Infinite Heist Farming Guide


Warning: This guide assumes you have learned the basics of Heist from our mechanics guide. Read that first before continuing!

Infinite Heist Farming is a strategy that should be used exclusively on your first character of a league to get your initial gear and Currency to make end game progression far easier. The strategy can be done on any character with 0 investment, the only requirement being that you are level 61 - 67. The primary goal of Infinite Heist Farming is to accumulate a good amount of Raw Currency while completing the Chaos Orb vendor Recipe as fast and as often as possible. In this Infinite Heist Farming guide you learn how to maximize your loot, set up the strategy and optimize your play with essential tips and tricks.

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This strategy is one of the strongest ways to obtain early Currency, netting a greater accumulation of net worth than entering maps immediately, which is crucial for purchasing important upgrades for your build quickly.

The Currency you earn from the Infinite Heist comes in the following forms;

Because you’re able to focus solely on acquiring Currency, while netting yourself some useful Uniques along the way, this strategy easily outperforms jumping straight into maps. Most people who do so are forced to make due with whatever scraps they find, while you can cherry-pick the gear you need from the Market.


Infinite Heisting has a low gear requirement compared to white maps, with most builds being viable with ~3000 Life and capped Elemental Resistance. Builds that can move fast excel in the Heist, but even slower builds can succeed easily. It’s important to prioritize additional Defence on your build, because you drop your loot upon death after the alarm trigger mechanic is activated.

You need at least one Rogue's Marker to enter the location that we need to actually start farming Infinite Heist, markers drop in stacks off any monster so you should have some from the campaign.


The infinite in "Infinite Heist" is achieved by purchasing Heist contracts from the Rogue Harbour Contract Vendor Whakano and running them using the methods in this guide until levelling up. Every time you level up, the contract vendor refreshes and you can purchase any desired contracts once again.

After levelling, create a Book of Regression by vendoring an Orb of Scouring and a Scroll of Wisdom to any vendor. Use the Book of Regression to de-level yourself, at which point you can level up once again and refresh the contract vendor giving you yet more contracts. This method is repeatable infinitely and allows you to Heist permanently.

This strategy is viable between the levels of 61-67 with lower levels (61-64) requiring less XP to trigger level ups and higher levels (65- 67) allowing access to higher level Gems, gear and more passive points. Levelling past level 67 is strongly discouraged since Whakano only sells level 67 contracts. As your level increases the time between levels does too, meaning you will no longer be able to sustain purchasing and de-leveling with contracts as you out-level them.

Tips And Tricks

Dealing With Doors

When unlocking doors with your rogues, enemies routinely amass on the other side and wait for you to attempt to enter the room before attacking you all at once. Strafe across the doorway entrance once the door opens to create an opening for you to move through safely. This avoids triggering their attacks immediately.

Securing Your Loot

If you drop a valuable Unique, Divination Card or Currency item like a Divine Orb, it is safer to leave the contract area and deposit them into your stash rather than finishing the contract in one go. Doing this ensures that if you were to die after triggering the alarm, you won't lose these valuable items as you have already deposited them into your stash

Hidden Loot

The final room contains safes that can be opened for additional loot in some contracts. Keep an eye out for these as they are often hard to see if you are not actively trying to find them.


Unlocking Your Rogues

Upon reaching the start of Act 10 head to the Rogue Harbour by right clicking on a Rogue's Marker. DO NOT finish the campaign and defeat Kitava! Doing so reduces your resistances, making it more difficult to engage in Infinite Heisting. Head  to Whakano on the left-hand side of the Harbour, select ‘Purchase Items’ and buy any contracts listed below as “profitable”. In order to unlock and meet rogue level requirements, complete these steps:

  1. Unlock Huck - Run a Lockpicking, Perception or Agility Contract with Karst. If they aren't available, return to the campaign to farm Blood Aqueducts in Act 9 until you level up again and reset the vendor contracts.
  2. Unlock Tullina - Run a Demolition or Brute Force Contract using Tibbs.
  1. Unlock Nenet - Run a Trap Disarmament, Agility or Lockpicking Contract using Tullina.
  1. Fully Unlocked - Using Karst, Nenet, Tibbs & Huck you can and should be able to run all recommended contracts available at the vendor.

Contracts have level requirements attached to them and Rogues gain experience when you bring them along on a heist that is completed successfully. The level requirements of Vendor Contracts are trivial and after a few runs of their required skill, they should reach the requisite level for you to run everything.

Contract Choice

Picking the right contract types to run has a massive impact on the amount of Currency you earn from the Infinite Heist, making it very important to choose correctly. Each contract has its own loot table with the absolute best contracts to run being Lockpicking, Demolition, Counter Thaumaturgy and Perception, in that order:

Demolition Contract
  • Lockpicking (Karst) is considered the strongest contract type as half the large chests that spawn are Currency rewards with the other half being Jewellery rewards, which allow you to complete the Chaos Orb Recipe more frequently. Lockpicking can be accessed by Karst, granting the player the perk of reduced Alert Level generation, allowing players to open many more chests than usual.
  • Demolition (Tibbs) contracts exclusively grant ‘Generic Reward’ large chests. This reward type always grants a small amount of Raw Currency in addition to other reward types, adding up to almost as much currency as Lockpicking. Due to the inability to bring Karst along, you cannot open as many chests as Lockpicking contracts. However, Tibbs allows the player to open 1 additional small chest per contract.
  • Counter-Thaumaturgy (Nenet) + Perception (Karst) these contract types have Currency/Generic & Jewellery reward chests, but with the disadvantage of a 3rd reward type added to the pool of chests, diluting the value of these contracts. Both can be accessed with rogues that reduce Alert Level generation, making them a reasonable choice.
  • Other Contracts outside of the selection above should only be used if you run out of good contracts and only until you are able to purchase more of the better types.

Running Contracts Efficiently

In order to run your contracts efficiently, follow this step by step guide:

  1. Scouting - Upon entering a contract, scan for any Currency or Generic large reward chests. These offer the most rewards, are deterministic and need to be prioritized.
  1. Small Chests - As you clear through the contract area, open small chests occasionally, ensuring the Alert Bar does not fill up so much it prevents you from accessing the large reward chests from step 1. Opening fewer small chests until all the large chests have been opened makes this easier. Pick up any and all items that are suitable for the Chaos Orb vendor recipe, as this is a significant portion of the profit of this strategy.
  1. Collecting The Target - After collecting all large reward chests & filling the Alert Bar to ~80%+, head to the end of the contract area. Collect the contract target item, this item is contained within a case, collecting it triggers the alarm locking numerous doors obstructing the way out and causing enemies to spawn. Dying at any stage from here on out drops your loot, so be careful!
  2. Cashing Out - Sell the Heist Target item to ‘Faustus, The Fence’ for Rogue's Markers in return. This is necessary, as otherwise you run out of Rogue's Markers and are unable to continue the Infinite Heist loop.


Contract Purchase Window

Obtaining Contracts

Contracts can be purchased from Whakano for an Orb of Chance. Sometimes pre-rolled contracts are offered for the cost of an Orbs of Alchemy. Buy these if you are running low on good contracts to run.

Orbs of Scouring are essential for the book of regression recipe. If you run out, you can purchase more from most female town vendors for 4 Orbs of Chance, or as a last resort, you can purchase some from other players.

Rolling Contracts

The value in contracts come from large and small chests which are not influenced by item quantity or rarity, therefore rolling and running rare contracts is not recommended. Be careful running already rolled contracts that the modifiers aren't dangerous for your build.

Selling Your Loot

Here are the drops you can expect to acquire with this strategy, as well as some advice on how to sell them effectively and quickly. Follow our Bulk Selling guide to learn more.

Chaos Orb Vendor Recipe

While farming Heist and opening small/large reward chests, you receive incredibly large amounts of different Rare Armours, Weapons and Jewellery which can be sold to vendors using the Chaos Recipe for a large and consistent income of Chaos Orbs.

The Chaos Recipe is reasonably difficult to access in the early stages of mapping due to the scarcity of rare Amulets and Rings, however both are incredibly common in Heist. Early on in leagues with the lack of Currency most players have, being in possession of any amount of Chaos Orbs is incredibly valuable when purchasing essential items.

Raw Currency

A reasonable amount of Raw Currency drops from Heist from currency and generically tagged large chests as well as some from small chests. Bulk Currency should be converted into Chaos Orbs and Divine Orbs using bulk selling methods once a sizeable amount of it has accumulated after a farming session, or after you have finished with Endless Heist and are ready to enter the Atlas.

Rogue Markers

Rogue's Markers are obtained from selling the Heist contract targets to the fence located in the rogue harbour and should not be neglected. After you finish your endless Heisting and make your way into the Atlas, these can be sold to other players looking to adopt a more end game focused Heisting strategy for a good sum of Currency. Rogue's Markers should be sold using bulk selling methods once a reasonable amount have been accumulated.

Unique Items

Heist drops many Uniques compared to other activities available to the player early in progression. Most of these are not worth very much,  but it is not uncommon to drop medium to high value Uniques. How much you earn from this method is entirely up to chance as well as your ability to discern which Uniques are worth selling and which aren't.

Picking up Uniques is still worthwhile if you have the inventory space since they can be sold for Orbs of Alchemy, which can be very useful when you venture into the Atlas and proceed into end game.

Strategy Synergies

Blueprint Farming

Farming Blueprints can be a valuable way to earn additional Currency, especially if you enjoy Heist and wish to continue engaging with it beyond the league start period. Infinite Heisting can add a significant amount of value to Blueprint Farming with a few alterations to the strategy laid out in this guide.

A very important component to Blueprint Farming is having access to Gianna Reveals which grant heavy discounts to Blueprint Wing Reveals. These reveals normally cost a very large quantity of Rogue's Markers.

While infinite Heisting, you can run Deception contracts with Gianna in order to farm these reveals for a future Blueprint Farming session. Doing so places Deception contracts at the very top of the Contract Tier List alongside Lockpicking, as not only are Gianna Reveals very valuable, but Deception contracts also grant a large quantity of stacked decks as well as having no locked doors on the way out, resulting in a much faster run time than other contract types.

In order to unlock Gianna as a rogue, you must do the following:

  1. Unlock Huck - Run a Lockpicking, Perception or Agility Contract with Karst.
  2. Unlock Niles - Run a Lockpicking, Brute Force or Demolition Contract with Huck.
  3. Unlock Vinderi - Run a Counter-Thaumaturgy or Deception Contract with Niles.
  4. Unlock Gianna - Run a Demolition, Trap Disarmament or Engineering Contract with Vinderi.


This guide explains:

  • The benefits of Endless Heist when gearing up your first character.
  • How to run and make currency from the strategy.
  • The incredibly low investment and character requirements.
  • How to unlock and level up your Rogues to begin farming.
  • How to sell the loot that you've earned converting it into liquid currency.


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Jul 29th 2022
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