Summoner PvP Build Guide

Last Updated: 1 June 2023

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The Summoner is Lost Ark's summoner mage class that calls upon Ancient Spirits and Pets to help control the battlefield. This class has a lot of shortcomings, but it'll be up to the user to reach the class's full potential.

As a Summoner, you'll be able to call forth 2 controllable Pets that will help you with skirmishes. When left alone, this has the highest damage potential in the game. With great damage, however, the class struggles with mobility and defense. This class is very easy to get into with a low floor but can feel very limited when it comes to harder games. Harness the Ancient Spirits. Destroy the battlefield and become the Master Summoner.

This article assumes you have a Character with a minimum level of 26 before transitioning to it. Check out the Summoner Leveling and 1-50 Leveling guides to reach Level 26.

Check out the General PvP Guide for a better understanding of the arena systems in place.

DamageVery High

Core Skills

  • Steed Charge Great low CD skill for peeling/defense. This skill could lead to a lot of follow up combos due to the nature of the Knockups.
  • Released Will Self defense peeling skill. Can be used aggressively if you are looking to peel a channeling skill or for another Knockdown.
  • Winged Spirit One of your only true skill where you'll have priority as a Summoner. This is a great skill that can be used to catch opponents and can lead to follow up combos with Maririn and/or Pauru. This skill can be fake casted as well and be used for the first tick if needed (just hold it for a second before letting go of the skill).
  • Electricity Release Great CC skill that can lead to a lot of combos. Use it for peeling or self defense.
  • Ancient Spear This skill will be mainly used as a nuke. Either use this with Electricity Release or when they have no Stand Up. Can be animation canceled with Winged Spirit or Alimaji if needed.
  • Pauru One of your pet summons that follows opponents around the mount if commanded to. One second cast, it will perform a short dash before self destructing, causing a Knockup if they are not in Push Immunity. This skill also grants Twilight Combustion which can lead to massive follow up damage with a nuke skill. Note that this skill can be CC'd and killed off before getting the explosion off, so be aware of losing its value.
  • Maririn is your last summon that stuns opponents on command. This summon cannot be CC'd, however it can be killed (not as easily as Pauru tho). The CC can be a bit hard to hit, so I would advise using it when the opponents are animation locked. This summon can also body block dashes and projectiles (ie: Scratch Dealer, Atomic Arrow, etc.). Be sure to play around with this if there is a pesky Sharpshooter or melees coming for you by putting the pet between you and the approach angle.
  • Shurdi Summon and forget kind of skill. Just try to have this skill up 24/7. Great skill for a movement speed buff and damage.
  • Bagron's Wrath is your Awakening of choice. After the nerfs to Kelsion, it's just the superior Awakening for burst damage. Electricity Release will guarantee a true combo into Bagron's Wrath. When using the skill try to use Alimaji or Phoenix during the animation so that you don't overflow on Identity Gauge Orbs.

Pet Control

  • Using L-Shift will allow you to move your pets around.
  • L-Shifting an enemy will send the pets to chase after them until they are gone or you are out of the tether range.
  • Pet control is very important when playing Summoner to help dictate how the fights play out.
  • Try to have your pets close to you when fighting heavy dive, otherwise, try to attach them to backline threats or low mobility characters like supports.
  • Stay close to pets and try to dodge around it to make hitting them easier.

Ancient Orbs (Identity)

  • Only use Alimaji and Phoenix mainly.
  • Osh can be used occasionally for a flexible Push Immunity skill and a quick Knock.
  • All Identity skills grant Push Immunity.

PvP Builds

Team Deathmatch (3v3)
Team Elimination (1v1)

Combat Stats

750 Swiftness, 1 Critical and 249 Domination

No Pets



  • A variant of Fleeting Gale Bird can be used over Winged Spirit.

Basic Combo #1

  1. Catch with Steed Charge.
  2. Follow with Alimaji or Phoenix.

Basic Combo #2

  1. Catch with Winged Spirit.
  2. Follow with Maririn.
  3. Finish with Pauru or Alimaji.

Note: If you are going for Alimaji or Pauru try to get the stun from Maririn a little before the end of the Winged Spirit skill. They could possibly Scale before being CC'd. You need this CC for the nukes to connect.

Basic Combo #3

  1. Catch with Electricity Release.
  2. Follow with Ancient Spear.
  3. If you have Alimaji, you can animation cancel into it after the spear goes off.

Note: Ancient Spear can only be followed with this CC or no Stand Up for the most consistency. This can be followed up from teammate's CC as well but you'll have to be ready and aware.

Basic Combo #4

  1. Catch with Steed Charge.
  2. Follow with Electricity Release.
  3. Finish with a nuke.


  • Remember your combos!
  • L-Shifting is the main way to control your pets.
  • In general, if you have enough bubbles for Phoenix, use it over Alimaji or Osh. You'll never use Jahia & Ligheas or Akir.
  • A Phoenix debuff icon will appear on enemies hit by the skill.


Written by Starlast


  • 12 December 2022
    Article Published.

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