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Soulfist Leveling Build Guide

Last Updated: September 28th 2023

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The Soulfist is a well rounded class with good mobility, single target and Area of Effect (AoE) damage. This combination makes the leveling experience pretty smooth.

During the leveling process, focus on equipping the highest Item Level gear while prioritizing the Crit and Specialization Combat Stats to increase your damage and clear speed. To level quickly, focus on doing Main Story Quest with some exceptions.

For a walk-through of the leveling quests, check out the Leveling Guide.

Skill Point Allocation

Allocate Skill Points to gain Tripods for your most powerful Skills. Below are the notable Character Levels to obtain the most important Skill Tripods. Left over points can be spent on secondary Skills of your choice. Make sure you reallocate those points into the main Skills when needed.

Check the Skill Point Guide for more details.

Level 11: Pulverizing Palm (4 points) for more mobility.

Level 15: Pulverizing Palm (20 points) for the Attack Power buff Ready Attack. Heavenly Squash (4 points) for more damage.

Level 19: Heavenly Squash (20 points) to add burn damage. Deadly Finger (4 points) to increase the AoE radius.

Level 25: Remove all points from Deadly Finger to max out Heavenly Squash for increased damage. Tempest Blast (4 points) to clear mob groups faster.

Level 30: Tempest Blast (20 points) for increased AoE. Lightning Palm (4 points) for an additional Attack Power buff. Force Orb (4 points) helps to clear mob waves faster.

Level 34: Max out Tempest Blast for increased damage and range.

Level 41: Remove all points from Lightning Palm to max out Force Orb for increased damage.

Level 44: Add 4 points back to Deadly Finger and Lightning Palm. Merciless Pummel (20 points) to add high single target damage.

Use the Scroll Bar to see Skill Point Progression

Level 50

Follow the Main Story Quest to Vern city until Beatrice notifies you to visit her in Trixion. Completing her questline rewards Energy Release and World Decimation Awakening Skill. Check your mailbox and consume the items to unlock the skills. Max out Merciless Pummel and add 20 points to Energy Blast.

Extra Notes

Extra Skill Points during leveling can be invested into any low Cooldown skills for faster clear speed. Make sure you reallocate those points into the main Skills by following the guide above.


Buff yourself with Pulverizing Palm before unleashing your damage skills. At the early stages, most of her skills are front focused. Group up mobs and position yourself up close before casting skills like Deadly Finger, Lightning Palm and Heavenly Squash.


Once you reach Level 50, the following guides will guide you through the end game content and activities:


  • Soulfist's leveling pace is slow at the start but ramps up once you unlock her burst damage skills.
  • She has multiple mobility skills like Pulverizing Palm and Flash Step to decrease the travelling time while leveling and in dungeons.
  • Try to knock up enemies before using Deadly Finger to increase the damage dealt.


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