Resources & POB

Learn about recommended farming content, resources, farming strategy, Path of Building (PoB), Video Guide & Summary for the Maw of Mischief Elementalist Build.

Video Guide

Maw of Mischief Tripolarbear Build Guide Youtube Video

Path of Building

For POBs see the links below:

  • Early Game Wave of Conviction -
  • Mid Game Maw -
  • End Game Maw -


After completing all the Milestones you have:

  • One of the best bossers in the game.
  • Automatic Minion summoning, using those Minions to explode for huge Ignite Damage.
  • Ignite Proliferation and spread, leading to satisfying pack clearing.
  • Ignites that reach the DOT cap of 35.8 Million DPS and can delete and farm any bossing content.
  • For further upgrades to hit the DOT cap on even Uber bosses (they have a 70% damage reduction) check out the video guide.


Written by Tripolarbear
Reviewed by Facefoot, Fyregrass


Nov 29th 2022
Updated from the curse Manifesto

Dec 10th 2022
Updated Vixen gloves Gem section, and Skill Gems.