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Learn about recommended farming content, resources, farming strategy, Path of Building (PoB), Video Guide & Summary for the Omniscience Tornado Shot Deadeye Build.

As a mapping focused character you should focus on the mechanics listed below depending on what level of content your character is currently capable of completing. Clicking the League Mechanics below takes you to either a full Explanation Guide or a detailed Currency Farming Guide based around maximizing your profits from that mechanic or content.

Video Guide

Path of Building You NEED the community fork of POB for these to work!

Path of Building:


  • Upon completing this guide you will have an outstanding mapper capable of farming some of the most profitable * currency generating content in the game.
  • The Tornado Shot Deadeye is one of the best mapping builds for all types of juiced and speed content, but can also at high investment take down some bosses.
  • The build highly rewards you for investing with very satisfying power spikes along the way.
  • Having a both high Lighting and Cold damage grants Shocks and Chills, greatly buffing damage and slowing down enemies.
  • The build synergizes with Headhunter and Mageblood, making the investment feel worth the time you spent grinding for the currency to afford one.
  • Once itemized properly the build is widely regarded as the most iconic map blaster in the game.


Written by Crouching_Tuna.
Reviewed by Raxxanterax.


Dec 5th 2022
Guide written and updated for 3.20