Build Info & Scaling

Learn about the key build info and how to increase damage and defense with your stats and gear for the Omniscience Tornado Shot Deadeye Build.

Build Scaling


Tornado Shot is a hit-based, critical strike scaling Attack skill. You use a bow with pure Physical Damage and convert it to elemental with the help of gear and the alternative quality Anomalous Tornado Shot.

In general we prioritize the following stats, which are abundantly found on the Passive Skill Tree. However, we must mainly rely on gear for our Critical Strike Chance, Damage and Projectile Speed.

  • Added flat Physical Damage
  • Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier
  • Elemental Penetration
  • Generic Damage Increases (Projectile/Elemental/Attack)
  • Frenzy Charges
  • Attack Speed
  • Projectile Speed
  • Additional Projectiles
  • Auras Scaling
  • Attributes

The Focal Point Ascendancy Notable grants damage reduction while mapping as marks are automatically triggered when you attack. Life Gain on Hit is a very effective recovery method if you're attacking as Tornado Shot has a ton of added projectiles.

The most important stats we must focus on to make sure our defences scale effectively are:

  • Armour and Evasion from Gear, Flasks, Skill Tree and Determination + Grace
  • Capped Elemental Resistances at 75%
  • 100% Spell Suppression
  • 100% Ailment Avoidance
  • Stun Immunity
  • Corrupted Blood Immunity
  • Aura Effect
  • Mana & Life leech

With all these defensive layers against Hit-damage, our main weakness is Damage over Time. As a result, we always try to maintain a high uptime on a target if we are degenerating, as leech and Life Gain on Hit effectively mitigate them.

Key Build Info

Tornado Shot is the primary source of damage for this build. Tornado Shot like other projectile based attacks does not shotgun, however the secondary Projectiles which emit from the tornadoes at the targeted locations do. When positioning, make sure to place yourself as far away from your target as possible to get the most out of Far Shot, place down your Ballista Totem Support and fire right on top of your target to deal the highest possible damage.

To ensure that your Critical Strike Chance is as high as possible do the following:

  • Only equip a bow with a tier 3+ Critical Strike Chance roll.
  • Roll a flask with the #% Increased Critical Strike Chance During Flask Effect suffix.
  • Equip a Diamond Flask.
  • Lioneye's Fall at the Shadow location to convert Claw nodes into Bow.
  • A Watcher's Eye with % to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred.

Crystallised Omniscience converts all of our attributes into the Omniscience (omni) Stat. This means Dexterity won't grant Evasion and Accuracy, Strength won't grant Life and Melee Damage, and Intelligence won't grant Energy Shield. Omniscience grants 1% elemental penetration and 1% to elemental resistances per 15 Omniscience. It is important to note that how much Omniscience you're getting out of an explicit can be deceptive, for example: +25 to Dexterity and Intelligence is equal to 25 Omniscience, +12 to All Attributes is equal to 12 Omniscience.

Crystallised Omniscience can be used to almost cap our Resistances, and provides a massive amount of generic Elemental Penetration. This allows builds to avoid focusing on one specific elemental damage type to be efficient. Trinity Support and other conditional damage notables found on the passive tree work well with this setup. The sweet spot for Omniscience is approximately 1500. This almost caps our Resistances exclusively from Attributes. Beyond that, it is still a nice stat to stack, however diminishing returns are incurred. The damage increase granted by Penetration damage does not scale linearly, so after a certain amount, other stats become favorable.


For informations about what is the Pantheon and how it works, don't hesitate to consult our Pantheon Guide!

Bandits: Kill all

For Major Pantheon, select Lunaris to gain additional damage reductions. Additional bonuses are not baseline and need to be acquired with a Divine Vessel.

For Minor Pantheon, select Tukohama and upgrade it. This grants you Physical Damage Reduction and Life Regeneration. Alternatively, you may want to select Ralakesh until you gain Corrupted Blood from a flask suffix or jewel corruption.