Skill Gems & Passive Tree

Nimis Kinetic Blast Deadeye Endgame Skill Gems, Auras, Jewels & Passive Skill Tree.

Skill Gems

Ensure your skill gems are of the right quality (normal, anomalous, divergent or phantasmal).

Some gems need to be a certain level to function. This is especially important for some auras and certain defensive setups.

Follow the guides instructions to get the specifics on what levels and qualities are needed. Not every gem needs to be at maximum level.

Skill Breakdown

Kinetic Blast

  • Divergent Kinetic Blast - your primary skill, fires a bolt of energy that upon hitting explodes into 4-5 explosions. The Divergent quality offers much needed area of effect after chaining which while mapping can reach 60% after two chains.
  • Trinity Support - substantially enhances our elemental damage and penetration and is always active.
  • Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - is a major unconditional damage boost and at maximum level grants immunity to elemental reflect.
  • Anomalous Greater Multiple Projectiles Support - grants additional projectiles which bolster clear and damage substantially and are more than worth the damage penalty. The Anomalous alternate quality helps lower the high mana cost of Kinetic Blast.
  • Awakened Fork Support - is an essential component of our clearing ability causing all projectiles to multiply twice when hitting packs of enemies showering the screen in explosions.Divergent Inspiration Support - greatly reduces our mana cost and grants considerable elemental damage.


Core Auras
  • Wrath - provides a substantial damage boost.
  • Determination- scales your physical damage reduction and Molten Shell shield value.
  • Grace - scales your Evasion stat giving us a much higher chance of avoiding attack based damage.
  • Enlighten Support - linked to all core auras to allow for higher Precision levels.
Secondary Auras
  • Vaal Haste - an attack and movement speed cooldown that should be activated as soon as available to increase mapping speeds. Do not activate the base Haste aura just use the Vaal version.
  • Precision - provides much needed accuracy that must be replaced from the loss of Dexterity scaling due to Crystallised Omniscience. If you need additional accuracy increase this gems level. If you require more mana to reserve, temporarily drop Defiance Banner.
  • Defiance Banner - provides a modest increase to both Evasion and Armour, improving defence.

Sniper's Mark

  • Sniper's Mark - is a colossal single target damage multiplier and generates many additional hits due to its projectile splitting mechanic. It also assists with Frenzy charge generation on unique and rare enemies.
  • Mark On Hit Support - automates the casting of Sniper's Mark at the expense of a considerable trigger mana cost.
  • Enhance Support - grants additional quality to Mark On Hit Support and Sniper's Mark increasing their potency.
  • Lifetap Support - converts the high mana cost of Sniper's Mark into a life cost that is easily recoverable.


  • Flame Dash - is a movement spell that causes the player to teleport to a target location. It is essential for vertical mobility and dodging attacks.
  • Shield Charge - is your primary form of mobility, use it in combination with running for maximum clear speed.
  • Faster Attacks Support - enhances the attack speed of Shield Charge increasing clear speed.
  • Cast when Damage Taken Support - automatically triggers the primary skill gem when taking a hit. Lower levels of Cast When Damage Taken require less damage to trigger (Use Level 1 for this build).
  • Molten Shell - provides an immense absorption shield based on your armour for a short duration. Molten Shell will trigger when taking damage to grant you mitigation when you need it most (Use level 10 for this build).
  • Lifetap Support - converts the mana cost of Molten Shell to life allowing for easier mana management.

Passive Tree Progression

Nimis Kinetic Blast Endgame Passive Tree

Point Progression

While levelling complete the core tree and socket all of your core non-cluster jewels, as you gain more levels socket both of your Large Cluster Jewel. Once you approach level 98 you can complete the tree by socketing in your Medium Cluster Jewels.

Jewel Locations

Certain Jewels require specific placement on the passive tree, you can find these locations below.

Large Cluster 1

Socket your first Large Cluster Jewel into the specialised jewel socket next to Perfect Agony and allocate the points in the image.

Large Cluster 2 + Mediums

Socket your second Large Cluster Jewel into the specialised jewel socket next to Point Blank and allocate the points in the Image.

Within your Large Cluster Jewels 2 specialised sockets place both Medium Cluster Jewels and allocate the points accordingly.

Brutal Restraint

Socket Brutal Restraint at the ranger starting location next the 1 additional Frenzy charge notable.

Inspired Learning

Socket Inspired Learning at the shadow starting area in between the 1 additional Frenzy and Power charge notables.

Massive Thread of Hope

Socket your massive Thread of Hope above the ranger starting area and allocate the following Nodes: Path of the Hunter, Hired Killer, Harrier, Reservation Efficiency (Small node), Blood Siphon, Sleight of Hand, Forces of Nature, Aspect of the Lynx, Weapon Artistry, Quickstep, Finesse.