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Welcome to the Class Overview article! Here we provide a brief summary of all the classes available on the EU/NA servers. Each class is broken down into its sub-classes, including an overview going over the identity, playstyle, leveling speed and role each class plays in a group. Learn about their strengths and weaknesses so you can decide which class is right for you.

Disclaimer: The leveling speed shouldn't be the deciding factor for your class of choice. The average player needs about 15 hours to reach level 50 and unlock the end game content. Once you reach that point, the leveling speed of a class won't matter anymore for the rest of your journey in the world of Arkesia.


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Deathblades have an Identity Gauge called Death Orb Meter that is charged by using any of his skills and is separated into 3 Death Orbs. You can enter Death Trance as long as 1 Death Orb is filled, immediately reducing the Cooldowns of all your skills and gaining access to a new big damage skill Burst.


Deathblades have two viable Raid builds centered around each of their Class Engravings, Remaining Energy and Burst. Burst gives the Deathblade the ability to build up to 20 buff stacks and converts Burst to Zero, dealing full damage regardless of the amount of Death Orbs. Remaining Energy grants Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and increased Damage depending on how many Death Orbs are filled when using Burst.

Deathblade's skill Spincutter applies a debuff to the target, which increases the Back Attack damage dealt to the target.

In PvP, the Deathblade revolves around quick catches with their dashes and crowd control. Her quickness and strong protection skills allow her to climb high in the 3v3 tier list, making her an excellent choice for players to get into PvP.

The Deathblade has big Area of Effect (AoE) skills with high damage to cut through big mob groups quickly. She also has good mobility to make the leveling process a breeze.

PvE Pros & Cons

✔ Highly Mobile
✔ Team Synergy Buff
✔ Low Skill Cooldowns

❌ Requires Back Attack
❌ Punishing if Skills Miss
❌ Some Long Skill Cast Times

For more details, check out the Surge and Remaining Energy Raid Guides!

PvP Pros & Cons

✔ High Mobility
✔ High Damage
✔ Good Crowd Control
✔ High Push Immunity

❌ Somewhat Squishy
❌ DPS Skills High Cooldowns
❌ Could Struggle into Ranged

For more details, check out the Deathblade PvP Guide!


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Sharpshooter is not a fully ranged character as you might otherwise believe. Both Class Engravings revolve around building Sharpshooter's Identity Gauge called Hawk Meter. In addition, some skills have tripods which boost the amount of Identity gained on hit. When your Hawk Meter is full, you can activate Summon Silverhawk to gain access to Wings of Storm and Last Rush.


Sharpshooters have two Class Engravings available to them, Death Strike and Loyal Companion, but the playstyle remains the same regardless of how you use them. Sharpshooters can choose to use either Class Engraving or both Class Engravings at the same time.

Sharpshooters suffer from low Stagger and Part Break, so they don't contribute too much to the party besides damage. Two of their biggest hitting skills, Snipe and Charged Shot require them to stand in place. Against immobile bosses, this isn't a problem, but you have to be careful against active bosses.

In PvP, the Sharpshooter plays more like a hit-and-run assassin. His meta-defining build plays off Stealth. With Stealth, he can serve as a ranged initiator and a huge nuisance to their back line. His damage is quite high and is an excellent choice for someone looking to play as a ranged assassin. With proper positioning and good aim, this class can be devastating in battle.

The Sharpshooter class has skills with low Cooldown and quick animations. His high mobility helps in avoiding hits and dealing consistent damage to enemies during the leveling phase. Clearing speed might be slightly slower compared to other classes but the Sharpshooter can certainly get the job done.

PvE Pros & Cons

✔ Burst DPS
✔ High Crit Rate Tripods
✔ DPS From Any Position

❌ Low Stagger
❌ Low Part Break
❌ Animation Locked DPS

For more details, check out the Sharpshooter Raid Guide!

PvP Pros & Cons

✔ Stealth
✔ Good Peels
✔ Good Mobility
✔ Good Push Immunity

❌ Squishy
❌ RNG Damage
❌ High CDs on DPS Skills
❌ Requires Good Positioning

For more details, check out the Sharpshooter PvP Guide!


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Bards have an Identity Gauge called Serenade Meter that charges by using skills and hitting bosses. Generally Bards use their skills to provide various buffs and effects to the party while building their Serenade Meter. When it's filled up, you can spend them to play one of two songs, Serenade of Courage for a large Attack buff, or Serenade of Salvation to heal the party.


The Bard is one of two support classes in Lost Ark, and one of the most wanted classes in any Raid. The harder the content, the more important Bards are. You need to understand the abilities of your teammates and coordinate with them to bring out their best. It’s easy to play a Bard at a basic level, but the difference between a highly skilled Bard and a beginner is tremendous.

In PvP, the Bard plays like your traditional support class. Although low in personal damage, she makes up for it with great defensive skills and buffs. She ranks high on the PvP tier list with only Paladin challenging her supportive position. Just having a support on your team alone gives you an innate advantage before the battle starts. Navigating the map can be tricky at first, but a well-played Bard can be the difference between winning and losing.

Bard levels slower than pure damage classes, but an experienced player can still finish 1-50 in under 11 hours. While her huge AoE clearing skills are up to par with other classes, she lacks high single target damage.

PvE Pros & Cons

✔ Inexpensive
✔ Beginner Friendly
✔ Always Desired In Groups
✔ Increases Party Damage & Survival

❌ No Mobility Skills
❌ Slow Leveling Speed
❌ Reliant On Your Party
❌ Slow Solo Content Clear Speed

For more details, check out the Bard Raid Guide!

PvP Pros & Cons

✔ Support
✔ Best Buffs
✔ Great Peels
✔ High Push Immunity

❌ Low Base Stats
❌ Decent Skill Ceiling
❌ Reliant on Teammates
❌ Requires Good Positioning

For more details, check out the Bard PvP Guide!

Martial Artist

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Scrapper utilizes a special Identity Gauge that consists of 2 different energy types: Stamina and Shock. Spending one restores the other and vice versa, making you non-reliant on mana and allowing you to stay in battle for as long as possible. Both of her Class Engravings: Taijutsu and Shock Regeneration complement their respective energy type, allowing for two very diverse playstyles in PvE.


This feisty Anikka girl is heavily centered around pure melee combat, utilizing her fists wherever possible. She offers no ranged skill options for you to choose from, making her the ultimate punching machine! Almost all of her skills provide Back Attack bonus, which means this is where you'll find yourself during battle most of the time. She has plenty of skills with movement attached to them, as well as a Spacebar Dash with two charges, letting you avoid most things others can't. And makes you one of the fastest at leveling to 50!

For group play, Scrapper provides some of the best Stagger, Weak Point Damage and Counter Attack capabilities in the game, making her a wanted pick for mechanically demanding fights!

In PvP her focus lies in a hit-and-run playstyle. Although she is able to stick to a target if necessary and given the opportunity can even dish out great damage

PvE Pros & Cons

✔ Low Investment
✔ Doesn't Use Mana
✔ High Burst Damage
✔ Good Counter, Stagger, Destruction

❌ Long Cooldowns
❌ Animation Locks
❌ No Self Protection
❌ Short Attack Range

For more details, check out the Taijutsu and Shock Training Scrapper Raid guides!

PvP Pros & Cons

✔ High Mobility
✔ High Disruption
✔ Good Crowd Control

❌ Could Struggle into Ranged
❌ Small Hitboxes for Skills

For more details, check out the Scrapper PvP Guide!


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Berserkers have two viable raid builds that center around their two available Class Engravings, Mayhem and Berserker's Technique. Both of Berserker's builds revolve around Burst Mode, and both builds incorporate a high amount of Stagger.


Berserker's Technique removes the Exhaustion debuff at the end of the Burst Mode and gives the Berserker additional Critical Damage when in Burst Mode. Additionally when in Burst Mode he gains Critical Hit Rate, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed.

Mayhem Berserkers enjoy not having to build identity to enter Burst Mode over Berserker's Technique Berserkers. They also have the ability to stay in Burst Mode for however long they want. While in Burst Mode they enjoy a flat Attack and Movement Speed increase and damage reduction.

Red Dust is an important skill that can be used as either a self or party buff to increase the damage dealt.

In PvP, the Berserker plays more like a hit-and-run assassin than a full-on brawler class. That's mainly because his skills in PvP have high Cooldowns and he can be gated by Mana issues as well. Don't worry though, his skills have a devastating impact in battle if used properly. This gives the Berserker a decently high rank on the PvP tier list.

The Berserker is a class with high burst damage and large Area of Effect (AoE) skills. The damage compensates more than enough for the long Cooldowns and low mobility of this class during the leveling phase. He obliterates group of mobs within seconds, especially after investing in Whirlwind and Tempest Slash.

PvE Pros & Cons

✔ Decent Mobility
✔ High Burst Rotations
✔ Good Counter, Stagger, Destruction

❌ HP Anxiety
❌ Less Room For Error
❌ Long Skill Cast Times

For more details, check out the Berserker's Technique and Mayhem Berserker Raid Guide!

PvP Pros & Cons

✔ High Damage
✔ Good Mobility
✔ High Base Stats
✔ Good Push Immunity

❌ High Cooldowns
❌ Some Mana Issues
❌ Somewhat Predictable
❌ Susceptible to Hard CCs

For more details, check out the Berserker PvP Guide!


Hopefully, this article could provide you some insight about the basics of each class. If you were able to narrow down to 2 or 3 final classes but still can't pick your main, check out the in depth Class Guides here! Joining our Discord and asking our lovely Maxroll Lost Ark community and veterans, might be of additional help to choose the correct class for you.


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