Brelshaza Gate 6 Legion Raid Guide


Brelshaza Gate 6 is no doubt the most challenging phase in this epic Legion Raid. Strategy, team play, reactions and quick thinking is what you can expect from here. Difficult and unforgiving attacks are coming your way. Can't wait to hop in? Well, you're not alone!

The recommended Combat Items include, but are not limited to:

  • HP Potion of your choice
  • Whirlwind Grenade for classes with low stagger damage
  • Dark Grenade on supports or dps with high stagger
  • Time Stop Potion

Disclaimer: In this guide, we will only focus on the important core & general patterns of the boss. Basic attacks of Gate 5 which are easy to predict or deal low damage, won't be explained in detail.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the recommended Raid Build for your class.

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Raid Assignments

Black Hole

  • Party1 - Player number times 3 (x3)
  • Party2 - Player number times 3+1 (x3+1)

Main Mechanics Overview

  • x212 - Dream World 1
  • x188 - Golden Meteor 1
  • x137 - Golden Meteor 2
  • x113 - Black hole
  • x87 - Golden Meteor 3
  • x37 - Golden Meteor 4
  • x28 - Dream World 2
  • x25 - Final Nightmare

Once you have read through the detailed description of the main patterns, use the “cheat sheet” during the raid, or check out our condensed Cheat Sheet Collection for all Legion Raids on one page.


Dream World 1

Check your shape, remember it
Projectile Safe spot on the 1 o'clock line
Inputs: ReverseNormalReverse
Run to 3 safe areas, remember the order.
Type in chat: Shape & order
For Example: Star 7,11,0

Golden Meteor 1

Pay attention to the order Blue meteors appearing in and go to those tiles.
Gold - 12 o'clock
Blue 2,3 - 12 o'clock
Blue 4,5,6 - 11 o'clock
Blue 7,8 - 1 o'clock
When your meteor is placed, escape!

Golden Meteor 2

Place the Golden meteor at 6 o'clock

Black Hole

Party1 - x3
Party2 - x3+1
Don't stand in the middle of the tiles!
Stand on the lines!
Avoid red orbs floating to the center
Outside Team
- Collect 1 yellow orb
- Step into the ball when it has expanded
- Check illusions & ping location
Inside Team
- Collect 2 yellow orbs
- Counter/Stagger at ping location, consume the orb left behind.

Golden Meteor 3

Place the Golden meteor at 12 o'clock

Golden Meteor 4

Place the Golden meteor at 6 o'clock

Dream World 2

Check your shape, remember it
Projectile Safe spot on the 1 o'clock line
Inputs: Random
Sidereal Innana to cleanse inputs!
Run to 3 safe areas, remember the order.
Type in chat: Shape & order
For Example: Star 7,11,0

Final Nightmare

Avoid 3/6/9/12 o'clock positions as they will break.
Finish the fight!

Raid Mechanics

Raid mechanics cover the passive mechanics that are persistent through the entire raid.

Meteor & Tile information

  • Each tile has 3 hit points
  • Center tile has 14 hit points
  • Meteors start spawning from x188 HP
  • Blue Meteor does - 1 Damage
  • Golden Meteor does - 3 Damage
  • Blue Meteor spawn rate - every 60 seconds
  • Blue Meteor spawn amount - 7, 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4...
  • Broken tile respawn rate - 1 min 40 seconds
  • 4 broken tiles at the same time = game over
  • Broken center tile = game over
Sidereal - Azena

Azena: CTRL+Z


  • Azena is the Sidereal used for damage.

When To Use (Does not include all possible situations)

  • It is safe to use her at any moment, except during transitions that have damage reduction.
Sidereal - Shandi

Shandi: CTRL+X


  • Shandi slows down time.
  • All player skill cooldowns including awakening get fully reset.

When To Use

  • Shandi is used during the Black Hole mechanic at x113 HP
Sidereal - Innana

Innana: CTRL+C


  • Innana is the Sidereal used for damage reduction and knockdown immunity.
  • Provides a minor heal when she expires.

When To Use (Does not include all possible situations)

  • Innana is used during Dream World to prevent reverse mouse input.

Main Mechanics

Main mechanics occur at certain HP intervals.

Dream World

Possible Shapes

You will see one of these shapes floating around your screen when inside the Dream World. Learn to recognize them, so you can let your teammates know which safe spots to take when they occur.


  1. Occurs at or near x212 & x28 HP.
  2. Brelshaza teleports to the center of the arena, and emits a massive shockwave.
  3. She sends all players to their own dream dimension.


  1. Check the edges of the screen for the Shape displayed and remember it (type it in chat).
  2. In the middle of the line between 0 and 1 o'clock is a safe location that prevents small projectiles from hitting you. Always position here.
  3. Your mouse inputs are reversed during the dream dimension.
  4. This will alternate between reversed and normal mouse controls during the mechanic. (Reversed - Normal - Reversed). Note that for x28 HP, the reverse controls are random.
  5. Shortly after, the boss will eliminate areas where to stand on.
  6. Run to the safe tiles while remembering them simultaneously.
  7. After 3 safe spots, all players will be brought back from the Dream World.
  8. Type the shape+the safe spot locations you saw in the Dream World into the chat box.
  9. The boss will choose a shape and display it.
  10. Staying close to the boss will reveal which shape she has chosen. People further away from the boss won't see the shape, so rely on your teammates or get close!
  11. Look for this player's safe spot locations in chat and run to them in the correct order to survive!
Golden Meteor

Starting Golden Meteor Setup

The First Golden Meteor is different from others, as it spawns together with 7 Blue Meteors, one for each player. To place these meteors correctly, you have to keep track of when they first appear on the players. Based on this sequence, you should position yourself to the correct tiles.

  • Gold - 12 o'clock
  • Blue 2,3 - 12 o'clock
  • Blue 4,5,6 - 11 o'clock
  • Blue 7,8 - 1 o'clock

Once the meteors have been placed, be quick to escape towards safety. Players 7 & 8 will have very short time to escape.

Starting formation


  1. Occurs at or near x188, x137, x87 & x37 HP.
  2. A cutscene occurs for the first Golden meteor, them being shown crashing onto the arena.
  3. Consecutive Golden meteors will happen based on Hit Points reached.

How to proceed?

From now on, every 60 seconds, Blue meteors will spawn on random players. Starting with 2 followed by a pattern that will alternate between 3 and 4 endlessly.

The strategy is to prepare yourself for the Golden meteor ahead of time at locations 12 & 6 o'clock. Meaning that majority of Blue meteors will always be placed on tiles: 11,12,1 or 5,6,7 depending on the current 3 destroyed tile locations.

There are countless variations of where they can be placed based on the current situation and availability. This is just an example of how you could proceed.

Meteor placing example

General tips

  • After placing the 2nd Golden meteor, make sure to not bring Brelshaza to x113 HP before the bottom tiles have respawned. Otherwise, the Black Hole mechanic will start with broken tiles. Wait until the 4 Blue meteors spawn, place them, and proceed to phase the boss within the next 20 seconds.
  • Utilize 3 & 9 o'clock tiles if you're in a dangerous situation, but try to save them for the late game.
  • Easily track broken tile respawn times by subtracting 1 minute and 40 seconds from the raid enrage timer whenever a Golden meteor explodes.
  • Try to never place Blue meteors between multiple tiles at once. This will damage them both equally.
Black Hole

Black Hole Setup

After Brelshaza slams the ground, spread out to your designated positions. Raid leader should use Shandi here to slow down time.

  • Party1 - x3
  • Party2 - x3+1

Find the spawned orbs, there are 4 in total. Decide who is going to step into the orbs and who isn't. This will create two teams, Inside & Outside.

  • Avoid getting hit by red projectiles, 3 hits = dead
  • The 4 orb spawn points are random
  • Don't stand in the center of the tile when orbs spawn, you might accidentally consume it.
  • Collect golden orbs floating towards the black hole.
    • Inside team - needs 2 golden orbs to survive
    • Outside team - needs 1 golden orb to survive
  • When the white orb expands and shakes, jump into it!
  • Don't be too late, it will disappear otherwise.
Black Hole Positioning


  1. Occurs at or near x113 HP.
  2. Brelshaza teleports to the center of the map and performs an epic cinematic.

Outside Team

Players who are stepping into the white orbs will remain outside.
Their responsibility is:

  • Walk over Brelshaza's illusions and find the clone that turns around.
    • Clockwise = stagger
    • Counterclockwise = counter
    • Note that telling players if it's counter/stagger is not productive.
    • It's smarter to simply ping the location or say the clock position.
  • Relay this information with a ping on that spot.
  • This mechanic will happen twice with approximately 30 seconds in between.
  • There are 2 illusions each round!
  • Once you've found them, you can continue to dps the boss and stop looking for more.

Inside Team

Players not responsible for stepping into the white orbs will be brought inside the black hole.
Here your duty is:

  • Wait for the Outside Team to ping locations on the map.
  • Go to these locations and perform a counter or stagger onto Brelshaza's illusions.
    • Note that you should always do counter first, then stagger afterwards.
    • This way you won't create unnecessary communication mistakes.
  • Collect orbs obtained from countering/staggering these illusions (one for each player).
  • Wait for the mechanic to end when everyone has obtained their safety orb.

Counter Patterns

Counter #1


  1. Forward scratch attack, followed by another if not countered.


  1. Don't stand in front of her.
  2. Counter is possible after she ends the scratches.
Counter #2


  1. Teleports away while drawing in a shield around her.


  1. Counter when she re-appears.
Counter #3


  1. Brelshaza does her yellow combo attack.


  1. If she teleports away after the first attack, It's going to be a counter afterwards.

Notable Patterns

Blue Stack/Green Out


  1. A blue circle is generated, and red nova emits from beneath Brelshaza.


  1. Players without a green AoE stack will have a red HP bar above their head.
    Stack inside the blue circle, forming a tether with others
    Stay there until the HP bar depletes.
  2. Green AoE players spread out until their field explodes.


  1. Blue patterns are generated around the boss.


  1. Simply dodge.
  2. Getting hit will imprison the player.
  3. Teammates need to break you free.


  1. Brelshaza creates a red zone on the floor.


  1. Step inside of it, wait for the blades to spin around you.


  1. The Boss marks the ground with red pulsating circles.


  1. Hands will come towards this place and explode on impact, knocking up everyone hit.


  1. Brelshazas punches in front of her, grabing shortly after.


  1. Stay on the back or the sides to be safe.
  2. If someone gets caught, lines will expand from the back, knocking up players.
  3. If nobody is caught, these lines expand from the front.


  1. The boss emits a large shockwave and spawns two safe zones.


  1. Everyone will get knocked down during this.
  2. If you got knocked, use your get-up ability and dash to one of the safe zones.
  3. Once the explosion happens, you're free to attack again.


  1. The screen gets shattered, and dark shapes form on the ground.


  1. Stand in the narrow safe spots.
  2. The player targeted with the yellow beam should aim it away from his team, and wait for it to lock on.
  3. Once it is locked, you can safely dodge.

Notable Patterns 2



  1. A large area with an eye will be placed on the floor.


  1. Early Game
    • If the smoke is being sucked in - look inside
    • If the smoke pushes outwards - look away
  2. Late Game
    • If the shockwave goes outwards - look away
    • If the shockwave goes inwards - look inside


  1. Everyone except one player gets a huge green AoE around them.


  1. Stack on the player with the small red AoE
  2. Wait until it expands
  3. Then players with green AoE's spread out to avoid the explosions
  4. Return and stack on the red AoE player
Teather & Cut


  1. Players will get attached with tethers, while others have knives.


  1. Players with knives, find the tethered player and step in between the boss and him to cut the tether.


  1. A sequence of yellow lights will shoot out from the boss.


  1. Four explosions in a sequence will happen, remember the order they began in and step on the safe spots.
Yellow combo


  1. Brelshaza casts a large yellow AoE.


  1. She will always follow up with another attack close to her.
  2. If it's not an attack, she will teleport and perform a counter.
Sideways Beam


  1. She places her arms outwards and starts firing lasers on both sides.


  1. Try to run around the boss while avoiding the lasers.
  2. Early in the fight, this laser will only turn once.
  3. Later on, she will spin again and change direction.
Laser Beam


  1. She shoots a laser in front of her, while being pushed backwards.


  1. Stay in the back or far to the sides as this beam expands the longer it's channeled.
Stagger Check


  1. Brelshaza performs a quick dash, leaving a black trail behind her.


  1. Two players need to step in the red circles in front of her, getting grabbed in the process.
  2. One player stands on the blue circle created on the side of her.
    • This prevents an orb from spawning and exploding afterwards. (Tytalos mechanic)
  3. Remaining players stagger the boss quickly.
  4. If too many players are dead before she starts this attack, don't enter the red circles. Everyone should use a Time Stop Potion after her first slam onto the ground.


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Perciculum