Caustic Arrow Poison Ballista Trickster


Gear Overview

The Caustic Arrow Ballista Trickster is a great all around League starter. It kills bosses with tons of Poison Stacks and clears entire screens of monsters with its huge amount of overlapping projectiles!

This build abuses a clever combination of Unique Items to get huge damage bonuses.

For mid to late game, this build requires you to get certain Uniques, making it sub-optimal for players who don't want to trade or are new to the game!

Strengths and Weaknesses


Skills Breakdown

Caustic Arrow Ballista

Caustic Arrow is a ranged Bow attack that has an initial hit which triggers area damage, followed by spreading Caustic Ground. In this build, you are focusing on the hit portion, which allows you to Poison enemies.
What makes this skill special is that it can overlap several times when stacking "additional projectiles", giving it great bossing and clear potential. You do NOT scale the secondary Caustic Ground effect, since it cannot stack or poison enemies and has therefore mediocre damage potential.

Caustic Arrow + Mirage Archer

This second Caustic Arrow setup is linked with Mirage Archer Support. Whenever you attack, you summon a spectral copy of yourself that shoots automatically for 4 seconds. This basically serves as another "Ballista", all you have to do is attack once every so often.


Your two Auras compensate for some shortcomings:
1) Grace gives a chance to avoid enemy attacks outright, granting great defensive capabilites against enemy attacks.
2) Purity of Elements grants immunity to Elemental Ailments. It also gives extra Elemental Resistances, allowing you to cap them at 75%, without needing expensive gear.


Frenzy is a ranged attack that gives you Frenzy Charges. This stacking buff provides more damage and increased attack speed.

Blink Arrow

Blink Arrow is the primary Movement Skill of choice.

Withering Step

Withering Step is a Movement Skill that allows you to Wither nearby enemies. This increases the Chaos Damage they take, enhancing your Poison Damage. It also grants the Elusive buff for a short duration, granting extra Movement Speed and chance to avoid incoming hits!
Put this skill on your left-mouse button (run), so it automatically activates whenever the cooldown is up!

Enduring Cry

Enduring Cry allows you to gain Endurance Charges, which grant strong Physical Damage Reduction and Elemental Resistances. Since you have Swift Killer, these Charges are always up, boosting your defenses massively.


Curses are strong debuffs that vastly increase the damage enemies take!
Despair reduces enemies Chaos Resistance, making it especially effective against highly resistant enemies. Temporal Chains slows down enemies and significantly increases the duration of Poisons on them.

Ascendancy Breakdown


The Trickster is an easy choice for Caustic Arrow as it offers incredible boosts to damage, Life Recovery and Defensive Capabilities.

  • One Step Ahead increases your Movement and Attack Speed, while making enemies around you slower. It also protects you from certain slowing effects!
  • Polymath is one of the strongest Ascendancies currently available in PoE. It provides damage on top of Life, Mana and Energy Shield Recovery. Can't ask for more!
  • Heartstopper is a versatile defensive boost. It's a little random but also extremely powerful whenever it works in your favor!
  • Swift Killer gives you extra Frenzy scaling and increases the Duration of your Charges, making it easier to keep them up at all times!

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