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Destroyer Leveling Build Guide

Last Updated: September 28th 2023

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Destroyer has a plethora of useful skills for leveling due to their AoEs and hard hitting skills. Their identity is also quite nice making quick work of elites and bosses. He can be quite slow with his long animations, so sometimes walking can be faster than actually using his many mobility skills. With his mighty hammer, the Destroyer will show Arkesia how he defies gravity.

During the leveling process, focus on equipping the highest Item Level gear while prioritizing the Crit and Spec Combat Stats to increase your damage and clear speed. To level quickly, focus on doing Main Story Quest with some exceptions.

For a walk-through of the leveling quests, check out the Leveling Guide.

Skill Point Allocation

Allocate Skill Points to gain Skill Tree for your most powerful Skills. Below are the notable Character Levels to obtain the most important Skill Tree. Left over points can be spent on secondary Skills of your choice. Make sure you reallocate those points into the main Skills when needed.

Check the Skill Point Guide for more details.

Level 12: Heavy Crush and Full Swing (4 points each) for damage.

Level 20-21: Earth Eater (48 points) for damage and some AoE clearing.

Level 25-26: Power Shoulder (20 points) for mobility.

Level 30: Perfect Swing (48 points, remove points from Power Shoulder) for more damage.

Level 38: Jumping Smash (48 points) for more AoE clearing and mobility.

Level 45: Seismic Hammer (48 points) for a high damage skill and AoE Clearing.

Level 48: Power Shoulder (reinvest 20 points) for mobility.

Use the Scroll Bar to see Skill Point Progression

Level 50

Follow the main story quest to Vern Castle until Beatrice notifies you to visit her in Trixion. Completing her questline unlocks Endure Pain and Terra Break Awakening Skill. Check your inventory and consume the items to unlock the skills. Set up 2 skill presets for the Chaos Dungeon/Cube and Raid builds, listed below in the Endgame section.

Extra Notes

Gravity Impact can be pick up base on preference for a moderate cooldown skill that is able to keep mob packs in place.


  • Use Heavy Crush first since it's the lowest cooldown Core generator skill. This way, you will have it back up fast after using your other skill sequences. Follow up with any other Concentration skills (Blue) to get 3 Cores before using any of the Gravity Release skills (Purple) to enhance their damage.
  • Power Shoulder and Running Crash are your mobility skills to traverse around quickly when mounting up is inconvenient.
  • Jumping Smash is a gap closer after maxing it out and can also be used to move groups of mobs together with you.
  • If there are multiple targets, make sure to group them up before bursting them with your Purple skills, as Destroyer's skills cooldown are high.
  • Almost every skill used have Paralysis Superarmor. Consuming Cores when using Purple Skills will also grant you a massive amount of shields so that you may ignore incoming attacks and maximize damage with landing Front Attacks with your Purple Skills.


Once you reach Level 50, the following guides will guide you through the end game content and activities:


  • Use your mobility skills to travel around quickly in areas where mounts are disabled.
  • Blue skills generate Cores to enhance Purple skill damage.
  • Most skills have Paralysis Superarmor to allow Destroyer to ignore stagger from random basic attacks.
  • Using Purple skills with Cores consumed will grant you a massive personal shield to ignore most incoming damage.
  • Use Heavy Crush first since it's the lowest cooldown Core generator skill. This way, you will have it back up fast after using your other skill sequence.
  • Group mob packs up before bursting them with Purple skills for efficiency and to prevent downtime.


Written by Rei
Reviewed by Yaen

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