2-Player Push META


In this article we will talk about the 2-Player Push most effective tactic available (META) to place high on the Leaderboards. It’s possible to clear the current Greater Rift cap of 150 in just a few minutes when fully optimized, even with only 2 players. Generally these fast clear times require extreme dedication to fishing in order to get Rank 1. Check our Greater Rift Post for more in-depth mechanics and the current top clears with all the individual character compositions for every Season on our rankings page.

General Strategy

In an effective 2-Player group META, every party member has a defined role with different tasks. Here is an overview of the 4 roles usually played and tasks each role is best at:

PositionBuilds  Task
Damage DealerBone Spear Necro, Firebird Wizard, Spirit Barrage WD AoV CrusaderThis position usually requires a build with good Area of Effect (AoE) damage like Death Nova and huge temporary buffs like Arcane Attunement, Spellsteal, Assimilation etc. The main task is executing the damage rotation properly in order to kill trash monsters (and maybe even Elites) to progress through the Rift. NThe build must also be powerful enough so that it can kill the Rift Guardian as well by just equipping Bane of the Stricken.
Support#1zBarb, zNec, zDH, zMonkThe main Support role requires good pull abilities, good overall damage & toughness boost. The main task here is to pull monsters tightly together for the Trash Killer (Area Damage value), drag Elite packs along, scout the map and keep up damage & toughness buffs.

In the 2-Player META, we almost never played with 2 damage dealers in the past. The only time it was actually good was with the old Furious Charge Barbarian that dragged monsters along while damaging them with Vile Ward. The Rift Guardian was killed by a Elemental Arrow Ball Lightning Demon Hunter.
Nowadays, people always play the classic way: 1 Damage Dealer and 1 Support. You can check out the top clears with all the individual character compositions for every season on our rankings page.

The Current META (2.7.0) - Firebird Wizard

With the significant nerf to Masquerade of the Burning Carnival, the Bone Spear Necromancer has lost around 10 Greater Rift Tiers in terms of damage. But with the introduction of Ethereal Items in Season 24 the already strong Firebird's Finery Mirror Image Wizard gets even more damage and can also kill the Rift Guardian with ease using Wizardspike.

The Firebird's Finery Mirror Image Wizard does not scale with Area Damage, but has the highest base damage in the entire game. It can shred through Trash Monsters and Elites alike and kill the Rift Guardian with ease. This effect is further enhanced by the Wizardspike's special power. The Wizard is supported by a zBarb pulling Elites and grouping monsters together so that the images can hit many targets at once. On top of that, the Barb provides Ignore Pain Mob Rule, so the Wizard won't have to care about Crowd Control Effects interrupting their Disintegrate channel. With Doombringer on the zBarb the incoming damage is further reduced.

The zBarb pulls as many monsters as possible together while providing damage and toughness buffs to the Wizard. The players communicate and synchronize Ground Stomp Wrenching Smash with the Wizard's Fire Convention of Elements rotation for tremendous damage. While the Wizard does not benefit from Area Damage, Spectral Blade Flame Blades has a very small area of effect, so the pixelpull still helps a lot!

Setup with a Witch Doctor instead of Wizard
At very high Paragon (5,000+) it will be even possible to one-shot the Rift Guardian (RG) with the Mundunugu's Regalia Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor again. That is done by using Arioc's Needle with a Power Pylon together with a dense pull to accumulate enough damage with The Barber in combination with the zBarb buffs to finish the Guardian instantly with the last 2 Spirit Barrage explosions. This is very hard to do and requires an insane pull to work in Greater Rift 150 during Season 24.

Setup with a LoD WoL Monk instead of Wizard
As the strongest Solo Build for Season 24 with the Rabid Strike buff you can of course play the Legacy of Dreams Wave of Light Monk in a 2-player META. It doesn't scale as good as the Wizard with a zBarb but still is decent with the Area Damage value of pixelpulls and very good single target damage with Kyoshiro's Blade.

Setup with a Support Monk instead of zBarb
Early on in the Season at low Paragon levels (below 4.000) playing with a Support Monk can be a viable alternative to the zBarb. The zMonk provides a lot of additional toughness for the Mirror Images and gives incredible shield bonuses for the Wizard to keep up Squirt's Necklace and deal a tremendous amount of damage! In this setup the Wizard plays Bastions of Will and Squirt's Necklace.


The Witch Doctor Guardian one-shots will be very hard to do, and most players will push the leaderboards with the Firebird Wizard. Overall, the current Season Theme has a very big impact on the group META. Ethereals are an awesome, super nostalgic feature that shakes up the endgame for both solo- and group play.
Enjoy S24 and good luck on your Leaderboard rank, May RNGesus be with you!
META report by Rob