Skill Gems & Passive Tree

Here are the best Skill Gems & Passive Tree for the Corrupting Fever Champion build that includes the Skill Tree Progression for Leveling, Midgame and Endgame.

Skill Gems

Gems are a fundamental part of your build, and getting the correct link setups and levels before entering Maps is your main goal. This is how your Gems look throughout the different stages of progression.

Spells scale from levels, so make sure to level 3x Corrupting Fever and 3x Reap in your weapon swap for corrupting with a Vaal Orb at Level 20.

Corrupting Fever Skill Gem Progression

Early Game Gem Setup

Swap to the early mapping setup somewhere at or after the Blood Aqueducts in Act 9. From here on your main damage is a combination of Corrupting Fever and Reap. Make sure to pay attention to Life cost of Corrupting Fever and try to keep it right above 50% of your maximum so you can proc First to Strike, Last to Fall every 20 seconds.

Your Aura's at this stage are Herald of Purity, Pride and Malevolence. Link Kinetic Blast with Pierce Support, this allows KB pierces to release a small explosion, many smaller explosions are also created when linked with Greater Multiple Projectiles Support.

If you need to drop Gems early on because of socket pressure, drop Enduring Cry and Cast when Damage Taken Support while putting Molten Shell on Left Mouse Button.

Mid Game Gem Setup

After obtaining a The Poet's Pen, swap your skill gems to the Mid Game Gem setup. The Poet's Pen allows you to have only 1 button press to trigger the socketed Skills, adding a large amount of quality of life to the build. Your Body Armour only needs 5-Links now, as the last link would increase the Life cost of Corrupting Fever too much.

End Game Gem Setup

At this point in the build your gearing should be starting to finalize. Purchase from another Player or grind from Syndicate missions a T4 Vorichi in the research branch to switch a random number of sockets into White. This allows you to easily swap your Kinetic Blast setup to a Frenzy and Maim Support setup which allows you to obtain Frenzy Charges on bosses while also causing them to take 10% increased Physical Damage from being Maimed.

The next big upgrade is to purchase an Empower Support at Level 4 to put in your Body Armour and a Anomalous Kinetic Blast giving you an additional 2 Pierce. Your Auras change to include a Tempest Shield at the cost of your Herald of Purity. This is because you obtain such a valuable amount of Spell Block, and your gear is good enough to give a bit of damage up for that.

Skill Tree Progression

Corrupting Fever End Game Skill Trees

Leveling to Early/Mid Game Tree Swap should be performed as soon as you are able to transition to the full Corrupting Fever setup in Act 9. Remove the extra points on your tree used for the melee portion of leveling and re-allocate them according to the tree above.

Transition To Endgame Tree should ONLY be completed after Milestone 5 of the Endgame Gearing section.

Corrupting Fever Champion
Socketed Cluster Jewel Example

Large Stat Nodes can and should be picked up as you need them to level up your Skill Gems or equip gear, the final endgame tree accounts for them so don't be afraid to spend a couple Passive Points picking up +30 intelligence or dexterity while progressing.

Cluster Jewel Sockets on the edge of the Passive Tree should only be allocated after you have acquired the Jewels to socket within them. After socketing clusters ensure you allocate all points needed to fully unlock all Jewel sockets and relevant notable Passive Nodes.