Build Info & Scaling

Learn about the playstyle and how to increase damage and defense with your stats and gear for the Corrupting Fever Champion Build.


When playing as the Corrupting Fever Champion you aim and click your Kinetic Blast into large monster packs applying the Corrupted Blood debuff and applying a separate bleed which triggers your Haemophilia on kill explosions. Every 20 seconds reactivate Corrupting Fever to take your Life down below 50%, triggering First to Strike, Last to Fall giving Adrenaline.


When mapping as the Corrupting Fever Champion apply your Corrupted Blood to enemies with Kinetic Blast and then quickly Shield Charge to the next pack of monsters. For stronger enemies use Reap to quickly dispatch them.


For Pinnacle Bosses use a Storm Brand to easily apply your Corrupted Blood stacks and use Frenzy instead of Kinetic Blast to gain Frenzy Charges. Make sure to use Reap and keep up your Blood Charge stacks to deal maximum damage.

Build Scaling


Corrupting Fever and Reap are Physical damage over time Skill Gems. Your offensive scaling focuses on increasing these as high as possible with the following, primary stats:

  • Increased Physical damage AND damage over time
  • Increased Physical/damage over time multiplier
  • More damage (Frenzy Charges)
  • Auras and increased Aura Effect (Pride, Herald of Purity, Malevolence and War Banner)
  • Vulnerability causing increased physical damage taken

These damage multipliers are scarce on the Passive Skill Tree so you mainly rely on Jewels and Cluster Jewels to increase for damage.


The Champion is the most defensive ascendency in POE. Scale your defences further by obtaining the following:

  • Armor and Evasion from Gear, rolled Flasks, and the Passive Skill Tree
  • Capped Elemental Resistances at 75%, eventually getting 79% maximum Elemental Resistances
  • Shock and Freeze immunity, with 60% reduced Ignite duration on you
  • Stun Immunity from Unstoppable Hero
  • 6 Endurance Charges
  • 20 stacks of Fortification from Fortitude
  • Corrupted Blood Immunity from a rare Jewel Implicit
  • Life Regeneration from Vitality
  • Physical damage Leeched as Life from a Glorious Vanity
  • 85% Chaos Resistance and 50% of Elemental damage taken as Chaos damage from from your Glorious Vanity
  • 66% Spell Block Chance

These defenses grant solid mitigation, avoidance and recovery, but the single best thing you can do to survive in POE will always be: Not standing still!