Reaper Leveling Build Guide

Last Updated: September 28th 2023

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Reapers are fast and agile assassins,

During the leveling process, focus on equipping the highest Item Level gear while prioritizing the Crit and Spec Combat Stats to increase your damage and clear speed. To level quickly, focus on doing Main Story Quest with some exceptions.

For a walk-through of the leveling quests, check out the Leveling Guide.

Skill Point Allocation

Allocate Skill Points to gain Skill Tree for your most powerful Skills. Below are the notable Character Levels to obtain the most important Skill Tree. Leftover points can be spent on secondary Skills of your choice. Make sure you reallocate those points into the main Skills when needed.

Check the Skill Point Guide for more details.

Level 12: Call of the Knife and Glowing Brand (4 points each) for AoE Clearing.

Level 20-21: Upgrade Call of the Knife and Glowing Brand(20 points each) for more damage.

Level 25-26: Shadow Storm (20 points) for more AoE clearing.

Level 30-31: Call of the Knife (48 points each) for larger AoE.

Level 35: Upgrade Glowing Brand (48 points) for more damage.

Level 38: Spinning Dagger (20 points) for more AoE clearing.

Level 40: Shadow Storm (take points from Spinning Dagger) for more damage.

Level 45-48: Dance of Fury (48 points) for AoE clearing and bursting damage.

Use the Scroll Bar to see Skill Point Progression

Level 50

Follow the main story quest to Vern Castle until Beatrice notifies you to visit her in Trixion. Completing her questline unlocks Silent Rage and Lunar Eclipse: Cadenza Awakening Skill. Check your inventory and consume the items to unlock the skills. Set up 2 skill presets for the Chaos Dungeon/Cube and Raid build, listed below in the Endgame section.


  • Nightmare and Distortion are great movement skills to help traverse around areas where you can't mount up and later on when you have fully upgraded Shadow Storm can serve as extra mobility skill as well.
  • Call of the Knife is a great AoE clearing skill especially when fully upgraded for massive AoE increase. Glowing Brand can also be used for AoE and bosses.
  • Having Poison: Bleed on your Dagger Skills helps deal some extra damage that might help with clearing enemies.
  • Rage Spear can be fully upgraded with Ambush and Concentrated Attack as you enter dungeons to burst down bosses.


Once you reach Level 50, the following guides will guide you through the end game content and activities:


  • Use your mobility skills to travel around quickly in areas where mounts are disabled.
  • Call of the Knife, Shadow Storm and Glowing Brand are your AoE clearing skills that can also deal decent damage to bosses/elites.
  • You can sort out some skill points to max out Rage Spear when entering the dungeon to burst down bosses quickly.


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