Campaign Walkthrough

Learn about the Campaign Walkthrough for the Sentinel Void Knight Leveling Build.

Campaign Leveling

Key Leveling Notes

  • Keep your character at the area level by killing monsters. You need to maintain at most a 5 level difference with the area. Press C to open the character sheet to find your level and TAB to find the area level.
  • If your inventory is full, stick extra gear in your stash. Don't sell your extra gear that have affixes to a vendor. Instead, keep it to use later or destroy it with a Rune of Shattering or Rune of Removal.
  • Crafting is powerful and important for enhancing your gear. Press F and place your item in the crafting interface to level up the affixes and craft new ones! Adding health or vitality on a few empty affix slots can increase your HP by a significant amount!
  • Always get the best weapon you can. Weapons are a core part of your character's power and getting a higher level base weapon increases your damage significantly. You can buy them at the Gambler NPC in the Council Chamber town and in the End of Time town.
  • Wait until the end (or near the end) of the campaign to dive into the Monolith of Fate.

If you need help with crafting, check the Beginner Crafting Guide.

Campaign Step by Step