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Lightning Strike Champion Endgame Path of Building & Video Guide.

Video Guide

Path of Building

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Path of Building:

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  • The Lightning Strike Champion is a great all-round build with strong defences. In its final form it can take on the toughest challenges in the game with ease. 
  • The build rewards frequent upgrades with satisfying power jumps along the way. Balance out your elemental damage types for Trinity support and other various benefits such as Shocks, and Chills that buff damage and defence.
  • Perseverance is a core item that scales both offenses and defences for very little cost, making investing into defences very rewarding.
  • The build can fit an Inspired Learning at no passive skill cost granting a boost in mapping efficiency.
  • Once itemized properly this Champion is able to take on Simulacrum wave 30, 100% Delirium as well as all the Uber bosses with ease.


Written by Crouching_Tuna
Reviewed by Wudijo, Echohack.


Feb 18th 2023
Guide Updated for 3.20

Aug 22nd 2022
Spelling and grammar improvements