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Sorceress Chaos Dungeon Build Guide

Last Updated: September 28th 2023

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The Chaos build heavily focuses on large Area of Effect (AoE) skills with low Cooldowns to clear the content as fast as possible. This content isn't difficult and can easily be completed by spamming skills.

The Combat Stats are not as important as they are for PvP or Raid builds. Simply use the recommended Raid gear and Combat Stat distribution from the Sorceress Raid Guide.

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build

  • Use Blaze and Lightning Vortex to gather enemies.
  • Punishing Strike, Reverse Gravity, and Seraphic Hail will be your main damging skills.
  • Use Ice Shower and Esoteric Reaction for leftover mobs.
  • Use your Awakening Skill Enviska's Might and Punishing Strike to nuke down mobs.
  • You can use Enviska's Might right away in the second room, as you'll have it up for the boss at the end.
Use the Scroll Bar to see the full ideal Skill Points build


Chaos Dungeon is fairly easy to complete. A simplified rotation is used:

  1. Debuff enemies with Blaze before using your main damage skills.
  2. Use your main damage skills Punishing Strike, Reverse Gravity, Ice Shower, Seraphic Hail, and Lightning Vortex on Cooldown.
  3. If your main damage skills are on Cooldown, gather mobs with Lightning Vortex before nuking them.

You mainly using your Identity gauge for quick uses of Arcana Rupture or to get around with Blink.

Check out the Chaos Dungeon Guide for more information.

Combat Stats

Sub-stat priority is not important, as the content is easy as long as the player is using matching Tier Gear and accessories. Swiftness and Crit stats help with speed clearing, but is not necessary if you don't have separate sets of accessories.


Runes enhance Skills with extra bonuses. All Rune drops are account bound and have limited availability, so placement of Runes on the correct Skills is important. Below are the recommend parings. Check the Rune Guide for more details.

Punishing Strike Galewind
Esoteric ReactionAny
Blaze Rage
Lightning BoltProtection
Seraphic Hail Galewind
Lightning Vortex Bleed
Reverse Gravity Galewind
Ice Shower Galewind
  • Use Galewind on your main damage skill to reduce the duration of the casting animation.
  • Protection helps to absorb some damage while you are using your stationary or long animation skills.

Video Guide


  • Regularly use Arcana Rupture when your identity gauge is at 30% or higher to increase your clearing speed.
  • Killing Elites, Bosses and breaking Rift Cores grant a 40% Cooldown Reduction buff.
  • Use Blaze to buff yourself before using your main damage skills.


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