewards of, the Searing Exarch, the Exarch Influenced items and currency, there are a bunch of Atlas Passive Tree Notables, Nodes and a Keystone.


  • Thirst for Knowledge


  • Baptised by Fire
  • Liberated Knowledge
  • The Light of Dawn


  • Searing Exarch Item Chance
Searing Exarch
Atlas Passive Tree - The Searing Exarch Cluster

Uber Version

With the Thirst for Knowledge Atlas Passive Keystone, this fight gets empowered, greatly increase the Difficulty. On top of that, the Area Level of the Absence of Patience and Wisdom is 85.

In addition to massively increased life and damage, the Uber version also has the following new mechanics:

  • Area Mod: Monster take 70% less Damage
  • 2 additional Projectiles (this makes his "Annihilation!" Mortars way more deadly!)
  • Summons a Molten Minotaur at the beginning of each Rolling Meteor phase. These chase you around and deal massive damage. They don't despawn and have to be defeated in time before the next appear.
  • Each Rolling Meteor phase spawns 16 lines of Meteors.
Searing Exarch
Atlas Passive Keystone - Thirst of Knowledge

In addition to the regular Searing Exarch loot, the Uber Searing Exarch has the following boss-specific drops:

  • Forbidden Flame - Hidden notable Ascendancy passive skill


  • The Searing Exarch is one of the Pinnacle bosses and is important for endgame progression due to the
    Omniscient Voidstone he drops.
  • You can acquire his Invitations via farming Exarch-influenced Tier 14+ Maps.
  • In the fight, always stay mobile to avoid his abilities.
  • Enable sound in your settings, since he always yells before using any of his special abilities.
  • Use a Quicksilver Flask to outmaneuver Flame Wall, Mortar and his Dash Ability.
  • You can use Minions, Totems or Frost Wall to body block the Meteors Wall.
  • Use blink Abilities like Flame Dash to teleport over the Rolling Meteors.


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