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Last Updated: December 7th 2023

Affliction 3.23

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Warning: This guide assumes you know how to farm Legion and Eldritch Altars read our linked guides to learn.

The Legion Dunes Strategy utilizes the power of Domination Shrines and Niko's Sulphite Buffs to allow you to complete Legions quickly and effectively. This is an endgame farming strategy intended for powerful builds to generate large amounts of currency.

  • Legion Content drops Timeless Emblems, Incubators, Maps and Currency.


  • Legion requires a build that is able to break out the majority of monsters in stasis, failing to do so will reduce profits. Have the following unlocked before starting.
Voidstones: 4

Favourites: 10
Atlas Points: 121


PRO TIP: When setting up to run this strategy it is recommended you purchase enough materials to complete a sizeable set of maps. Failing to do so makes selling drops more difficult and you'll constantly be trading to purchase additional materials instead of mapping.

Map Choice & Favorites

  • Tier 16 Dunes Map - is the best Legion map, the legion monolith rarely spawns
    in a bad location; Dunes also has a great layout and a short boss fight.
  • Favourites - Allocate 1 of your favourites to a map adjacent to Dunes on the atlas you plan to run or can sell. Use the rest of your favourite map slots on Dunes e.g. (11 Dunes, 1 Adjacent Map).

Map Device

  • Eldritch Influence: Searing Exarch
  • Kirac: Legion - Adds 1 additional Timeless Monolith (Accessible Through 7th Gate Atlas Passive Keystone)


Apply the Recommended compasses to your voidstones, consider using some of the high budget compasses if you can afford them and your build is capable of them. Purchase compasses in bulk fast using the TFT community trade discord.

RecommendedHigh Budget
Area contains an additional Legion EncounterTimeless Splinter Duplication
Area contains an additional Gloom Shrine


Select a fragment set-up based on your desired investment level run it on every map.

Low BudgetHigh Budget
Polished Legion ScarabGilded Legion Scarab
Sacrifice at DawnPolished Cartography Scarab
Sacrifice at DuskSacrifice at Dusk
Rusted Sulphite ScarabRusted Sulphite Scarab

Atlas Passive Tree

Legion Atlas Passive Tree

Passive Overview

Domination is a mechanic that will assist you with clearing maps and Legions quickly and effectively. Acceleration and gloom shrines make Legions far easier.

Eldritch Altars provide a constant flow of currency items.

Legion drops an array of loot consisting of currency items, maps, emblems and incubators.

Delve passives improve the clear speed of your character while enabling the purchase of resonators with gained Azurite.

7th Gate With this keystone active and all Atlas Passive Gateways allocated you can access any league mechanic Kirac modifier regardless of league restrictions.


Rolling Maps

1. Clean Your Maps - Ensure all of your maps are identified and then use an Orb of Scouring to make them all normal rarity, since achieving 20% quality on white maps requires significantly less Cartographer's Chisels.

2. Chiseling - Use Cartographer's Chisels on all of your maps until each one is 20% quality.

3. Alchemy Orbs - Use Orbs of Alchemy on every map you have at 20% quality. Re-roll maps your character cannot run using Orb of Scouring and Orb of Alchemy.

4. Vaal Orbs - Use Vaal Orbs on all of your appropriately rolled maps. Some maps may transform or receive new modifiers, so weed out any maps with modifiers your build cannot run or that are no longer on a favourable layout for Legion. On average using Vaal Orbs on high tiers maps is always worth it.

Running Maps

Follow these steps to complete the maps efficiently.

Step 1 - Ensure your Tier 16 Dunes map is correctly rolled, your chosen fragment set-up is in the device and your compasses are applied.

Step 2 - Enter the Dunes map and immediately scout for Domination Shrines and Niko Sulphite. Collect the majority of both.

Step 3 - With your buffs active sequentially clear all legions as fast as possible without looting focus on speed and combat.

Step 4 - Clear the remainder of the Dunes map after all legions have been dealt with.

Step 5 - Loot the map after all monsters are dead.

Critical Tips

Choosing Incubators - Selecting profitable Incubators to apply while running your Legion strategy is essential to your earnings. The best Incubators to apply are the following;

  • Cartographer's Incubator
  • Diviner's Incubator (Priority)
  • Foreboding Incubator
  • Geomancer's Incubator
  • Infused Incubator
  • Kalguuran Incubator
  • Ornate Incubator (Priority)
  • Skittering Incubator

Loot Breakdown

Here are the drops you should sell, do so by referring to our TFT Buying and Selling guide or Trade Site Bulk selling guide as directed below.


Generic Loot

Eldritch Influence Loot

High Value Maps



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Reviewed by Facefoot

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