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Path of Building

For POBs see the link below:

  • Leveling + Early Game -
  • Endgame -


  • Ruetoo's Corrupting Fever Champion is great for farming Currency or chasing uniques like Headhunter and Mageblood.
  • Budget friendly, easy play style, explosions and survival. What more could you want?
  • Super fast map blaster that can become strong enough to tackle endgame bosses
  • Kinetic Blast playstyle with built in explosions


My Build Guide Video for Corrupting Fever Champion


Written by Tripolarbear
Reviewed by Facefoot


Nov 16th 2022
Build created for 3.20

Dec 14th 2022
Changed the Skill Gems, Gear sets, Milestones and POB's to the Poet's Pen setup for higher QOL.