Nimis Kinetic Blast Deadeye

Last Updated: May 18th 2023

Crucible 3.21

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WARNING: This build isn't performing correctly for 3.21, this guide has been archived for now.

Nimis Kinetic Blast is a High Budget Deadeye Build costing in excess of 100 Divine Orbs. If you are looking for a Starter Ranger Build check out our Poisonous Concoction League Starter.

The Nimis Kinetic Blast Deadeye Stacks attributes to take advantage of Crystallised Omniscience and additional projectiles to achieve massive screen wide coverage, huge levels of elemental penetration and solid single target damage.

"Nimis KB" is one of the fastest end game mapping builds in the game. If you want a build that showers the screen with explosions and does more damage the more monsters there are this is the build for you!

Nimis Kinetic Blast Gear

Build Rating


Skills & Showcase

Kinetic Blast

Kinetic Blast is the primary skill used to do all of your damage on bosses and in maps.

Ascendancy Breakdown

Nimis Kinetic Blast Ascendency

The Deadeye is our choice as it offers many speed mapping enhancements, Additional Projectiles and tons of Damage.

  • Gathering Winds provides 20% action speed multiplying your movement and attack speed.
  • Endless Munitions provides two additional projectiles, improving clear and damage substantially.
  • Focal Point provides some defence while mapping, and a substantial damage boost from marks.
  • Far Shot provides massive damage when attacking from a distance. When damage is a priority position yourself further away.
  • Avatar of the Slaughter empowers your frenzy charges to grant additional speed, evasion and damage. This notable is granted by socketing Forbidden Flame & Forbidden Flesh.

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