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Nimis Kinetic Blast Deadeye Endgame Build Info & Playstyle.

Build Info


"Shotgunning" refers to the ability to hit a single monster multiple times with a single cast of a skill. Each projectile fired from a Kinetic Blast will spawn a "cluster" of 3-4 explosions on contact with an enemy. A single enemy may only be hit once per "cluster" of explosions, "clusters" of explosions from other projectiles can however hit the same enemy.

This interaction allows for extreme shotgunning when positioned correctly, assuming you have 8 projectiles and hit at least 1 explosion from from each projectile you will hit 8 times per cast.


Nimis causes all projectiles fired to travel in random directions and in most cases return to you after they expire. Firing projectiles in random directions turns Kinetic Blast into a skill capable of blanketing the entire screen in explosions boosting clear speed immensely.

When Kinetic Blast projectiles return to you they trigger their explosion effect at your feet allowing for extremely consistent shotgunning that would be otherwise impossible, this is particularly powerful when combined with the immense quantity of projectiles that are spawned by Sniper's Mark.

In some scenarios in indoor maps with rooms of a specific size due to the mechanics of how projectiles return from Nimis you may be unable to hit targets consistently even while positioned on top of them. In these cases try to reposition either yourself or move the enemy next to a wall or in a corner.

Ailment Avoidance

Being Ailment Immune is a massive part of our defence in high end mapping content and without we are subject to debilitating debuffs which are common in Delirium content. We achieve this important defensive layer through the Thick Skin passive point wheel alongside a boot modifier, eldritch implicit and a veiled/crafted mod on our chest piece. Ensuring you have 100% ailment avoidance is strongly recommended.

Spell Suppression

100% spell suppression cuts the damage from the most lethal and unavoidable hits in maps in half, it is also very easily acquirable as a ranger. Spell suppression will make you substantially more tanky against strongbox novas/explosions, volatiles, hit based ground effects and many hazardous delirium and legion monster effects that would normally one shot your character. Acquiring 100% Spell Suppression as a Ranger is essential.


Our life recovery is handled through a combination of life leech and life gained on hit. We hit a massive amount of times per attack while mapping and a reasonable amount on singular boss encounters making even the small amount of life gained on hit we get very powerful. Life Leech will keep you topped up and healthy if you play strategically during boss fights.


Crystallised Omniscience converts all of our attributes into Omniscience which is used instead of attributes for satisfying gem and item requirements. This also means Dexterity won't grant Evasion or Accuracy so it is vital to pick these stats up in other places.

How much Omniscience you get from some mods can be deceptive, for example: +25 to Dexterity and Intelligence only grants 25 Omniscience and +12 to All Attributes grants 12 Omniscience. Increases and decreases to attributes will now also apply to Omniscience.

Crystallised Omniscience provides a massive amount of Resistances and generic Elemental Penetration. The optimal amount of Omniscience is 1500, this almost caps our Resistances from Attribute stacking alone.

Pantheon & Bandits

Bandits: Kill all

For information about acquisition, alternatives and upgrading check out our Pantheon Guide!

Lunaris is our Major Pantheon of choice it provides additional damage reduction and movement speed.

Abberath is our choice of Minor Pantheon, fully upgraded it grants immunity to burning ground.

Ralakesh is also an option for Minor Pantheon if you need access to Corrupted Blood immunity.



While mapping ensure all your Aura's are active and clear the map with Kinetic Blast while using Shield Charge for mobility and Flame Dash when needed. When encountering tanky enemies position yourself on top of them and use Kinetic Blast.

Map Modifiers to Avoid

The following modifiers are to be avoided if possible:

  • Players have #% reduced effect of Non-Curse Auras from Skills
  • Monsters Steal Power, Frenzy and Endurance Charges on Hit
  • Monsters Take x% Reduced Extra Damage From Critical Strikes
  • -x% Maxium Player Resistances


When fighting against pinnacle bosses consider swapping your Progenesis flask for a Divine Life Flask to increase your recovery. To deal maximum single target damage stand as close to your target as you can while still ensuring you have the ability to dodge the enemies basic attacks and abilities.

As a mapping focused character you should focus on the mechanics listed below depending on what level of content your character is currently capable of completing. Clicking the League Mechanics below takes you to either a full Explanation Guide or a detailed Currency Farming Guide based around maximizing your profits from that mechanic or content.