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Artillerist Chaos Dungeon Build Guide

Last Updated: September 28th 2023

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The Chaos build heavily focuses on large Area of Effect (AoE) skills with low Cooldowns to clear the content as fast as possible. This content isn't difficult and can easily be completed by spamming skills.

Disclaimer: This build recommendation is only for the early Tiers. As soon as you have the Relic Legion Raid sets, you can use your raid build and the Betrayal Set to clear Chaos Dungeons comfortably.

The Combat Stats are not as important as they are for PvP or Raid builds. Simply use the recommended Raid gear and Combat Stat distribution from the Artillerist Raid Guide.

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build

  • Air Raid and Homing Barrage are your main damage skills with huge AoE and high damage.
  • Flamethrower, Gravity Explosion and Multiple Rocket Launcher are filler skills which can be used while your main damage skills are on Cooldown.
  • Once you unlock the Flash Explosion Tripod on Napalm Shot use it to interrupt and stun normal and Elite monsters.
Use the Scroll Bar to see the full ideal Skill Points build


Chaos Dungeon is fairly easy to complete. A simplified rotation is used:

  1. Keep the Defense Debuff Armor Destruction applied on your targets at all times by having always one Summon Turret summoned.
  2. Cast Energy Field as soon as it is available. This reduces the amount of Health Potions used and the chance of getting interrupted.
  3. Use your main damage skills Air Raid and Homing Barrage whenever they are available.
  4. You can switch to Barrage Mode to use Bombardment: Impregnability, Bombardment: Energy Cannon and Bombardment: Howitzer as fillers. But in most cases, it is more efficient to avoid using Barrage Mode skills and cast the normal filler skills instead.

Check out the Chaos Dungeon Guide for more information.

Combat Stats

Sub-stat priority is not important, as the content is easy as long as the player is using matching Tier Gear and accessories. Swiftness and Crit stats help with speed clearing, but is not necessary if you don't have separate sets of accessories.


  • Utilize Energy Field and Protection Rune to absorb incoming damage.
  • Killing Elites, Bosses and breaking Rift Cores grant a 40% Cooldown Reduction buff.


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