Skills & Passives

Learn about the Skills, Gameplay and Passives for the Wraith Necromancer Build.


Summon Wraith

Thanks to Flame Wraith and Adorned Immortal Idols with Chance for Summon Wraith to summon a Flame Wraith instead, your Summon Wraiths are always Fire and Ranged; combine this with Locus Of Death to turn them into deadly turrets. Spirit Link and Dawn of the Fall grant extra Crit Chance.

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Drain Life

Drain Life is a core part of the build and must be placed on top of your Summon Wraiths to generate tons of Mana. Combine Hecatomb, Necrotic Feast and Grasp Of The Damned to turn your Minions into an infinite Mana source. It also leeches Health from them, providing solid HP recovery.

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Dread Shade

Dread Shade is crucial to enhance your Minion's Damage thanks to Nodes like Dying Coven, Grim Fate and Lingering Doom. Symbiotic Apparition is extremely powerful, as it allows you to benefit from all of it's amazing buffs. Martyrdom increases your own survivability massively.

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Summon Volatile Zombie

Summon Volatile Zombie is the perfect addition for the build. They provide amazing Ward generation and additional Damage. Great against Bosses due to Ravenous and Pull of the Grave. Trigger them with Awakening Presence while mapping or spam them against Bosses once the Summon Wraiths are set.

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Transplant is an amazing Movement Skill with tons of buffs and utility. Grant yourself the Frenzy and Haste buffs thanks to Acolyte's Fervor. Combine Plated Bone and Apostasy to enhance Bone Armor. Violent Emergence is great for Bossing.

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Alternative Skills & Tips

  • Consider grabbing an extra point in Fleeting Form over Violent Emergence inside Transplant while mapping to dash more often.
  • If you want a more relaxed playstyle, take a Point in Dreadful Horde inside of Summon Volatile Zombie. This adds a Cooldown and reduces the APM and micro needed for the build significantly.


Passives provide powerful effects that dictate the playstyle of a Class and its Masteries. Remember that you can allocate Passives on the first half of all Masteries regardless of the one you chose.

  1. Take Nodes with Intelligence, Health, Vitality and Minion Cast Speed.
  2. Investing in Forbidden Knowledge helps you cap your Resistances.
  3. Aegisfall boosts your DPS substantially. With enough Minion Cast Speed, you only need 4 Points in it.
  4. Frantic Summons provides a good amount of Cast Speed.
  5. Moonlight Pyre provides a great amount of base Damage.
  6. Get as many Points as you need in Rite of Undeath to cap your Resistances.
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Make sure to complete the Campaign to get all your Passive Points.


This Necromancer wants to position itself far away from danger while casting Summon Wraith and Summon Volatile Zombie. Make sure you are familiar with enemy mechanics to know when to use your Support Skills to stay alive. Pay attention to the telegraphed attacks of your enemies and stay out of their range.

Skill Usage/Rotation

  • Summon a few Summon Wraiths.
  • Buff them with Dread Shade.
  • Cast Drain Life on top of your Summon Wraiths to generate Mana and gain buffs. This is key to cap your Resistances.
  • Summon Summon Wraiths up to your limit.
  • Once you reach the Summon Wraiths cap, spam Summon Volatile Zombie.
  • Use Transplant to juke, move or the buffs it provides.
  • Refresh Dread Shade whenever it expires.


  • Transplant on Cooldown towards the objective.
  • Summon Summon Wraiths while you wait for Transplant's Cooldown.
  • Use the "A" key to ensure your Minions target the desired enemies.
  • Let the Summon Wraiths kill enemies as you cruise through the Echoes.
  • Don't stop while the Haste provided by Transplant is active.


  • Take advantage of all your buffs and keep them active as much as possible.
  • Pre summon all your Summon Wraiths before aggroing the Boss.
  • Save Transplant for dangerous telegraphed Boss attacks.
  • Spam Summon Volatile Zombie to generate tons of Ward.

Advanced Skill Tips

  • Transplant is a blink and can be used to go over incoming attacks or terrain.
  • Position yourself behind your Minions so they can block dangerous homing projectiles aimed at you. Be careful though, some attacks can pierce and still hit you.

Learn more about how to maximize your gameplay in the Build Scaling section of this guide.