Important PvP Skills Guide


With the release of the new Ranked PvP Season, it can be quite daunting to jump straight into the matches. Before even being allowed to play in the Ranked playlist, you'll have to be eligible for Ranked (Tier 1 PvP Rating). Even after reaching Tier 1 Rating, PvP can still be quite challenging. Knowledge is half the battle, so please consider researching and getting comfortable with not only your class but others as well.

Below is a reference sheet of all the important Immunity/Crowd Control skills the current roster of classes possesses. It'll be mainly focused on 3v3 meta builds with some slight variations. The list also includes the type of CC the skill induces if you are hit by it. Once you get comfortable, go ahead and test your mettle in Ranked!

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of everything to look out for, just some general skills that deal with Immunity and what type of CC they apply.

How to Read the List

Tier 2 will include Tier 1 Immunity, etc.
Paralysis = Stagger/Lock Up/ "Why can't I move"/etc.

3 Sections in the list are Paralysis Immunity, Push Immunity and Hard Crowd Control (CC).

Tier 1

Paralysis Immunity = Hard Paralysis protected skills. If you look at a PvP tooltip of a skill (hover of the skill and hold L-ALT) and it has the term "Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity" it means it protects you against skills that apply Hard Paralysis in this list.
Note: Skills that induce Soft Paralysis in this list such as Gatling Gun can be countered by doing any "action" (Basic Attacking, casting any skills). While skills that induce Hard Paralysis in this list will require "Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity".
Note: All skills have Soft Paralysis Immunity, but not every skill has Hard Paralysis Immunity.
Note: Not every skill induces the same type of Paralysis when hitting opponents. Getting caught by any Paralysis inducing skill will result in the same state, but knowing the difference between them will allow you to counter it with the appropriate skill.
Tier 2
Push Immunity = Knock Up and Knock Down protection.
Tier 3
Full Immunity = Protected against everything except damage, even Hard Crowd Controls (CC).
Note: Hard Crowd Controls include Stuns, Fears, Freeze, etc.

If you want more info on the PvP systems please refer to General PvP Guide. Please refer to the PvP Builds for more info on the playstyle and meta builds of each class. Check out the PvP Tierlist as well, it gets constantly updated!


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Paralysis Immunity

Shoulder Charge

  • Main engage/mobility skill.
  • Has two dashes attached to it.
  • Applies Hard Paralysis.

Diving Slash

  • Another engage/mobility skill.
  • Has a quick animation.
  • Will Knock Down when connected.

Wind Blade

  • Another engage/mobility skill.
  • Slow startup animation without attack speed buffs.
  • Applies Hard Paralysis.

Push Immunity

Sword Storm

  • One of their main CC and Push Immunity skill.
  • Susceptible to Hard Crowd Control during animation.

Finish Strike

  • This skill has long Push Immunity frames if the Berserker decides to delay the combo inputs.
  • One of their main DPS skills.
  • Will Knock Down on both parts.
  • Berserker will be highly susceptible to Hard Crowd Control when using this skill.


  • Two part skill that does a Hard Paralysis effect then pulls you in at the end of animation, then Knock Up.
  • Animation of this skill can be delayed by the Berserker for a longer Push Immunity frame.

Full Immunity

Burst Mode

  • Start up animation on transformation will grant Full Immunity and Knock Up around the Berserker.
  • Bloody Rush skill grants Push Immunity (the stab animation). This will apply Hard Paralysis then Knock Down.

Hard Crowd Control

Mountain Crash

  • Close range CC ability.
  • Leaves behind a slowing field if it has Earth Impact.
  • Will usually be used on wakeup or after engaging if you are close enough.

Sword Storm

  • Has Push Immunity.
  • CC in a cone in front of the Berserker.

Martial Artist

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Paralysis Immunity

Lightning Kick

  • Mobility/Engage skill.
  • Applies Hard Paralysis.

Storm Dragon Awakening

  • Mobility/Engage skill.
  • Immunity on 3rd kick that also applies Knock Up.

Sleeping Ascent Celebration

  • Another mobility/engage skill.
  • Applies Hard Paralysis during slide.
  • Has a quick Knock Up at the end.

Swift Wind Kick

  • Main combo extender ability with a Knock Up.

Phoenix Advent

  • One of their main engages/movement ability
  • Can have a Freeze Effect or Knock Up effect.

Push Immunity

Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike

  • One of their main engages/mobility skill.
  • Has 2 parts, Knock Down on contact.

Hard Crowd Control

Phoenix Advent

  • If taken with Freeze Effect.

Berserk Circle

  • Short ranged CC.


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Paralysis Immunity

Bullet Rain

  • Soft Paralysis
  • A mobility/catch/combo extender.

Shotgun Rapid Fire

  • A quick shotgun DPS skill, mainly used for combo extenders.
  • Applies Hard Paralysis.
  • Dual Buckshot and Sharpshooter are other shotgun options that fill the same role.

Perfect Shot

  • Immunity on channel, can be fake casted.
  • Knock Up on hit.

Push Immunity

Quick Step

  • Main engage skill.
  • Can be specced for an additional frame Phantom Shot.
  • Applies Hard Paralysis.

Somersault Shot

  • Mobility/Catch/Combo extender skill.
  • Applies Hard Paralysis.

Death Fire

  • Catch/Mobility skill.
  • Only Push Immunity during spin, Paralysis Immunity during the flip.
  • Applies Soft Paralysis on bullets.
  • Leaves behind a Knock Up field on flip.


  • DPS skill.
  • Knock Up.

Hard Crowd Control

AT02 Grenade

  • Quick CC nade.

Focused Shot

  • Can be specced with a Stun Flash.


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Paralysis Immunity


  • Main DPS skill
  • Applies Soft Paralysis.


  • Mobility skill that slows opponents.

Push Immunity

Rhapsody of Light

  • Protection skill for teammates.
  • Applies Hard Paralysis in intervals.

Sonic Vibration

  • AoE Knock Up and Knock Down on 2nd part.

Rhythm Buckshot

  • Knock Down skill.

Guardian Tune

  • Team buff skill that provides a Hard Crowd Control Immunity buff (1 time).

Identity (Z/X)

  • On cast of either one, grants a frame of Push Immunity.

Hard Crowd Control

Prelude of Storm

  • Line CC.


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Paralysis Immunity

Demonic Slash

  • Mobility skill.
  • Has 2 dashes.
  • Applies Hard Paralysis.

Sharpened Cut

  • Mobility/Engage skill.
  • Applies Hard Paralysis.

Demonic Clone

  • DPS Skill.
  • Applies Hard Paralysis on slams into Knock Up

Rising Claw

  • Knock Up.

Demon Form

  • Full Paralysis Immunity in the duration.

Full Immunity

Identity (Z)

  • During transformation animation, gain immunity for a split second (similar to Berserker).
  • Unlike Bersekers however, they have another frame of immunity during detransformation.

Hard Crowd Control

Demon Vision

  • Line CC.


  • Knowledge is half the battle, get comfortable with every meta builds.
  • Please refer to the guides presented in the Introduction for more info.


Written by Starlast
Reviewed by Perciculum