Explosive Trap Saboteur


Warning: Explosive Trap Saboteur is a High Budget Saboteur Build costing in excess of 50 Divine Orbs and requires you to have a leveled up Shadow already. If you are looking for a Starter Shadow Build check out our League Starter Build Guides or Twink Leveling guide to Level this build.

The Explosive Trap Saboteur Stacks many Traps to cause a series of explosions that deal massive damage in single target encounters.

It is a bossing specialist with enough clearing ability and survivability to map as well as boss. If you're looking for a hybrid boss capable character, then this is the build for you!

You can find the Changelog on Page 5.

Explosive Trap Gear

Build Rating


Skills & Showcase

Explosive Trap

Explosive Trap is your primary skill and is used to do the all of your damage and clearing in maps. This Trap releases a series of smaller explosions after the initial explosion, making it very important to obtain the Enchant on your The Devouring Diadem to massively increase your damage.


We use a combination of the Auras Determination, Grace, Herald of Ash and Defiance Banner to scale your damage and defence.


You use a Varity of utility to increase your damage for this build. Elemental Weakness and Cursed Ground Support to ensure instant application of your Curse on bosses during the pre-load of your Traps. Summon Skitterbots linked with Infernal Legion Support to make enemies "Burning" to obtain Critical Strike Multiplier from Explosives Expert. Lastly use Bear Trap to increase the damage Bosses take from your Trap Hits.


For movement abilities use Shield Charge linked with Faster Attacks Support to quickly run through maps and Flame Dash to make fast escapes.

Ascendancy Breakdown

Explosive Trap Saboteur Ascendancy

The Saboteur is your choice as it offers many boosts to Trap damage, helps mitigate Ailments and provide Regen and ensures you take less damage from nearby blinded enemies.

  • Born in the Shadows Blinds nearby enemies and provides damage reduction against Blinded enemies.
  • Pyromaniac is your main source of recovery, granting 10% Life Regeneration and Immunity to Ignite and Shock.
  • Perfect Crime grants additional damage for each Trap out. Make sure to lay all of your traps to take full advantage of this node!
  • Explosives Expert provides a huge boost in damage.