Lake of Kalandra Guide


Patch 3.19's exclusive League Mechanic is Lake of Kalandra, which lets players explore the mysteries, power and rewards of the character associated with Path of Exile's most coveted crafting Currency: the Mirror of Kalandra.

In every area and map you enter you will encounter a Mirrored Tablet allowing you to construct and customise a future encounter at the Lake of Kalandra. You have the power to add enhanced versions of your favorite league mechanics, exclusive new crafting opportunities and more to each area you design. In this article we'll cover what we know so far and some ideas on how to get the most out of the Lakes you design.

Encountering Tablets

Every area and map you enter in 3.19 may have a Mirrored Tablet used for constructing your Lake of Kalandra. Each Tablet allows you to place 1-3 Reflections (Encounters) on the Lake, and completely filling it allows you to run it and reap the rewards you've worked for.

Completing as many Lakes of Kalandra with the best rewards is the key to maximizing your loot from this mechanic. In order to encounter more Mirrored Tablets and build more Lakes, you'll want a fast mapping character on short map layouts such as Mesa Map or Dunes Map.

When allocating points into your Atlas Passive Tree, prioritize league mechanics that don't take too long to complete so you can focus on completing more maps and building more Lakes. Mechanics such as Essence, Harbinger or the reworked Harvest synergize best.

Encountering a Mirrored Tablet

The Tablet Board

3x3 Mirrored Tablet
5x5 Mirrored Tablet

After interacting with a Mirrored Tablet you'll be presented with a board representing the current state of your Lake alongside a choice of 1 of 3 Reflections to add. Every empty Lake contains 3 different types of Base Tiles:

  • Lake Entrance - The entry point of your Lake is where you'll start after adding reflections to all empty land tiles. The entrance position is important in determining how difficult and rewarding the reflections you place will be.
  • Water Tiles - Are non-traversable tiles you are unable to place reflections on and are important for determining the shape, overall difficulty and rewards of your Lake.
  • Empty Land Tiles - Exist for you to place reflections of your choice on. You cannot access your Lake until you have no remaining empty land tiles.

Upon first encountering the Mirrored Tablet you will be presented with a 3x3 Lake to build, but as you progress into the end game it will expand up to 5x5 allowing for more elaborate setups.

Choosing Reflections

There are 3 different categories of Reflections to choose from when building your Lake:

Standard Monster Reflections - add a monster event with a simple objective that upon completion awards a loot chest with assorted Currency and Gear. In the early game these should fund upgrades with Currency and gear improvements through Rares, while also acting as a fantastic source of fuel for the Chaos Recipe.

League Reflections - grant an empowered encounter based on the league mechanic it lists offering increased challenges and loot compared to the encounters you're used to in maps. Their loot and difficulty are comparable to mechanics fully amplified by Atlas Passives. These will be the most farmable and profitable in the end game when your character is ready.

Kalandra Reflections - offer an encounter with a powerful foe shown as one or many empowered map bosses. Completing the challenge awards a Mirrored Jewelry reward exclusive to the Lake of Kalandra league. This Jewelry is sure to be powerful and sought after at all stages of the league. This reflection should take priority over most other reflections when selecting what to add to your lake.

Understanding which reflections to choose, where and when to place them will be essential to maximizing your loot. Stay tuned into Maxroll in the days after league start for a Reflection Tier list to assist with your choices.

Standard Monster Reflection Choices
League Mechanic Reflection Choice

Re-Rolling Reflections

If you aren't offered any reflections you are interested in or you're looking for a specific option to perfect your set up you can make use of three consumables to influence what you are offered. The options are:

  • Skip this Reflection - at the Next choice, you'll be offered a new set of reflections.
  • Re-roll the Reflections - which starts a new set.
  • Exile a Reflection - you won't be offered it again for this tablet.

When used correctly these allow you to manipulate which reflections you have and where they are on your Lake.

Reflection Re-roll Options

Manipulating The Tablet

In addition to reflections, you can manipulate your Lake directly. This decision slows down your completions but allows you to better position your reflections, the entrance of the lake and its shape to allow for higher rewards and difficulty. There are 4 ways to manipulate the Lake:

  • Swap the Entrance with an Empty Tile.
  • Swap a Reflection with another Reflection.
  • Swap a Water Tile with an Empty Tile.
  • Destroy Tablet.

Increasing Difficulty

Difficulty 10 Lake of Kalandra

The difficulty and rewards offered by reflections increase the further away they are placed from the Lake Entrance. Moving the lake entrance strategically is a fantastic way to increase length, difficulty and rewards.

When placing reflections, prioritize placing your most profitable ones as far away from the entrance as possible. Ensure you leave the best possible Lake Entrance tile vacant for as long as possible so if you're offered the ability to move it you can do so.

The maximum difficulty of a reflection with a perfect end game Lake is 16. In the example shown you can observe that long winding Lakes with the entrance in a corner achieve the highest difficulty.



Lake of Kalandra looks to be a very promising and profitable League mechanic. It favors builds that can complete Maps quickly and synergizes with existing Farming strategies such as Alch and Go and Eldritch Altar Farming.

In order to fully understand everything Lake of Kalandra has to offer, join our Maxroll team as we uncover the secrets of the mechanic in the days after release. We'll keep an eye out for the scaling difficulty, loot, our Reflection Tier List and tips to optimize your Lake construction and running! See you then : )


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Aug 15th 2022
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