3-Player Push META


In this article we will talk about the 3-Player Push most effective tactic available (META) to place high on the Leaderboards. It’s possible to clear the current Greater Rift cap of 150 in just a few minutes when fully optimized, even with only 3 players. Generally, these fast clear times require extreme dedication to fishing in order to get Rank 1. Check our Greater Rift Post for more in-depth mechanics and the current top clears with all the individual character compositions for every Season on our rankings page.

General Strategy

In an effective 3-Player group META, every party member has a defined role with different tasks. Here is an overview of the 4 roles usually played and tasks each role is best at:

PositionBuilds  Task
Trash KillerSpirit Barrage WD, LoD Grim Scythe Necromancer,
Twister Wiz, Firebird Wiz
This position usually requires a build with good Area of Effect (AoE) damage like Bone Spear, Spirit Barrage or Energy Twister and huge temporary buffs like Arcane Attunement, Spellsteal, Assimilation etc. The main task is executing the damage rotation properly in order to kill trash monsters (and maybe even Elites) to progress through the Rift. Nowadays, these builds are so powerful that they can kill the Rift Guardian as well by just equipping Bane of the Stricken.
Support#1zBarb, zNec, zDH, zMonkThe main Support role requires good pull abilities, good overall damage & toughness boost. The main task here is to pull monsters tightly together (Area Damage value) for the Trash Killer, drag Elite packs along, scout the map and keep up damage & toughness buffs.



Rift Guardian Killer
zMonk, zNec, zDH

Firebird Wizard
The second Support usually provides even more toughness and damage buffs to the group. The main task here is often very simple: Keep up all buffs while sticking close to the damage dealer. Sometimes second Support also helps to scout the map and engage enemies.

The RGK requires a build that revolves around high single-target damage, often combined with fast attack speed skills to stack Bane of the Stricken.

The most played Supports used to be a zBarb and a zMonk because combined they had the strongest buffs in terms of damage increase and reduction. With the addition of Odyssey's End however, the zDH has risen above the zMonk with tremendous damage buffs!
In the past we had 3-Player-METAs with double Support setups, but with the significant nerf to Masquerade of the Burning Carnival, the Bone Spear Necromancer has lost around 10 Greater Rift Tiers in terms of damage and cant be played with 2 supports anymore.
The introduction of Ethereal Items in Season 24 brings back a powerful build: the Mundunugu Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor. On top of the crazy scaling of The Barber, this build gains a tremendous power boost from Arioc's Needle. However, the build is not great at boss killing at the start of a Season, so we have to add a Boss Killer and do not play a double Support setup:

The Current META (2.7.1) - Mundunugu Spirit Barrage & Firebird Wizard

Ethereal Items are insanely powerful and impact almost every build in the game. The already strong Mundunugu's Regalia Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor gets one of the strongest buffs with a 200% damage bonus to all Decay Skills from the Arioc's Needle. The Firebird's Finery Mirror Image Wizard is already the strongest RGK in the game, and it gets even stronger with the new Wizardspike.

At a decent Paragon Level (2,000+), there is no build that beats the Mundunugu's Regalia Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor! With an extremely well executed Pixelpull by the zBarb, the Witch Doctor will be able to one shot Elites even on Greater Rift 150, which is something the other contenders cannot do. For example, the first Grim Scythe of a LoD Necromancer will kill all the small mobs, and the remaining Elites will receive way less damage from the loss of Area Damage. We add a zBarb to the Witch Doctor setup for the insane pulling that makes the one-shots possible in the first place. The Rift Guardian and possible leftover Elites will be killed by a Firebird's Finery Wizard that also gets an insane buff from the new Wizardspike.

The zBarb pulls as many monsters as possible together while providing damage and toughness buffs to the Witch Doctor. The Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor kills the pulls created by the zBarb with insane accumulated damage from The Barber. The Firebird Wizard can help pull and snipe some elites in the Rift and finishes the RG in at the end. An Archon variant can also be played at decent Paragon to melt the RG in seconds!

Double Support zDH Alternative
We drop the Firebird Wizard and add a zDH to the group that provides more offensive and defensive buffs. At very high Paragon (5,000+) it will be possible to one-shot the Rift Guardian (RG) with the Mundunugu's Regalia Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor again! That is done by using Arioc's Needle with a Power Pylon together with a dense pull to accumulate enough damage with The Barber in combination with the zBarb buffs to finish the Guardian instantly with the last 2 Spirit Barrage explosions from the final trash pop. This is very hard to do and requires all the damage buffs from the zDH and an insane pull to work!

Trash Killer Alternative Necromancer
We switch the Witch Doctor for a LoD Grim Scythe Necromancer that can destroy Trash that is pulled and controlled by the zBarb with just one swing. Even Elites can die instantly in very dense Pixelpulls. On top of that, the Necromancer has good toughness, which makes it relatively easy for the Witch Doctor to survive without a zMonk and provides all 3 curses. During Season 24 this Necromancer also gets a very nice buff with Soul Harvest further buffing its damage. The zBarb does not need Grim Harvest anymore and can switch back to Falter.
The Necromancer curses the monsters to gain the Spreading Malediction damage buff. Once every monster is grouped up (preferably on top of Elites) the Necromancer refreshes all his Poison skills for Nayr's Black Death. He then attacks with Grim Scythe on the edge of the pull to create an Oculus Ring. After moving into the damage circle, he swings into the center of the pull, together with his Simulacrum Blood and Bone to deal devastating damage. Ideally this is timed with the Convention of Elements Poison rotation for an insane burst.
The team members communicate with each other to pixel and stun the enemies on Poison with Ground Stomp Wrenching Smash to gain the full Krysbin's Sentence damage multiplier.

Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor
Support zBarb
Firebird RGK
Firebird RGK




Support#2 zDH Alternative
zBarb double Support
zBarb double Support
Necromancer Trash Killer - WD Alternative



Alternative META - Pure Firebird Wizard DPS

The Firebird's Finery Mirror Image Wizard does not scale with Area Damage, but has the highest base damage in the entire game. It can shred through Trash Monsters and Elites alike and kill the Rift Guardian with ease. During Season 24 this build's damage is further enhanced by the incredible 300% multiplier on Mang Song's Lesson. As the Firebird's Finery (6) Bonus does not scale with Attack Speed, the high base damage on this weapon is an insane boost to the Ignite procs. Additionally, the up to +50% damage increased damage against Undead helps out on a lot of monster-sets and Elites, as well as Crusader King and Bone Warlock.
The Wizard is supported by a zBarb pulling Elites and grouping monsters together so that the images can hit many targets at once. On top of that, the Barb provides Ignore Pain Mob Rule, so the Wizard won't have to care about Crowd Control Effects interrupting their Disintegrate channel. Additional offensive and defensive buffs are provided by the zDH.

Firebird DPS
Firebird DPS
Support#1 zBarb
Support#2 zDH



Most players will rank with 1 Trash Killer, 1 Boss Killer and 1 zBarb. Overall, the current Season Theme has a very big impact on the group META. Ethereals are an awesome, super nostalgic feature that shakes up the endgame for both solo- and group play. Enjoy S24 and good luck on your Leaderboard rank, May RNGesus be with you!
META report by Rob