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Learn about recommended farming content, resources, farming strategy, Path of Building (PoB), Video Guide & Summary for the Boneshatter Slayer Build.

First step is to progress through the Atlas following our Atlas Progression Guide. As a mapping focused character, you should focus gearing your character with strong pieces to prepare yourself to tackle non-Uber bosses and Red Maps. If you're struggling in higher tier content, go a step back and farm up more Currency and Gear. The endgame section below will take you to a detailed Farming Guide based around maximizing your profits from that mechanic or content.

Video Guide

Path of Buildings

IMPORTANT! The POB's have multiple Trees, Gear and Gem sets. Make sure to swap ALL.

You NEED the community fork of POB for these to work!

Leveling and Early Game -

Mid Game -

End Game -


Boneshatter Slayer is an easy to setup build and is SSF viable. Jump around, explode packs and have a blast. The gearing is simple and once you finish the End Game Milestones you're all set for completing any non-Uber content you'd want, and are a fully fledged member of the big bone(r) club.

Make sure to thank cArn_ for helping us get into the BoneZone.

If you have any questions, come ask them on my livestream

If you're looking for what to farm for more Currency, check out our Currency section!


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