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Last Updated: August 25th 2023

Crucible 3.21

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Corrupting Fever Gladiator Leveling, Campaign Walkthrough and Pantheon. 3.22 League Starter Leveling Guide

Tyty Tips & Tricks

  • Your weapon is your most important upgrade. Always keep your Two-Handed weapon up to date within ~7 levels of your character. A good weapon will have both % Physical Damage or Flat Damage, but usually you will settle for just one. Here is an example of a good Weapon at Level 23: Double Axe.
  • When deciding between two weapons to use for your build, you may hover your mouse over your main skill gem to see which of two weapon choices provides the highest DPS.
  • Besides picking up an Axe and identifying it, our primary way of getting a weapon is from using an Essence that adds Flat Damage on Two-Handed Weapons, regardless if it is Physical, Fire, Cold or Lightning Damage.
  • When an Essence is not available, use the Rustic Sash Vendor Recipe. When you sell a Rare Rustic Sash with a Blacksmith's Whetstone and a Weapon, the Recipe produces a % Physical Damage weapon back. You may then use an Orb of Augmentation and pray that you land Attack Speed, a Resistance or a different (hopefully useful) stat.
  • Later on, you will be swapping to a wand setup using Corrupting Fever, Kinetic Blast, and a self cast Reap. You need to either buy Vaal Reap from the trade website, or run Vaal Side Areas once the Zone Level you are currently in is Level 27 or above (Vaal Side Areas are always +1 level of the zone you are currently in). These zones will be marked on your minimap with a red portal, and are not mandatory for the storyline.
  • Using the Aura Determination is an amazing defensive layer, if you're struggling to survive feel free to use this earlier than recommended.
  • Take First to Strike, Last to Fall in Normal Labyrinth to gain one of the most broken ascendancy points in the game: Permanent Intimidate and an easy way to maintain Adrenaline. Intimidate increases the Attack Damage that monsters take by 10%, and Adrenaline grants 100% Increased Damage, 25% Attack, Cast, & Movement speed, and 10% additional Physical Damage Reduction. Intimidate will always be up, but Adrenaline is the important one to maintain
  • You will maintain your Adrenaline buff by using Corrupting Fever every 20 seconds. This part is extremely important, so make sure to always have Adrenaline up. Although the gem uses life to cast, link it to Lifetap Support to give the gem a 300% cost multiplier.
  • Take Unstoppable Hero in Cruel Labyrinth to gain 20% increased Attack Speed, 500 Armour & Evasion Rating, and Cannot be Stunned while Fortified. You do not have a way to gain Fortify until the Merciless Labyrinth, so delay running the 2nd lab until you can complete the 3rd.
  • Take Fortitude in Merciless Labyrinth to gain 20 Fortification. This provides 20% less damage taken from hits, an absolutely broken node. Additionally, it enables your Cruel Labyrinth node Unstoppable Hero to actually function.

Passive Tree

Beginner players should follow Enki's Campaign Progression guide.

Open in Fullscreen in another tab :3

Full Gem List

Gem Slider Progression for CF
  • Using Spectral Throw is relatively new tech. If you remember the last time this skill was meta, you are either too old to be reading a guide, or you enjoy studying.
  • When it comes to socket pressure, this build is intense. There are numerous gem setups, all of which are beneficial. In an ideal world, you are able to use all gems - but we do not live in such a world. As such:
  • Herald of Ash > Herald of Purity > War Banner > Precision
  • Leap Slam + Faster Attacks Support > Frostblink
  • Blood Rage > Poacher's Mark
  • Corrupting Fever is mostly used on Boss monsters at first. Later on, you will use this gem to proc your Adrenaline buff from First to Strike, Last to Fall
Gem NameWhich Act & Vendor Cost
Double StrikeAct 1 BeachFree from the Tutorial
Chance to Bleed SupportAct 1 BeachFree from the Tutorial
Spectral ThrowAct 1 NessaScroll of Wisdom x1
Volley SupportAct 1 NessaFree after completing Mercy Mission
War BannerAct 1 TarkleighFree after completing Breaking Some Eggs
DashAct 1 TarkleighFree after completing Breaking Some Eggs
Ancestral ProtectorAct 1 NessaScroll of Wisdom x1
FrostblinkAct 1 NessaScroll of Wisdom x1
Faster Attacks SupportAct 1 NessaFree after entering The Prison
Buy another for Orb of Transmutation x1
Leap SlamAct 1 Tarkleigh Free after completing The Caged Brute
PrecisionAct 1 NessaOrb of Transmutation x1
Herald of AshAct 2 GreustFree after Intruders in Black
Herald of PurityAct 2 YeenaOrb of Alteration x1
Blood RageAct 2 YeenaOrb of Alteration x1
Poacher's MarkAct 2 YeenaOrb of Alteration x1
Corrupting FeverAct 2 YeenaOrb of Alteration x1
Cruelty SupportAct 2 SilkFree after Sharp and Cruel
Lifetap SupportAct 1 NessaOrb of Transmutation x1
VulnerabilityAct 3 MaramoaFree after Lost in Love
DeterminationAct 3 ClarissaOrb of Alteration x1
Literally every other gem (too many to list) - Level up ReapAct 6 LillyFree after Sever the Right Hand

Mapping Preparation

You're done with the Campaign and are ready to take on the Path of Exile Endgame. Priority #1 is to ensure your Elemental Resistances are capped (75%) and you have sufficient Attributes to continue leveling your Skill Gems. Use Essences you have gathered on any items that are not Magic or Rare already. Items with an open modifier slot can be crafted on. Head to the Crafting Bench and craft Life and Resistances wherever possible according to what you need.

After completing the campaign the first step is to progress through the Atlas following our Atlas Progression Guide. Focus on the mechanics listed below depending on what level of content your character can complete QUICKLY. If you're struggling in higher tier content it is always recommended to step back and farm up more Currency and Gear in the previous tier. Clicking the League Mechanics below for an Explanation Guide or a detailed Currency Farming Guide based around maximizing profits from that mechanic.

Map Modifiers

Copy and Paste everything RED: "% ma|f ph|gen|s rec|re he|non|uct|fs|o bl|poss" into the search bar of your Stash tab after rolling all of your Maps for your session. This highlights ALL maps that need to be re-rolled because of the bad modifiers bellow. Press Space + Shift while using Awakened Trade Macro to Save your Regexes and name them for future use and use to create your own Regexes. Otherwise, avoid the following modifiers:

  • Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield
  • -#% maximum Player Resistances
  • Players have #% reduced effect of Non-Curse Auras from Skills
  • Monsters reflect #% of Physical Damage
  • Buffs Expire 80% faster
  • Players have #% less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield
  • Monsters are Hexproof
  • Unique Bosses are Possessed
  • +#% Monster Physical Damage Reduction
  • Monsters have a #% chance to avoid Poison, Impale, and Bleeding


Corrupting Fever Pantheon

For information on the Pantheon read our Pantheon Guide!

For Major Pantheon, select Brine King to gain Immunity to Freeze and Reduction of Chill Effect. This bonus is not baseline and needs to be acquired with a Divine Vessel.

For Minor Pantheon, select Abberath and upgrade it. This gives you 60% less duration of Ignites on you and immunity to the annoying burning ground effect that spawns with Red Altar farming.

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