Skill Gems & Passive Tree

Skill Gems

Gems are a fundamental part of your build. Getting the correct link setups before entering Maps and leveling those Gems as you progress through the Atlas is one of your main goals.

If you don't have enough Sockets, simply remove Maim Support, Multiple Totems Support and Frostblink in that order. If you remove Multiple Totems Support you can only use the Vaal Ancestral Warchief with Ancestral Protector. When you get enough sockets make sure to re-add those in!

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Bone Zone Setup

Boneshatter is our main damage ability. Link Melee Physical Damage Support,Ruthless Support and Brutality Support for pure damage. Fortify Support gives Fortification stacks which are a temporary buff that stacks up to 20 times and gives 1% less damage taken per stack. Close Combat Support gives more Melee Damage to close enemies and 20% more Attack Speed to Travel Skills Not Supported by Close Combat, making this great for early map blasting.

Once you obtain a good Mace, swap Close Combat Support for Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support to Stun monsters easier and generate Endurance Charges when you stun.

Utility and Movement

Using Berserk drains your Rage to provide a temporary boost in Damage, Attack and Movement Speed and Character Size. Use it anytime you have Rage while mapping, making sure to save at least 20 Rage for the boss. Ancestral Cry gives you extra Armour and copies your Attack to Additional Enemies. Blood Rage is a temporary buff providing Attack Speed, Leech and Frenzy Charges on Kill.

Your primary movement ability is Leap Slam linked with Faster Attacks Support to make your leaps quicker and Lifetap Support to make them cost Life instead of Mana. The secondary movement ability is Frostblink to provide Instant movement and to leave Chilling ground on bosses.

Ancestral Totems

Ancestral Protector and Ancestral Warchief are to be put down on tough enemies. Make sure to use them before starting a boss fight, as they provide a lot of more Melee Damage and more Attack Speed. Link Maim Support and Multiple Totems Support to these totems to deal increased Physical Damage against targets they maim and to be able to put both down, simultaneously.

Utility and Auras

Use Determination to mitigate Physical Damage. War Banner makes nearby enemies take increased Physical Damage gives Accuracy, and will gain stages up to 50 for every kill. Press War Banner on high HP monsters to release it's stages and give you a huge damage boost. Pride makes Nearby Enemies take more Physical Damage.


Link Molten Shell and Warlord's Mark to a Level 1 Cast when Damage Taken Support to have them proc off your Trauma damage all the time.

Additional Utility

After you swap to the Mid Game tree using Precise Technique, make sure to use Precision linked with Arrogance Support. This makes your Aura cost Life to reserve instead of Mana, but it's only a small amount. We need more Accuracy than Life for Precise Technique, so don't forget this!

Endgame Gems

The Endgame Gems are Awakened and Alternate Quality versions. They are explained in Anomalous Gems Endgame Milestones. Most are just damage and Armour upgrades of the original versions.

Skill Tree Progression

OPEN IN NEW TAB - Boneshatter Slayer Passive Tree's

Precise Technique

Precise Technique is a Keystone that provides 40% More Damage if your Accuracy is higher than your Life at the cost of not being able to Critical Strike. This is a great trade since investing into Critical Strike Chance is too difficult early on, but picking up Accuracy on gear is easy. Before swapping to Maces make sure to have T2+ Accuracy rolls on 3 pieces of gear and to make sure your total Accuracy is higher than your Life. The easiest way to obtain this is Harvest Reforge Attack on Rings, Gloves, Helmets and Amulets.