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Sextants Explained

Last Updated: March 3rd 2024

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Voidstones can be charged with Sextants to add a random enchantment modifier which applies to all Maps in your Atlas. There are 2 types of Sextants:

  • Awakened Sextant which drops in Maps and have 3 charges.
  • Elevated Sextant which only drops from The Maven and grant betters Sextant modifiers with 15 charges.

You can store Sextant modifiers you'd like to run later, or simply to sell them by using Surveyor's Compass directly on a Voidstone. This allows you to plan when to use specific Sextant modifiers, stack them or sell them to players that want to farm these specific modifiers. Some good high-value candidates are Delirium Mirror and Chayula Breach Sextants.

It is worth noting Map Sustain is greatly helped by Sextants adding monster packs to your Map. Also, most endgame strategies rely on specific Sextants to maximize profit. Finally, don't forget the great Enduring Influence notable on the Atlas Passive Tree because it lets you get more value out of your Sextants. Here is a list of all Sextant Modifiers:

Awakened Sextant Modifiers

Elevated Sextant Modifiers

Sextants & Unique Items

There is a series of 3 Helmets that interact with Sextants:

  • Flamesight
  • Galesight
  • Thundersight

Sextants & Divination Cards

There are also a few Divination Cards related to Sextants:

  • Monochrome - A set of 3 cards rewards a stack of 10 Awakened Sextants since Elevated Sextants that can only drop from The Maven herself.
  • Underground Forest - A set of 4 cards rewards a stack of 10 Awakened Sextants.

Atlas Passives

There is an Atlas Passive Tree wheel related to Sextants with 4 small passives and 1 notable:

Small Passive

  • Atlas Currency Chance (x4)
    • Map Bosses have 1% chance to drop additional Map Currency Items.


  • Enduring Influence
    • Sextant Modifiers have 1 additional use.


Written by Chewingnom.
Reviewed by Raxxanterax.

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